There is a certain calmness I like my mind set to stay at, but for some reason I can't remain settled. I am a quiet member of the jedi council, and some describe me as a 'fanatic' of the jedi code. What else is there to believe in, other than what I see as the sacred truth?

I am generally rather quiet, but I do speak my mind when there is something that must be said. I have even heard snide comments from the other jedi concerning me. For example, I overheard Adi Gallia speak of me, saying, 'He speaks that starship more than he does to me.' Is there a problem with being a solitary soul? I may have a technological mind, and may be skilled above others, some would say, and so why should I not use such a skill if I possess it? Had it occurred, or better still, has it occurred to Master Gallia that I might not speak if I have nothing to say? Must I continually be a blabbermouth if I do not wish to be one? Is it a sin to remain quiet if I so wish to? I am a quiet jedi master, so I do wish that they found a piece of respect for me somewhere in their hearts.

You want to know why I am such a solitary soul? Why, you want to know? You should have asked my peers why they shunned me as younglings because of my natural telepathic abilities. It also probably did not help that my Jedi master died at the beginning of my knighthood, whereupon I fell into a long period of isolation. I automatically, and often unwillingly, read the minds of whoever happens to be around me. Yes, that means I could be reading your mind right now. I am, as it happens. Please don't back away. I feel isolated because of my abilities, even if it does give me a certain edge in battle. I can't help my abilities; I didn't ask for them, and all through my padawan-hood I was alienated because of them. Do ou understand?

I am quiet. I am compassionate. I am the Iktotchi Jedi Master Saesee Tiin.