Chapter 1 How It All Began

Sarah Smith: Human/Mutation
Dr. Robert Neville: Human (the last man on earth)
Samantha (Sam for short): Alsatian Dog

"I should have seen this coming." I said to myself as I poured some blood into a cup and put it directly under a cage connected to a rundown building.

"I don't know what I did wrong, but I do know one thing, I HAVE to put this apocalypse to an end." Sam ran out and started barking loudly.
"Sam…Sam…Sam SHUT YOUR BIG MOUTH!" I yelled out frustrated.
She ran up to a mysterious figure and jumped up it.
"Oh... Hey girl how are you doing?" I heard a mysterious voice say sweetly.

It made me jump. I thought I was the only one left….
I slowly turned around. It was a tall girl with brown hair and she was holding something that looked like a page binder.
"Where did you come from?" I asked catching my breath.
"Mars…. Where do you THINK I came from?" the girl snapped sarcastically. Sam jumped up her trying to get to her work.
"Sam! Down you bad dog!" I yelled embarrassed. She backed down whining. "What are you doing here anyway?" I asked.
"I could ask you the same! I'm Sarah by the way." She replied.
"Robert Neville." I stepped forward and held out my hand. Sarah nervously shook it.
Sam started barking frantically again.
"SAM!" I yelled.
"Oh, err... I better get going then." Sarah shouted over the yaps. She hurried down a street. I watched sighing as she ran down the side street.
"Thanks a lot for embarrassing me!" I snapped at Sam.
She growled.
"Hey, don't you turn on me mutt, or you will be finding your own food."
Sam lay at my feet. "That's more like it." I calmly said stroking her.
"The thing is, what is she doing here, and what the hell is the book binder for?" I asked myself.
As the sun began to set, I picked up all my gear and ran inside my house for cover. I walked over to the window in the front room, had one last look at the sun for the night, and closed the blinds. Sam pulled her bone that was connected to some string which travelled up the wall and into the sides of the room. Big, thick boards of metal and wood closed up my view of the outside world. I gave one big last sigh for the day, and walked into my bedroom. I dumped all the gear on the bed and went into the bathroom. I sat there on the side of the bath with Sam, listening to the blood thirsty yaps and howls of the carnivorous monsters that I had created. Those were followed by helpless screams of unfortunate people getting attacked. I covered my ears.

I was in the middle of eating a quick snack before I went to sleep, when I heard a noise… A loud gnawing noise... This was followed by a lot of growling and a long hiss.
I heard something else… Sort of like a dog scratching at a door. But it couldn't have been Sam, she was asleep in the bath. Had one of them got in? I started to panic for all my defence stuff was locked up in my bedroom. I sat there, eyes wide open, waiting for the time of death as the hinges on the doors wobbled unstably out of place….
"HELP ME!" I whispered. "OH GOD HELP ME…"