"We can't get out."


Sarah smashed the window open.

"We're on the top floor."

"We really need to find some lights in this room."

As if on queue, the lights turned on.



I managed to roll under the door before the metal plate slammed shut.

"Sarah! Sarah you in here?"

"Sorry, I was a bit slow...Just remember this wasn't your fault. ARRGHH!"

"Sarah, the only person in the world apart from me, died on the 14th December 2012, in an old building in Manhattan, on floor three. How long will it be until I'm next?"

The Final Chapter Of The Series.

Chapter 5. Peace To Us All

I began to walk down the corridor more depressed than ever for now I knew that I was the ONLY living thing in this world.

I finally managed to find my way out of the old run down building. I decided to go to the lab in my house. I sighed as I walked through the empty door frame.

"I really need to get that door fixed." I said to myself walking down the stairs of the basement which lead to the lab.

"WHOA, THIS PLACE IS A MESS!" I said to myself picking up some of the empty test tubes off the floor and putting them back in the cupboards.

I must have spent hours tidying up, because when I had finished, it was already four o'clock. Because I had nothing better to do, I decided to tidy up the living room as well. I opened the door and Sam's toys were just THREW all over the floor. It looked like a bomb had hit the room. I put them all back in her toy cupboard although I didn't really know why. What was the point of putting them all away taking up space if she wasn't even here anymore?

I went back down to the lab to see if there had been any change with the patients. I drew back the curtains from the infected mice and all three-hundred and-eighty-six of them immediately lunged at me but smashed into the glass of the tanks what they were in.

"No change with the mice."

I moved onto the dogs. Just watching them made me feel upset about Sam.

They all jumped as the sunlight shone into their cages.

"Still no changes about the dogs either…..Wait, dog number eight-three-six seems to have re-grown most of its fur…"

I shone the pocket sized torch in its eyes. Its pupils went smaller and bigger.

"Slight pupil response. The injection did NOT kill the patient… OH GOD!"

I stood up slowly.

"I've found a cure!"

After a while, I managed to get some of the blood of the dog that was cured and I put it in a test tube. I heard my watch go off. It COULDN'T be that late could it? How long had I have been down here?

The next thing I needed was a bunch of infected creatures running down into the lab at me. Well, guess what? It happened.

I closed the screen doors which kept me safe for a few seconds before they started to ram into them and a crack appeared.

"Wait, Wait! I can save you, I can save EVERYBODY! Y-you are sick, and I can help just listen to me!"

I sighed as I slowly pulled open a drawer from a cupboard.


No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get through to them. They just kept charging into the screens making the crack even bigger.

"If you're not going to listen…I'm going to have to do this the hard way..."

I put the test tube bottle in a safe that had been broken for years and closed the door. The screen doors were about to spilt open so the beasts would be able to come charging through. I pulled out a strange black looking bomb and pulled out the trigger. My eyes started to water and as the beast ran into the screen and smashed through it, I charged into them and the whole lab exploded killing everyone and everything...Even me.

Hopefully, from years now, someone will be brave enough to come in here, and save humanity by finding the cure hidden in the broken safe...

"I Am Legend…"

I Am Legend