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Looking back on her life for the past year, Bella could hardly believe everything that happened. After she lost her mother, she had been forced to move from the only home she had every known to live with Charlie, her estranged father. Despite Charlie's efforts to show her he loved her and wanted her there, Bella pulled farther and farther away from the world.

After the accident, Bella went on a downward spiral. After all, she was the reason Renee was dead. She couldn't do anything about that but punish herself, so that's what she did.

To this day, she still couldn't believe how childish she had been. If it weren't for the fact that Charlie was the police chief and had spoken on her behalf on many occasions, she was sure that she would be in a juvenile detention center in Seattle by now. She hadn't meant to hurt anyone but herself, but that always seemed to be the result of her actions. She became so numb at one point though, that she began to not even care.

All of that changed the day that He came into her life. He was the sun shining brightly in the middle of hurricane. He was her lighthouse when she was lost at sea. He was her Edward. A smile pulled at the corners of her lips now as she recalled everything that led her to where she was today.