Pairings: Fred/Harry/George

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Their they stood, side by side in all their twin glory. Harry couldn't help blushing as he really took them in. And there outfits.

Both were wearing short sleeved, skin tight shirts showing their hard, sun kissed muscles from Quidditch practice. George was in the Blue and Fred in the red (Hey! that rhymed!). They both had baggy, ripped blue jeans and white sneakers. Their hair was messy (looking shaggable) and shined a golden red in the streak of sunlight peaking through the blinds, giving them a handsome, boyish look. The usually noticeable freckles that covered their face's were hardly noticeable by the light tan they had both gained, making their blue eyes stand out and shine more brightly with mischief as they stared into his bright green eyes, watching in satisfaction as he ogled them.

Seeing that they notice, Harry immediately started to blush, the red colour making its way up his neck and warming his cheeks. The twins watched this intently, inwardly wondering if it covered his whole body, this made their usually bright blue eyes darken at the thought, Harry, noticing this, tilts his head in confusion.

Hmmm he thought to himself I wonder what's wrong with their eyes. O, I wonder if they have some sort of condition. (Poor, naive Harry).

Harry shifted in discomfort as something came over him, he struggled slightly in his mind with the other Imp personalities trying to gain control and take over. He wouldn't allow this; they were making him react to the Weasley Twins in a way he shouldn't be reacting.

Fred and George seeing his discomfort (and distraction) moved closer, climbing into bed, on either side of him. Harry didn't notice this, still distracted with fighting the other Imp personalities. The Twins, seeing his struggle, grinned wickedly over his head at each other. They, of course, had innocently overheard the Order talking about Harry's creature inheritance (coughExtendableEarscough) and knew about the different personalities and powers he now held within him. They, of course (rolling eyes) were using this as their advantage to put their 'Seduce-Harry-Fricken-Potter-Plan' into action.

They don't know what, exactly happed back at the Headquarters to make them feel this way of their once honorary younger brother (though they may admit that they found him adorably cute and attractive before. And may have had not so innocent fantasies about him), all they knew was they were attracted to him, and if how Harry was acting was any confirmation, Harry was attracted to both of them as well.

Step one begins.

Slowly and as lightly as possible, they placed their hand on Harry's tense shoulders and slowly began to rub and massage them. Harry, now back to the world of the living, looked at both of them in surprise and shock at how he hadn't notice them moving. These thought flew out the window as the pleasure of both the heated rough skin rubbing his back and their intoxicating smell took over. He moaned a low throaty moan in the back of his throat that made the twins pause in their actions. Harry noticing this, blushed a deep red again (curse his unstoppable blush syndrome) and started to sit up, well tried to anyway as he was immediately pushed back down.

The twins continued their ministration, this time changing their positions, one (Fred) sitting behind him and the other on top of him. Knees on either side of him as (George) ran his hands up and down his chest.

"F-F-Fred, G-George? W-wh-what are y-you doing?" Harry moaned out breathlessly, eyes closed as his mind unable to comprehend why they were doing this, as his Imp personalities fought to get out, screaming with the need to mark the twins and be claimed by them.

"Shh, Harry" George said with his finger on Harry's mouth to stop him saying anything else. A smirk took over his face as he used the same finger to rub against Harry's bottom lip, deepening it to a rouge colour because of the added pressure. Warm lips were softly pressed against the back of his ear.

"It's ok Harry; you can stop fighting them now. Let us take care of you" Fred whispered against his ear.

The pressure against his bottom lip, the soft lips kissing his ear sensually and the whispered words that were spoken broke the barrier containing his Imps as they all merged as one with Harry's mind. His eyes snapped open; the mixture of colours glowed brightly making George stare in awe and Fred pause at his brother's action, before the colours dimed slightly, but his eyes were still bright with emotion. A surprisingly mischievous and leering smile broke out on Harry's face as he grabbed onto George's shirt collar and pulled him close so they were nose to nose.

"Mate!" was the only word growled out and George's blue eyes widened slightly before Harry crushed their lips together in a passionate kiss that George didn't hesitate to participate with. After a few moments of kissing they separated and Harry quickly turned around in one fluid movement so he was on his knees and in-between Fred's legs. Fred's eyes were also wide, and also slightly disappointed. They brightened at the next word that Harry growled out again through kiss swollen lips.

"Mate!" was heard again and Fred was pulled forward by his shirt and received the same treatment George had. The kisses were all tongue and teeth and making it all the more passionate. Behind Harry, George was kissing the back of his neck slightly biting and sucking at certain points that made Harry moan and arch into Fred, unintentional making his and Fred's erections rub together and making both him and Fred moan at the contact.

They were so distracted by what they were doing that they never heard a door open till...

"WELL I NEVER!" was shrieked so loudly, it resembled what they though a sound of a banshee would sound like, the noise echoing throughout the Hospital Wing, making them jump at the loud sound and turn towards the source, discovering it to be Mrs. Weasley with Ginny and Ron by her side, all their mouths were dropped open in surprise and shock.

"What on earth do you think you are doing?" She continued in a shrill voice that made them want to cover their ears and cower. Instead they watched in fascination as her face began to turn red, and they have no doubt she would have continued in that triad if Madam Pomfrey hadn't come running out of her office wand out in ready of an attack only to see half the Weasley's. As she took in the twin's position on Harry's bed she turned a stern eye towards them.

"Off. Now." She said strictly "That is my patient and I don't want you to make him more...excited then he already is. After his collapse I don't want any more health issues on my hand in the form one Mr. Potter" The twins looked downcast, but complied. Harry, now that his Imp personalities had merged unexpectedly, just looked amused at the situation, his eyes glowing with mischief and a smirk taking over his face as he eagerly leaned forward to watch Madam Pomfrey turn towards the other three remaining Weasley's.

"And you, Molly Weasley. I would of expected you to know not to make such a noise within the hospital wing where patients are currently recovering" Harry wished to laugh, as he was the only patient here, and he certainly (he eyed the twins sulking forms, lust flashed through his eyes before going back to the usual mischief) was recovering nicely, in the forms of Fred and George Weasley. He unconsciously licked his lips hungrily before turning to the scene before him.

"And really, you're being very hypocritical. I can still recall what I caught you and Arthur doing in here during your Seventh Year after Arthur came in with a nose bleed because he unconsciously squished his nose with his Muggle Studies book because he was reading to close! And you were doing worse than they were!" Madam Pomfrey said in one breathe sternly, hands on her hips, but Harry could see her lips twitching, resisting the erg to smile/smirk. Mrs Weasley was still red in the face, but now from embarrassment as her children looked towards her with wide eyes and open mouths; even the twins were shocked before the broke out into grins.

"Woohoo! Go Mum!"

"Mother, you naughty thing, you!"

Ron and Ginny just looked towards each other with expressions of disgust. And Harry, well Harry was containing the urge to burst into gale of laughter. Really, the merge of his Imp personalities were really doing something to his emotions.

"Now" Madam Pomfrey said in her familiar stern tone "No more visitors for Mr. Potter today I think. Go on, out, the lot of you" Mrs Weasley steered Ron and Ginny out without a word despite their protests. Don't think she wanted to be more embarrassed than she already was, Harry thought silently to himself. The Weasley Twins looked as though they were about to protest but with one look from Madam Pomfrey the hung their heads and walked to the double doors leading out the hospital wing.

They paused at the door then turned towards Harry with identical grins and leers, which Harry returned. With one last suggestive wink towards him they went out the doors. Madam Pomfrey tutted at them, but the ghost of a smile betrayed her thoughts.

With one last check up on Harry she returned to her office/quarters, while Harry lay back with a content smile.

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