A/N: Okay, so according to the Japanese fandom, it's Craig's birthday. HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS? OTL Since I don't have time to write a proper fic, have this drabble thingy instead. It's based off a Pixiv comic.

Hello. I'm Craig Tucker. I'm from South Park, Colorado and I attend South Park Elementary. And today is my birthday.

Or at least, it's supposed to be.

Everyone seems to have forgotten. My family, my friends, everyone. Not one person appears to have remembered. I'd never say this in public but it kinda hurts knowing that your special day was forgotten by everyone you love.

I walked through the halls of South Park Elementary, hoping to get to class on time. As I was just about to open the door to Garrison's class, I heard my name being called over the PA system.

"Craig Tucker, please report to Mr. Mackey's office. Craig Tucker, please report to Mr. Mackey's office."

Great. What did I do now?

I walked to the other side of the school where Mackey's office was located. When I got to the door, I knocked. Within a few seconds, he answered.

"Oh, hello Craig."
"You wanted to see me Mr. Mackey?"
"Yes. I'm just finishing up some papers for Principal Victoria. You go sit on the bench and I'll call you when I'm ready mkay?"

I went and sat on the bench and shut the door. I wonder why he called me down here in the first place. I can't think of any reason why he would. If this has something to do with that fight in the school yard, that was Cartman's fault. Everyone knows that. I wasn't even there in the first place.

"Mkay Craig, you can come in now." I heard him say through the door. I got up and I opened the door. The room for some reason was completely dark. No lights and the blinds were shut.
"Mr. Mackey?"


I was startled by the loud popping sounds. The lights turned out and I saw Mr. Mackey and a whole bunch of my classmates, holding presents.

"Happy birthday!" They all screamed.

I was in utter shock. All this time, they really did remember. They just wanted to keep this whole thing a surprise for me. I turned my head to the side with a slight blush, a small smile creeping up on my face. I walked up my classmates. Everyone was showering me with gifts and birthday wishes. This day was really something special.

"Thanks you guys…"

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