Anyone who have seen or heard of Faye Ravenclaw would say she's lucky to have such a perfect life. Her gentle yet sophisticate altitude portrayed by the multi-billionaire heiress were captured in videos, pictures and TV shows reflect the perfect happiness of any teenagers of her age, along with a few other things.

Anyone who knew Faye Ravenclaw personally would wish they would never meet her again.

Her gentle and sophisticated altitude was a mask of her real personality, an over-flamboyant and annoying altitude which irritated many to their bones.

One such person is her fiancé, Tsukimori Len.

Tsukimori Len had never asked to be engaged with anyone. It was his grandfather who made the engagement with Faye's grandfather, Dylan Ravenclaw. Upon meeting Faye for the first time, Tsukimori Len was relieved to know his fiancée was a gentle and modest lady with manners. However, the image was forever shattered when he took his mother's advice and took her to walk in the gardens. Faye, sensing no one's presence but his, immediately pounced him and calling him "Len darling!" in a high pitched voice unlike the soft melodic voice she'd used earlier. Len was saved when his mother called out to him. Faye got off him and managed to compose herself as his mother came into view. Seeing her son in a ruffled state, Misa was smart enough not to ask him directly in front of the young lady, simply accepting her reason that he had "tripped and fell into a bush."

After the Ravenclaws have left, Misa entered her son's room and indirectly demanded to know the real reasons he kept flinching when Faye got near to him for the rest of the evening. After hearing his son's side of the story, she patted his head symphatically and said.

"Someday you'll find her. . ."