Moonstruck: unable to act or think normally, especially because of being in love.

Because it was believed that the moon could affect the mind.

chapter one
f i x a t i o n ;

The media didn't help his situation at all.

It was like the world was out to get him or something - as if trying to pry his thoughts away from the lovely rosette wasn't hard enough, every magazine he picked up had her face plastered across it's front page. When had Amy Rose gone from Sonic's number one fan to "Hottest Girl in Station Square (2011 Edition)"?

Simply seeing her beaming face gracing the cover of a magazine made Sonic want to pick up the article and search it for another chance to glance at a different angle. He had known Amy for as long as he could remember and yet he couldn't remember her ever looking this exquisitely stunning before. He hadn't thought it possible to look so pretty while laughing. When he took picture laughing he looked like a horse, but not Amy. Amy made it look like it was second nature, like the picture had been carefully painted and every last once of jubilance was transferred into watercolors.

He stopped on one of her pictures. As many times as he had told himself he didn't find her attractive it was hard for him not to admit that she looked pretty. She was wearing a orange tank top that cupped breasts that Sonic didn't know Amy had ever even thought about growing perkily and showed off winsome shoulders that curved into graceful arms that held onto a sunhat with a pink ribbon that sat on her head playfully. Under her bust was a pink ribbon that tied along her waist and released a tiered pink skirt with a light pink and orange floral pattern. The skirt wasn't long at all - it ended well before her knees and it was then and there that the nearly adult male noticed that his number one stalker had some of the hottest legs he'd ever laid eyes on. What the actual-?

When had little Rosie the Rascal gained a figure? In the picture she was looking upwards at the corner of her hat, biting her lower lip (which was coated in a pink, shiny lipgloss that made her lips look even more kissable than they usually did) and radiating silliness. There was something different about Amy than the rest of the models in the magazine. Amy had a certain realness about her; she seemed to jump off of the page and hold a conversation with you.

Sonic hadn't ever meant to stare at a picture of the most clingy girl he knew. He really just wanted to know when the little girl he had grown up with clinging to his leg began morphing into a super mega ultra hot babe.

Oh, but it was obvious to everyone around. Especially Tails.


Sonic nearly leapt out of his seat. With all of the eye humping - investigating! he internally warred against his mind - he had been doing to Amy's picture he had grown unaware of his surroundings. He took a quick glance around; he was seated in the small park in the middle of Station Square, sitting on a park bench and practically hunched over a magazine, open smack dab to a page where Amy had a strange sort of mental connection to him.

So naturally he was embarrassed when his best buddy found him. "Sonic?" he tried again. His older brother jumped and looked over at him, looking increasingly guilty. Baby blue eyes glimpsed at the magazine in his hands.

"Tails!" he leapt out of his seat and dropped the magazine on the bench. "Hey, buddy - what're you doing here?"

If only Sonic understood how obvious he's being, Tails internally mused. He watched his older brother scratch behind his head nervously, as if trying to decide between telling him up front what he had been caught doing and why it was so bad, to try and eat the evidence or run off like a scared child. "I was looking for you."

It wasn't a lie. Lately Sonic had been acting more distant and distracted than usual around Tails. Not only has the kitsune not seen his older brother figure as much lately but even when he spent time with him Sonic was proving to be less interested in what they were doing and more so in whatever was going on in his head. Tails' feelings on the matter were split down the middle. On one side Tails was hurt and on the other he was concerned. What was that important to him that caused him to stray away from his best bud?

It wasn't just that that bothered Tails so much; it was the fact that he had caught his older brother (who had always preached that Amy Rose was just a friend and would never be anything more than that) looking at a very attractive picture of his favorite fangirl. Tails simply couldn't understand the ambiguity of their relationship. Did he like her or not, and if so, how was it going to affect their friendship? Was he going to be this distant to him all the time if he began seeing Amy on a romantic basis regularly? Tails was afraid of losing his big brother.

Sonic gave a chuckle and ruffled the young fox's hair. Tails flushed a bit but grinned a little, relieved that they were falling back into the way they used to be before girls and romance. "Well, you found me!"

"Finally! Do you have any how large this place is?"

Sonic rolled his eyes and kneeled over on one leg, stretching the other out to it's full length. The muscles in his legs tensed and released, and Tails was suddenly unreasonably jealous of Sonic. Why did Sonic have to get all the looks? Not only was he an international hero but he had muscles and a refined form, where as Tails was 15 and lanky.

The blue blur stood up and repeated the action to his other leg while glancing up at Tails, "Ah, you found me, didn't you? No use sitting and crying about it."

Tails let out a breath, "I don't think you understand how hard it is to find you sometimes-"

"You sounded SO much like Ames there, I'm gonna have to take a rain check-"

Standing up, Tails let out a frustrated puff. Why did even this conversation have to turn back in her direction? And Ames. A pet name. How cute. How... infuriating. The kitsune folded his arms. Sonic patted his shoulder.

Tails glanced at him again. If he was blushing, Tails was prepared to leave. The Sonic-And-Amy show was on and Tails was determined to change the channel, "I sound nothing like Amy."

"Whatever helps ya sleep at night, bro." Sonic shrugged and then grabbed the magazine from it's roost on the bench. He casually flipped over to the page he had been ogling before and turned so that Tails could see it, "But seriously - how did this happen?"

"Well, Sonic, I assume she went for an interview-"

Sonic flushed, "No, bro, I was talking about thiiiiis." Sonic outlined, blushing a little, the curve of her hips down her thighs and then stopped at her mid-shin with his pointer finger, "Amy's never been that pretty that way, if you know what I mean."

Tails laughed. Of all the things to be curious of about Amy, he was wondering where her body came from? She had spent most of her life chasing around the fastest thing alive. That was a work out in itself and would certainly cause her legs to refine athletically and alluringly. "I believe that's called puberty."

Eyeing the picture once more, rosiness spread farther across his tan muzzle. Go figure.

"She's really popular, in case you haven't noticed. Especially with boys. They follow her around like she's the last slice of pizza." Tails noted, as if hoping to deter Sonic away from the idea of courting her. Not only would it draw away from their already limited time together but Sonic was notorious competitive, and his past with Amy wasn't exactly ordeal. She had chased him around like a lovesick puppy and was turned down enough to be considered fluent in rejection. Tails was fairly sure that it would end terribly.

Sonic's eyed shot over to Tail's direction immediately, "Amy had a boyfriend?"

Tails flushed, "Well, uh, I don't know-!"

His older brother grumbled something incoherently. It was startling how quickly his mood had plummeted. Tails raised an eye ridge at him. Maybe this infatuation with Amy was more legit than he realized. Grumpily, Sonic moved forward and towards the sidewalk, clutching the magazine so tightly that it was wrinkling between his grip.

"Where are we going?" Tails piped up, hopeful to try and save what was left of his brother's happiness.

"Home," Sonic grunted in response.

Tails' ears folded over. This was going to be harder than he thought. Why did he have to be so jealous? Was it too much to want some alone time with his brother? He gazed vaguely over to the beach. He knew Amy was over there. She had told Cream and him so while on the phone with them earlier in the week and invited them to tag along. She had said something about free donuts.

He debated telling Sonic about the photo shoot for a moment. How would Sonic take to having to watch Amy, in a bathing suit, probably, posing in front of a bunch of men holding cameras? What if it was in a provocative pose? What if it was one of those stringy bikinis, and the main man with the camera had to walk over and position her?

Tails let out a chuff. Yeah, he wasn't going to tell him.

"Little bud?"

His ears perked up. He hadn't realized that he had been staring at the beach that long. Sonic waved from his position near the train doors. "What're you doing over there? Did you see someone you know or somethin'?"

"...No," Tails barreled over and sent Sonic an innocent smile as they took their seats, "just zoned off."

"Pivot your head up a little, rosy - yeah, perfect babe!" the man called encouragingly.

Amy Rose tipped her head upwards, her chin pointing out confidently as one of her legs strayed farther from the other. A flash of lights surrounded her and she took it as her cue to move. Pivoting both arms forward, she cupped her hands in the shape of a heart and opened her mouth in an unlatched smile, popping one over, pressing her toes into the sand and balancing on the balls of her other foot.

Meanwhile, Cream munched on her third donut. She remained staring at Amy; there wasn't anything else to do anyways and if Cream continued munching on the donuts she'd gain more weight than she wanted to. Although... it would be nice to gain some weight in the appropriate areas.

The bunny watched the right strap of Amy's sundress slide down her arm, the bright blue strap of her bikini open for the eye to see. The top button of the dress was undone; it had to be. If it was buttoned it simply slid back out. The dress had been tailored for a girl with a small bust, and apparently Amy's chest didn't fit that budget. Cream let out a frustrated huff. When was she going to be as alluring as the rosy rascal was?

Amy let out an adorable giggle and shifted position again, twirling so that her back was to the camera, rested a beach ball on her hip and gazed over her shoulder. The man with the camera - a middle aged tabby cat - shrugged a little and then grinned wide as Amy bit her lip. He gave a quick thumbs up and snapped the picture, saving the moment of shining radiance for another time.

Cream nibbled at the donut again. You're 13, Cream. Amy had told her. You remember I didn't exactly look like this when I was your age - I had the scrawniest legs ever! You're really pretty! Your body is just going through changes right now, everything's going to feel awkward. You're lucky, I didn't have an older sister to hold my hand through puberty.

Yeah, Amy, but even then you had bigger boobs than I have. Cream fidgeted uncomfortably. You had to wear a bigger bra when you were 12 than I do now, and I'm turning 14 this year.

I hate being a late bloomer. She stuffed her hand back into the box of donuts and grabbed one of the jelly variety. She wasn't really hungry any more, but at this point she was frustrated and the first thing that came to mind to soothe her irritation was to stuff herself silly.

Halfway through her jelly-filled metaphorical stress ball Amy scampered over, cheeks rosier than usual. She reached over and grabbed a water bottle from the cooler by the donut box. She unscrewed the cap and took a long, deep sip, tipping her head back in the process. Cream watched her as she did so; the whole scene reminded her of the dynamic, beautiful girls that she used to see Sonic with long before they had met Shadow. Sonic had notoriously dated and got to know many of the girls around. It was that moment that Cream decided that Sonic and Amy would be a better match than Sonic knew.

When had Amy changed clothes? The younger female scrutinized her appearance; a red skirt, black fishnet rose tights, black ruffle boots and a red and white artsy shirt. She had a long, black, rose-embellished necklace and her quills, resembling hair, was pulled back in a high ponytail

"I'm off," she said cheerfully after her long sip. She screwed the cap back on the water bottle and lobbed it over to Cream. The bunny caught it narrowly. "Do you want to go get some lunch or something, Cream?

Cream laughed nervously. "I kinda already stuffed myself silly..."

"Well..." Amy eyed the practically empty donut box. "I can see that."

Cream pinked as her older sister figure linked arms with her and tugged here away from her fattening pick me up. Cream yelped a little in surprise before giving Amy a very mundane look. The rosette stuck her tongue out playfully and continued to drag her younger sister along.

"Hey, look - the train's leaving," Amy noted distractedly. "I should visit Sonic..."

And then suddenly, she yanked on Cream's arm again and gave her a wide, playful smile. It was a teasing grin, and Cream knew already, without Amy saying anything, what this was going to be about. Cream, growing pinker by the moment, shook her head and feebly tried to rescue her arm from the hedgehog's encasing grasp. "No, Amy!"

"Aww, Cream, c'mon! Tails doesn't bite, he's a nice kid!"

"I regret telling you about it at all," Cream mused, turning her face away, blushing magnificently. The fawn-shaded bunny let out a chuff and pivoted her head upwards to try and make herself seem more stern, but Amy was taller than her (just barely - Cream was sprouting up like a weed and Amy was still petite for her age) and it was a lost cause. Amy burst into another rounds of giggles and tugged the younger girl along the beach. The sand was scuffing against their shoes.

It wasn't that Cream didn't trust Amy's romantic judgement, it was just that she was hazy on the subject, to say the least. Amy, through everything, knew a lot about romance but couldn't seem to lasso in her own love interest; even modeling and growing up to be one of the prettiest girls around didn't appear to have helped her in the pursuit of Sonic's heart. Cream would trust Amy with her life, but her love life? She wasn't so sure. Maybe if Amy had a successful track record it would be different, but Amy's history with romance had a long track record of rejections and broken hearts, of being left behind and crying to Cream over the phone at midnight when Cream was supposed to be sleeping,

She didn't regret her friendship with Amy; she could be abrasive in her pursuit of affections, she was bossy and she could be a little selfish at times but Cream knew her 'big sister' cared for her deeply. When the older boys on the playground had stepped on her flower crown she had been making for Cheese it was Amy who had marched over and gave them nuclear wedgies. It was Amy who held her hand through the first steps of puberty; it was Amy that guarded Cream with her life when they were on a team with Big.

She idolized her. Amy was bold and unafraid. Amy liked to task risks and was courageous. She was chasing the fastest thing alive, the boy notoriously known as the biggest bachelor in Station Square and didn't seem too deterred by the fact. Amy was beautiful, with longish pick elfin locks and still managed to look threatening standing at a meager height.

But just because she loved Amy like a sister didn't mean she wanted to mirror her love life after hers. She wasn't sure she could take that kind of heartache.

Cream took a long look at the rosette as she tugged the small rabbit along, gleaming peridots pointed forward. She looked happy enough, on the outside... but how did she really feel? Was the burning pain of constant rejection tearing her heart apart? Was she sad? Was she angry? Was she content with looking towards the future? ...Was she really okay with knowing that Sonic would probably never marry her if he even loved her?

They'd certainly look good together, Cream thought mischievously. Pink and blue; boy and girl. The idea of the hero and his admirer was a cliche - a hero and his bubbly heroine. It was slightly different than the idea of the knight and the princess. Amy was pretty, but she was certainly not a princess. Cream knew how much Amy hated being a damsel; she didn't like to feel weak. She wanted to prove to Sonic that she could keep up with him. It was why she continued to induce the chase even though she knew that she'd never be fast enough to catch up.

The fawn bunny bit her lip. "Do you think he likes me?"

Amy grinned at her cattishly. "Of course I do! How couldn't he, you two have been friends forever. Sonic and I used to take bets on which one of you would crack first. He owes me a date because you admitted it to me."

Cream hued again. The idea of being with Miles Prower always made her warm and fuzzy, and the thought of holding hands with him made her more pink than before. Admittedly, in her early years, she hadn't found him romantically interesting; he was just Tails, the other young child who was left behind when Sonic and Amy flirted in the odd way they did so well. Recently, after another attack on Station Square where Tails had risked his namesakes for her she had begun to see him in another light. She suddenly understood exactly why Amy had chased after Sonic after all these years; love.

She began to notice all the little things about him that she hadn't. How had she not known that he had the most gorgeous baby blue eyes? Big sapphires that twinkled while he worked on machinery. He was kind and courteous and knew his manners, a true gentleman. He was the type of boy that Cream knew her mother wouldn't be upset with. He'd be a nice first boyfriend.

Boyfriend. She blushed harder.

"I'm so proud of you," Amy started as they sat on the train. The leather was fading and the seat squeaked when the two ladies sat down. Cream swung her legs in the air. "Falling for Tails, how adorable~"

"Don't tell the whole world, Amy!" the fawn-shaded bunny hued. Amy nodded softly, a discreet smile gracing her lovely features. The way the sunlight burst in from the window behind the hedgegirl suddenly made Cream very self-conscious of herself. How was it possible to be that pretty?

The smile she sent was a silent promise. From now until they came back, the subject of Tails and Cream as a couple was buried in her mind. Amy knew her boundaries... well, she knew her boundaries about other people's love lives. Never hers. The belle would certainly mention her love life later on in their trip.

"I can't believe faker lets her flaunt herself around like that," the ebony hedgehog grunted as Amy's smiling face bounced upon the television. It wasn't the only thing. "She's going to get herself knocked up."

Rouge let out a laugh, stretching her long, shapely legs along the length of the couch. Her calves rested against his lap. He fidgeted a little. "Well, she's new to having a body. Let her enjoy it while she can... I don't know if big blue really knows about her little hobby yet."

"Well, she's not posing naked, is she?"

Rouge scoffed a little. "Why would I know, Shadow? Do I look like I read playboy?"

Shadow ignored her and glued his eyes back to the screen. Rouge had to admit, it was odd to see someone you knew on television; especially someone who they had both practically watched grow up. Had they ever imagined Sonic's little fangirl would ever be a model? No. They had both assumed she'd just move away, frustrated with Sonic's indecisiveness and overall demur towards the subject. The ambiguity of their relationship frustrated even them.

The commercial ended and the show finally resumed to play; they had both agreed on watching one of those crime shows. It had crime and punishment for Shadow and hunky lawyers and scientists for Rouge. She glanced at her ebony stud; his ruby eyes were glued to the television. A no-nonsense look peered back at her as she leaned on him flirtatiously. He scooted away from her and she scooted towards him.

He grumbled in response and kept watching the show. Rouge grinned in victory and attempted to snuggle her head into his furry chest.

"What are you doing?" he asked, his voice bordering on annoyance.

She rolled her eyes a little. Does he always have to be so blunt? "Trying to be romantic with my boyfriend, what do you think?"

The femme fatale felt more and more like a certain pink rascal as he gave her a dark look. Jeez, what is it going to take to make him want to get up close and personal with me? the coquette mused internally. Do I have to show a little more skin? Damn, that's all guys ever want out of me... oh well, I guess it's not their fault I'm 'gifted'.

Smirking, Rouge unbuttoned the second two buttons on her blouse, exposing a little cleavage. It was clear to Shadow then and there way Rouge had in mind; he shot up and out of the seat, causing his dissatisfied girlfriend to plop down onto the arm of the love seat, face first. "Rouge, I told you I don't want to have sex until I'm married."

Rouge grumbled. Leave it to me to date the only old fashioned boy in Station Square. How did she manage to end up with a prude? How could anyone so attractive be abstinent? "Maybe I wasn't trying to get down and dirty, maybe I just wanted to cuddle. Apparently taking off my clothes is the only way boys want to spend time with me."

Shadow gave her a look. "You're classier than that."

"Guess not," she yawned and sat up, stretching her arms over her head. "You're standing in the way of the TV, Shad. Come sit back down? I promise I'll behave," she purred.

It was clear that he wasn't buying it. His expression was completely deadpan. The temptress gave an annoyed chuff and pouted, her ruby lips looking more plump and moist than before. All of her tricks seemed to go right over the moralist, however, as he looked harder at her, his features looking stony.

Mirthlessly, he folded his arms over his chest in such a Shadow way that Rouge had to laugh. Did he seriously think that old trick would make her quiver in her boots? She had seen him attempt to overpower her with that vacant expression and stern posture many times and it never seemed to work. "You're such a baby," she mused.

He grunted and walked away. Rouge heard his footsteps get farther and farther away until the sentence of denial was punctuated with a door slam.

"What are you so afraid of?" Rouge shouted, standing up and looking offset. Men never turned her down. Ever. She was Rouge the Bat, the sexiest gem thief around. Men worshiped the ground she walked on. And what was that, you're classier than that? She was plenty classy! So she was ostentatious, what was the big deal? Everyone in the town had a dirty little secret, skeletons in their closets...! She managed a club, for crying out loud! What did he expect?

She huffed and draped herself along the couch. I have needs. I have sexual needs that shouldn't be deprived, I might go crazy she thought, incensed. She hadn't ever gone long without being satisfied; she had been attractive since she was a young teenager, and men everywhere always seemed to notice. It wasn't that she was trashy, per say, but she didn't exactly cover herself up. She typically wore a black and pink catsuit that was definitely too small for her now and heeled boots while on her spying and thieving missions. It's helpful when trying to reason with someone when they're too busy staring at your tits to really comprehend what you're talking about, she reassured herself.

So why was Shadow so against being romantic with her?

It had been a mutual decision between the both of them to start up a relationship. They had been dating for 6 months and they'd done nothing more than kiss. It was literally driving Rouge insane to go slow with their relationship. She needed something, some stimulation - she was dying of boredom! She didn't know if she loved Shadow or not but definitely knew that there was the potential for something more to bloom and flourish.

She definitely wasn't going to break up with him; not when she felt something there between the lines... but she couldn't tell if he wasn't ever going to make a move! She'd never had a relationship like this before - it was a slow brewing kind, a long term one... she wasn't used to it. It wasn't what she had had before. She was used to quick, passionate flings and then breaking it off because of a disagreement. Did she know how to go slow?

It was odd; just moments before she had felt empathy for Amy and now she was feeling increasingly like her blue beau. Was this why he didn't want to be with Amy? Amy was younger than him - he was 20 and she was 17. She knew the blue blur had morals when it came to girls younger than him. She was fairly certain that he'd feel odd about doing anything beyond kisses and cuddles with his little stalker. She knew he wasn't a virgin.

Shadow often mocked and critiqued Sonic for his romantic exhibitions. It was just another thing that Shadow didn't like about him. Sonic had been with plenty of girls, though he hadn't been dating then at the time. When he was 17 he went through a particularly wild faze where he'd be caught with a different girl every night for a week or so, then go on a break and do it again. The process had been kept secret from Amy... until Rouge herself had broken the news to the rosy rascal.

It was around that time that Amy had started to worry more and more about her appearance. Oddly enough, it was also around that time that Shadow had begun to show more romantic interest in Rouge herself. It was odd.

Sonic had stopped sleeping around around the age of 18 with the younger girls that had idolized him. Apparently the idea of being an adult and getting in bed with 16 year old girls had bothered him or something. Rouge didn't really see the problem with it. He was only 2 years older than them... instead he had dated Sally, who was his age. They had broken it off when they both were 19 on good terms. They still talked. In fact, as far as Rouge knew, they were still good friends and went out to lunch often. The romantic thing just didn't seem to work for them.

I feel like a cat in heat, Rouge thought crossly. She gazed back at Shadow's door. Damn him.

Alright, so this officially is the kick off of my new fanfiction Moonstruck. In case anybody didn't know what moonstruck means, I put a nice little definition as the first sentence. In case you haven't noticed yet, I like to do things differently than the norm. I like strange little headers. It draws attention and makes my writing unique.

There are three or so storylines going on during this fic, and it takes place over a period of a few years (I haven't decided if I want to end it after the second year or not - I might go into a third, but maybe I'll make each year a different story) so it's probably going to be a lengthier one. As you can tell, I try to pack as much as I can into a chapter. I like to write descriptively. It's who I am. I like to write out thoughts and details about what's going on in the character's heads. Psyches are cool.

Sonic - 20
Tails - 15
Cream - 13
Amy - 17 (is currently 16, the 17th birthday is coming up on September 23rd. Is currently mid August in the fic.)
Rouge - 21
Knuckles - 20
Shadow - 20

Obviously I've fudged some ages to better fit the storyline. It's my own creative license; all I've really done is bumped Cream and Tails closer to everybody else's ages. I wanted to tighten the gap between the two. Ideally, for this to work correctly and how I've planned out, Cream needs to be in her early teen years and Tails needs to be still on the younger side but going through that semi-awkward male change. Guys really start to change when they're 16/17, but nobody said that they can't be early bloomers. (;

Even though I lessened the gap between Tails, Cream and Amy, I wanted to keep Sonic three years older than his lovely lady. Their age difference will certainly come into play later.

Also, important things are outlined in this chapter, as odd as it may seem. Things I touch base on may be elaborated on later.

Sonic/Amy, Tails/Cream (my first!), Knuckles/Rouge (hang in there, it's coming) and some Shadouge... but don't get your hopes up too high on the Shadouge, as you can already tell it's not working well cough did I say something?

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