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Ciel was getting older, that was a give-in as Sebastian watched his master from across the study. The young boy he had once known was now a young adult, though you'd never be able to tell by looking at him. Ciel was as short as he'd always been, and his childish appearance refused to leave. Where a stong jaw and masculine features should have been, baby fat still rest. There was no sign he'd grown any older at all, other than his attitude; which seemed to get more and more hot tempered as he aged. But something even more amusing than his temper was changing; Ciel was having hormonal changes as well, in which he had found attraction in his very own demon, secretly of course.

Over the past few weeks, Ciel had finally decided he'd had enough of Sebatian's irritating -though definitelyatrractive- smirk, but more importantly, his perverse teasing! It drove his poor hormones wild. Those "subtle", breif moments where Sebastian's hand would rest upon his for a second longer than customary made his skin crawl and his stomach flutter; it was wrong for a man to feel that way towards another of the same gender. Not that society's "rules" towards homosexuality made his feelings towards the demon go away; if anything, they made them stronger. A forbidden romance if you will. But to today was the day, it was time to take action; and who other than Ciel Phantomhive to extract revenge?



"Yes, young master?"

"I'm hungry for something sweet. Something with honey perhaps; but don't you dare try pulling that stupid stunt you did last time."

Sebastian smiled a decevingly innocent smile, " If I may be so bold as to say, young master, I do think you quite enjoyed my stupid stunt."

"Just what are you implying, demon?"

"If you believe I am accusing you of being homosexual, I would never call my master something that disgusting."

Ciel flinched noticeably. It wasn't really disgusting, was it? You can't help whom you fall in love with... It wasn't as if he'd asked for such a thing; who would in this era?

"Go away," The master's tone had taken a rough edge, and his cerulean eye held wisps of betrayal.

"What about your-"

" Please, just go." The demon left, shutting the door with a quiet click. The earl exhaled heavily, head resting in his hands. What was he going to do? His original plan for the day was completely destroyed and now he just wanted to curl up in a corner and try to forget what his secret love had said; to sort out all these feelings and thoughts. Things where going to be different from now on. .


Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the door, Sebastian rest against the cool framing. It had hurt him to say that to his master, truly it did; and in all honesty, he didn't think such a simple thing as being gay was a bad thing; in fact the idea was quite accepted in his world. But Ciel didn't live in his world, at least not yet anyway, and so, he had to raise his master to his society's standards. The demon sighed remembering his master's hurt expression. He was such an idiot. What sort of demon grows feeling for a human? A human which he was supposed to eat!

Sebastian's ears perked as his sensitive hearing picked up a sound that tore apart his heart.

His master was crying...

Hot tears fell down flush cheeks. This was stupid, he was acting like some love-struck female! What was he crying for? He knew he would never get the demon, how could he? He wasn't beautiful, he wasn't strong nor smart, and worst of all, he was a homosexual human boy. Sebastian deserved better; a female that was everything he was not. He wasn't anything but an easy meal to the demon, and that was all he was ever going to be.

Ciel's brain went into over-drive as he thought up the only logical thing to do.

He had to finish the contract- today.

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