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He had to finish the contract- today.


The dawn arose bringing fresh morning light to brighten the young lord's room with. And in that room, a young Phantomhive rest, curled into himself in the corner. His muscles ached and spasmed when he tried to move, not that anyone would suspect differently, the boy had spent the whole night in that corner. Long legs were tucked into a lithe chest and thin arms encased himself, as though he were prepared for an attack. Truth be told, he had been. Not and external attack of course. Who would dare attack the lord of Phantomhive with his lethal butler not far from him; no one.

The attack he had prepared himself for was one of the internal. His dreams plagued him throughout the night and his tears and done their part to shame him. What kind of person would respect a lord at the youthful age of eighteen, when he had tears streaming down his already childish cheeks?

He spent the whole night like that, not once trying to move in fear that his demonic butler would come to find him and belittle him for his childish actions. He would, Ciel thought to himself, if Sebastian were to find me at this moment, he would do his best to be sure I never lived it down. And so, Ciel kept his round face tucked into the crooks of his arms, thankful that his secret love hadn't come in the night.

A sigh emitted from soft petal lips. Today was the day. Today, the contract would end and Sebastian would have no choice but to take his charge's soul; just as promised. Ciel knew there was only one man out there he'd yet to seek revenge on, that gentleman was sir Robert Gilford; a businessman that had been running in second place of the Phantomhive business. Until Vincent and Rachel Phantomhives' death. This man lived in London, along with his booming manufacturing company. It looks like, Ciel thought, it's time to take a little trip.


It didn't take long to inform Sebastian of the plan, excluding the part that included the ending of the contract, and for the carriage to be prepared. Soon, they were on there way.

The carriage ride was awkward and silent, neither occupant knowing just what to say to each other. One wanted to confess and hide within himself, while a certain black haired male wished to express his apologies and confess his own feelings; and so, in their confusion the two remained quiet for the entire ride to London.


The carriage arrived in London in front of sir Robert Gilford's estate. The Phantomhive lord had sent a letter days prior with information of a wanted meeting with the oh-so-successful businessman. The letter had been a mouthful of lies informing the middle aged Gilford that Lord Ciel wished to discuss a business proposition. Of course that wasn't at all what Ciel truly wanted...

An attractive blonde maid welcomed the master and servant into the mansion and Ciel couldn't help but notice her hazel eyes lingering on his lovers-his servant's- muscular form. He couldn't really blame the poor girl, the demon was gorgeous, anyone who wasn't blind could see that, but it also didn't stop the waves of rage from washing over him; all he really wanted to do now was skin the girl alive. Ciel dropped his glare on the maid and focused on his job. He was here on a mission, not to plan the torture of some maiden girl.

The Lord was rushed into the personal office of Mr. Gilford where the man of the hour sat behind a lavish desk. His aging face smiled at the younger male and his brown eyes held some sort of sick pleasure in them; rather like Sebastian when his demonic side decided to show a bit. The door was closed behind the young lord and Sebastian was stuck in the hallway with the blond.


The demon could hear the maid's heartbeat thrum rapidly and he knew that she was attracted to him. How could he not; she made it painfully obvious. What with her constant looks of want, the rapid beats of her heart, and the way she'd bite her lip and trail her eyes over his body. And as attractive as the young lady was, he didn't find himself drawn to her but instead, drawn to a certain azure eyed master of his...

There was no way he could deny his feelings for his master any longer and the demon finally made up his mind. He'd known Ciel for almost eight years now and in those eight years, trust began to form between the two. And he could safely say that he could finally trusted Ciel enough to inform him of his secret love. And what was the worst thing that could happen if Sebastian told his master of his feelings and Ciel didn't accept? Sure it'd be a bit heartbreaking, but they still had the contract to rely on, it wasn't like Ciel could just banish the demon. Yes, things would be a bit awkward around the house, but things would calm down eventually; what with all the time they still had before the contract was up...

The blond maid, apparently having made up her mind, grabbed the front of the butler's jacket and dragged his soft lips to her own pink ones. She just couldn't help it, it seemed this man just continued to ooze sex-appeal. Her lips are soft, Sebastian mused, but this wasn't right. These weren't the lips he was longing to kiss and though he tried to draw away, the girl clung to him desperately. The thought of shoving her off came to mind, but what kind of image would that give his lord? He knew that if she said anything, and she would, everyone would believe her; she was a woman after all. He also realized that his master would try to protect him; but it was sadly just easier if he let her kiss him. It wasn't like he was kissing her; what was the harm in letting her kiss him, no one would even have to know...

A deep, blood-curddling scream sounded from Ronald's personal office and was quickly cut short with an eary silence. Ciel swung open the office door glared as the blonde maid tore her lips off his butlers with a soft gasp. He took notice that Sebastian's eyes were wide in shock and Ciel could feel his heart breaking into tiny shards.

"Sebastian, we're leaving." There was no room for argument and Ciel's blue eyes looked deadly.

They left quickly in utter silence until they were settled in the carriage and then. Sebastian deemed it safe enough to ask,"What happened to Lord Gilford?"

"He's dead." Ciel's voice was harsh.

Sebastian's response was hesitant,"...Dead?"

"Yes, that's what usually happens when you take a knife to someones throat."

It took a moment for Sebastian to register all the information Ciel was giving him. He killed Lord Gilford?

"You will see now Sebastian, our contract is, in fact, complete you are free to take my soul now."

Sebastian was aghast, how could this be? He was supposed to tell Ciel he loved him, they were supposed to have years to be together; Sebastian hadn't figured they would actually get revenge on everyone who'd wronged his master. How had the time gone so fast?

"I-I can't do that, young master."

"Are you denying the contract?" Ciel rose from his seat in the carriage in a sudden rage or fury. How dare he!

"Yes, I'm afraid I cannot complete the contract. You see, young master I have feelings for you..."

"Don't you fucking lie to me!" The sound of a harsh crackresounded in the carriage and the demon turned his head to the side. He should have seen it coming, this was his master after all. Ciel continued his lecture, "I saw you kissing her! You and that little slut! Do you even know her name? Are you so above everyone that nothing matters to you anymore?" Fat tears fell down Ciel's rounded cheeks and his eyes filled with shame as he silently waited for Sebastian to humiliate him further. However, it never came. Instead strong, warm arms wrapped tightly around Ciel's waist and he was dragged onto the demon's lap; to humiliated to even fight.

"Now, you listen to me, and you listen good," Sebastian's voice was warm but firm,"first of all, I don't have to take orders from you, remember? And secondly, she kissed me."

"You didn't look as though you were about to push her away," Ciel argued.

"I don't look as though I want to push you away either," A firm but gentle hand grabbed the young charge's chin so his tear-stained face was in front of Sebastians. Time stood still as the two lips connected and sweet bliss overrode everything else.

Pulling away a small space Ciel whispered a soft, "I love you..."

Sebastian gave a classic smirk, "I know."

Their lips met again in a sweet kiss. Sebastian broke the bond this time, "Oh, and Ciel, I plan on keeping you with me for a very long time..."


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