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Kurt was walking around William McKinley High School trying to stop thinking of the fight he just had with Mercedes over not spending time together over the weekend, it was not like it was his fault he was just busy looking after his daughter Katie; yep you heard correct Kurt Hummel has a daughter called Katie who is nearly 2 and quite the handful. Anyway back to the story…he was walking down the corridor heading towards his next lesson, which happened to be with Mr Schue, when he heard quite sobs coming from the girls bathroom. He headed over there to see if he could help the person. He entered in to the girls bathroom only to stop in shock at what he was seeing because there was no way on this earth that Quinn Fabray, 'Top Dog' around here, was sitting with her back against the wall crying her heart out! This reminded him of two years ago…

Flashback…..two years ago

Kurt was looking for his girlfriend of four months, Charlotte Grey, after looking every where he could think of he was about to give up when he heard crying in a classroom. He walked in to find his girlfriend crying curled up in a ball up against the wall. Walking slowly over he sat next to her, placed his arm around her shoulders and asked if she wanted to talk about it and if he could help in any way. She gave him a watery smile before saying that she was pregnant. The world stopped in that second as he tried to piece it all together…it felt like he was in a dream. Reality kicked in as she looked at him and repeated "I'm pregnant" before crying harder into his shoulder. He started to say that everything would be okay and he would look after them both…

End of flashback

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts he slowly walked towards Quinn and in a slow and steady voice asked her if she was okay. She looked up startled and started to shout at him for coming into the toilets, even if he was gay, he had no right to be in the girls' bathroom. She told him to get out, but he sat next to her, ignoring her out burst, and asked if she was okay again. In a voice that clearly showed her anger she snapped that she was fine and asked him to leave her alone. Kurt continued to ignore her and stayed near her telling her everything was going to be okay and that whatever happened it wasn't that bad in retrospect. Kurt realised that that was probably a bad thing to say to Quinn because she hissed in his ear that nothing was going to be the same again. Looking up at her sharply, snapping that it was not like she was pregnant, made her cry harder and then everything clicked into place. He whispered "you're pregnant?" She just slowly nodded and they he wrapped his arms around her letting her bury her head into his shoulder. He just whispered that everything was going to be okay, whilst he thought back to two years ago where he went through the same thing with Charlotte. After a while Quinn calmed down and Kurt hopped to his feet and pulled her up. He give her his number, hugged her and told her to call if she needed him for anything at all. He also mentioned that it would be for the best if the father knew. She needed to work out what she was going to do before she started to show and people started to talk. The 'Top Dog' getting knocked up would be prime gossip material. Getting a nod from Quinn he left and headed off to lesson. Just before leaving the bathroom he spun around and told Quinn that she was not alone and to call if she needed him. Smiling, she told him that she would call and she thanked him for the chat. Kurt smiled "No problem sweet heart, I've got to get to Spanish now, I will she you later in Glee."

Quinn walked down the corridor, stopped, took a deep breath and left with her head held high.