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Ehe;; I finally got off my lazy rear and did some grammatical checks, oh and thanks Pyro, after reading this so many times didn't even notice the misspelling of netrium.


Part: 1GG's New Member

chapter 1 : Trust and Faith

"What the hell?" The boy glanced up at the sign over the entrance to the park. All he could do was raise an eyebrow before spraying over the sign that prohibited netrium skates and graffiti. "Now that I know where I am, what should I do for the next few hours." The kid looked at his watch. "Man, I guess I should get a feel for the town." he rolled right in front of a volunteer policeman who was patrolling the park. "Uh, hi!" the kid said cheerfully. He turned around and began to skate away.

"Hey you, what are you doing with netrium skates in the park." The officer wore solid brown uniform, and a large tag saying who he was. the kid briefly wondered if anyone took this guy seriously. he was just a scrawny pale little person. Of course my brother and his group are almost twice the size of any normal person. That will distort what I think of anyone that might be big. The kid thought to himself. The volunteer policeman didn't like the look the kid gave and readied his nightstick. The kid shook his head and slid off his headphones that have been blaring in his ears.

"These are not netrium skates, I am sure even a rent a cop like you can see that." He made sure that his voice didn't crack under the syllables. Damn Japanese is a pain in the ass to learn. He thought in irritation. Guess the shades didn't give away that I am Ameran. He thought to himself. The rental cop came at him and the kid simply moved to the side at the last moment. The cop got up from his stumble and began to chase him out of the park. "Man why are you so riled up?" The kid said in his best slang. He skated backwards easily remembering where all of the obstacles were from just skating around earlier. When he came up to a rising bar he knew it from the sloping hill near the fountain that entered his line of site. "What's wrong? Am I going to fast for you?" the kid taunted. He waved to the rent a cop then reached to his side and grabbed the up coming light pole and spined around it increasing his speed then jumped into a low grind backwards on a upstairs hand bar to a street light. "See ya later" he said cheerfully.

The rent a cop smiled and said "Your out of bar." With that he lunged at the kid. The kid smiled then balanced on foot then suddenly when he met the traffic light post he began to go up it and over to the other side of the busy city street. The rent a cop could only see in slow motion as he crashed into the traffic signal light post.

Dizzily, the volunteer cop got up and said out loud, "Who was that?"

He bladed through half the city before he found a place he decided to call his spot, it extended through the concrete hills of upper Shibuya-cho the artificial park half a mile down the way. Sharp eyebrows drew up when people ran from him saying something about G's. The youth didn't give it much thought and began to grind down the railed walkways.

The kid had enough of the screaming bystanders and went up to higher ground freely trying tested grinding lanes. Rotating, and grinding backwards, the kid made his way to the park where he had left his bag full of cans earlier...

Cherry blossoms were just ending their bloom season and their fragrance was heavy in the air. The park seemed to absorb all the noise of the busy city and only a few bird marked the line between the city and the park. The young boy started his tag with a red can, shaking and spraying sounds echoed in the open alley. A clanging came from his wrist and the kid adjusted the wrist-guard that seemed more of a decoration then actual protective gear. Switching cans, he quickly sprayed a symbol of a Z embossed with a "ro" inside the line of a rhombus that crossed along the middle of the Z. Dancing the whole time to music that was blaring in his ears. Headphones were hidden behind long black hair, styled into spikes. The kid wore loose fitted long jean shorts, a red cap and narrow silver shades along with a white t-shirt and an unbuttoned short sleeved over shirt. As soon as he finished tag, he left down the stairs that led into the outer park entrance in a hurry. The whole time he was singing a song in English.

Two rudies looked at the handy work and smiled, "Hmmm... It's a shame that we have to get rid of this, its kinda nice..." she gestured to the tag.

The other rudie smiled along with the comment, "Aw common, Mew, you thought that the little kid was just cute and didn't want to go down hard on his work ." He sighed when Mew poked at him coyly. "At least he sang in tune" he added thoughtfully.

She stuck out a tongue and said, "Your just jealous Garam." and began to spray over the logo of the kid. When they got out of the ally way, they looked and were surprised when half of the park was already tagged with the kids' logo.

"What the Hell?" Garam looked and was amazed at the speed the kid worked at. When Garam heard the call come in of a dispatch of cycles on the way, he glanced at the little kid do a 180 across the street and grind to a store backwards. With proficiency that rivaled Garam, the kid sprayed on the shopping window. Garam gave a sparing look at Mew and said, "I think I'll go get Beat, he'll want to see this kid. Then I need to get going, have to make sure that my family is getting along." Garam gave Mew a kiss and held her in his arms for a fraction of a second saying, "You be careful." before he left. She nodded remembering what had happened to him when he wondered by himself only days earlier.

Mew moved up to higher ground and looked at what the kid was doing with pure amazement. Her stomach rumbled for a moment. Damn food, nothing is keeping down these days...

Mew spinned out her own can and began to shake it. As the kid moved around the street corner, she began to start her route. Mew heard the cops' frequency again and knew she had three minutes to get all of the kids' handy work out of the way before catching up to him.

Beat was hard-edged anticipation. The war with a new gang had placed most of the GG's on edge. Beat was the most high-strung of the lot. Only Beat knew the extent of damage the Stone Tears could do. I'll be damned before I tell the group. He thought to himself as he cleared another parked bus.

The rest did not know the half of the dangers they were placed in when they took the rival gang on. When he arrived at the scene with Cube and Yo-Yo in tow, Beat was surprised to say the least. Mew landed next to them out of breath. "Man this kid has stamina! He finally slowed down when he saw I was going over his stuff. He's coming over here now."

Just as she took in another breath of air, the kid landed next to them headphones blaring and was slightly blushing. He slid them off and took of his narrow shades. Beat's emotions evaporated in an instant. He looked at the kid. He was barely twelve. Beat remembered something that happened long ago and his eyes hardened.

"Hey sorry, didn't mean to go on your turf, I just moved here to Shibuya-cho." The kid had a strange accent.

Good. Beat thought to himself. Beat did a quick glance at his clothes, most did not look like they were made on this side of the mountains. Beat stared into the kids' eyes and smiled. He knows that he would get into trouble if he went onto someone else's turf at least. The kid at a strange disarming air around him and Beat gradually softened his face.

Beat relaxed himself, this kid was not one of them. The kid looked at them all and then at

their skates, "Hey you guys have the new netrium skates! I have been saving up for months for a pair of those!"

Beat looked at what the kid did to the site, brows raised. Beat glanced up at Mew and asked, "He did all of this on plain in-lines?" Mew panted. "Mew, what was the time on that?"

Mew stood up and looked at the park and part of the commercial district. "Mmm... probably four minutes."

Beat smiled to himself. Maybe this kid can help us then. "Kid what's your name?"

The kid smiled and said, "Z-ro, who are you?" Z-ro seemed relieved that he was not in too much trouble. Police he can handle, other gangs though... were a another story

Beat said, "I'm Beat, Leader of the GG's, this is Yo-Yo, and Cube, you already met Mew." each said a "hi" except of Mew who sat down to rest.

The kid surprisingly looked at each person levelly and said, "I really am sorry bout that, I didn't see any tags anywhere so I thought I would remedy that problem." Everyone smiled.

"Onishima is the captain of the police here, the bastard is on a crusade to stop rudies like us. Doesn't work very well though. He had several inmates paint over the old stuff." Z-ro muttered an 'oh.' Beat looked up at Cube. All of three were waiting, expecting for him to do something. Beat cleared his throat and said, "Cube give him your cans. Z-ro can you spray this..." He sprayed on the billboard a large group of people dancing to a "v" shaped boom box. "on that bus," he pointed to the bus that just pulled up, "The wall next to the entrance of the park, and on the road at the intersection?"

Z-ro took the cans and his expression changed. He handled the can, lifting it up a little until it settled into his hand. He lifted it and gave a slight spray into the air. He looked at Cube and said, "You use these?" Z-ro shook the can and just gave a shrug. The kid looked thoughtful to what Beat had just said, "The road will be the hardest with the cops on alert but yeah I think I can do it." Z-ro began to put down the cans he was carrying.

Beat smiled and thought to himself I am sure you can. "Start by grinding down the this

ladder to the rail, the bus should be your first target, and do some free styling, I've heard it's impressive."

"Is this a test?" Z-ro sounded kind of excited and settled into an easy skating stance.

Beat smiled and said, "Yeah I guess it is. Think you can handle being a GG?"

Z-ro smiled, confidently saying, "I think the question is can the GG's handle its' new member?" Beat smiled in approval. Instead of grinding down the ladder he leaned backwards off the edge of building they were on and jacked knifed is body to land on an hand rail then started his run.

Cube looked at the kids' grind down the wall across to the bus. "That was rude, what did you think he meant about the 'can' comment."

Mew got up and looked at the cans the kid was using. "Um, Cube! Catch!" Mew tossed the can carefully to Cube.

Cube reached out her hand and felt her hand fall under the weight of the can. "What the hell? this can must weigh at least a couple of kilo's." Beat took the can, it was in English. "huh, Three pounds." was all he said. Z-ro is stronger than he looks. Beat smiled in earnest relief. He knew the kid truly did just move here from somewhere else.

You know, it wasn't always like this, The leader of the GG's was watching the spectacle from under the railing of the overhead railway system. The kid grinded the side of a billboard to build up speed to go up the side of a building then bounced of it to the roof to get away from the cops. Mew was slightly bemused, Yo-Yo and Cube had both of their mouths hanging open. I remember when in the beginning I was just the dumb kid in the goofy glasses barely able to grind down a rail. Beat thought to himself. The kid jumped down onto a passing bus as he was being shot at. Then he launched himself from the forward moving buss past over the police blockade and over to his last tag on the street. Where did I go wrong and start wanting to offer something like this to the little guy any way? Beat looked at the little... boy really, hardly 13. Beat told himself, you should really help him before he gets caught. Beat looked to the K-9 units that unleashed their dogs.

There were several dogs on the kids tail, and Beat could hear the kid make slight whimper/whining noises as he stopped at the top of a low truck take a glance at the whole area then began to grind down the side of the pick up then do a 720 across the street into a side grind of a bus he sprayed barely two minutes before, then landed on top of a moving car. When the car came to a stop at the red light, he used the momentum to jump to a rail trailing back in a low grind. He then proceeded to tag the squad car and the dog that was in it while passing by.

Beat smiled to himself. Yo-Yo was openly laughing out loud and hollering, "Hey Beat, he tagged Onishima's chest! hahahahaaa!" ...and loving ever moment of it.

Beat smiled and thought. That's why. He looked at Mew and Cube and said, " Lets go. He doesn't know when he should go when the gettin's good."

All three of them jump off the railing and caught up with the cops, Cube came up behind one of the slower ones and pinched his butt, "comm'on lover boy" she said silkily into his ear. It was enough for him to trip on the curb face flat down.

Beat caught up to the boy and said, "Your cutting it a little close there..."

The boy half smirked half grimaced and said, "Don't I know it. Sorry used to flame throwers not bullets." Beat looked at him questionly then decided not to ask. They were both grinding down a sidewalk rail that seemed to have been built just for grinding. When they entered the waterways they stopped. The kid handed back the cans to Cube and said "Thanks, those cans are weird, more pressurized, I see why you only carry so few of them."

Yo-Yo finally joined the group hooting and hollering. "That was great kid, where did you learn to grind like that. Your almost as good as Beat is." Yo-yo spoke a little louder than usual since there was water flowing at the bottom of the tube.

That is a good question Beat looked down at the boy and said, "Kid, where you from?"

"oh, I'm from New D.C." Beat caught something in his voice. Reluctance?

"New D.C.? What the hell are you doing over here? That's on the other side of the world, so no wonder your so good, where you apart of the Ghosts? High Rows? or the Free Flyers?" Cube asked excitedly. Beat looked at the kid with understanding now. Rudies may have originated from Tokyo-to but skaters originated from Amero. What was once call just called U.S.A..

The kid shook his head, and turned to Yo-Yo's slap on the back. "I was apart of none of them, my brother said he would not let me join until after I was fifteen, but I could understand, there are a lot of wars going on there, so I didn't mind." Z-ro looked to Beat. "So..."

Beat looked at the others all nodded. With a shrug Beat said, "Your in." Everyone cheered. and Yo-yo began to talk to the kid about the things he planed on showing him. Beat felt like he wanted to cringe at the last sentence Yo-yo said. Great all we need is another Yo-yo.

Cube nodded past the tunnel they were walking and moved ahead, "The coast is clear." They moved out and headed for the garage. As they left, Beat touched Z-ro's shoulder. They both stopped and Beat spoke softly. "I want to thank you."

"For what" Z-ro's voice was a little confused.

"For reminding me why I still do this..." Beat gestured to the whole city. "For a while I have forgotten."

Z-ro looked at him then said, "Is it so bad here?" Shadows passed though his shaded eyes.

Beat was sharp enough to catch them and said more cheerfully. "Its not as good as it was but not as bad as it could be." It was Beats turn to have shadows of nightmares past reflect through his eyes. Z-ro nodded. They both understood each other before they even got to the garage.

Piranha and Slate were busy in the corner tipping the pinball machine trying to free up the stuck pinball. Tab was half passed out half recovering from a hangover, and Gum was Teaching Combo one of her favorite tags. Garam pulled up behind them as they entered the through the door.

"Hey guys" Beat waved everyone around him. "This little man is Z-ro. Z-ro these are the GG's. Welcome to the garage kiddo."

Garam did a single glance at the kid as he came in the door and said, "Wow that was fast." He grabbed Beat after the announcement and asked, "Are you sure about this? The kid seems harmless enough but still." Beat flinched.

The leader of the GG's did a quick side-glance towards Z-ro as he sat down between the Mew and Piranha on the couch. Beat forced all fears out of his mind. He understood that Garam was as paranoid as he was about the Stone Tears. Piranha leaned over to pick something up and Z-ro blushed fruit levels of redness. That got a laugh from Mew and Cube and a small smile from Gum.

"I intend to find out tonight... I am sure that he isn't though." he lowered his head helplessly.

Everyone began to crowd around Z-ro. When Gum gave her introduction she went and sat next to Beat and began to listen to what the others were saying about the days events. Gum raised her eyebrow to some of it. Beat smiled wordlessly and nodded. Beat sighed and took of his goggles. dark brown eyes penetrated the room. Gum smiled remembering how Beat had said he used to start wearing them since a lot of the kids at vocational school got weirded out by his gaze at them. When he began to wear them people began to relax around him and he became the life of any party.

Of course that was before the Stone Tears... before he forgot about having fun. Gum sighed and leaned against him. Beat just stood there woodenly. He listened to Z-ro talk about his move and his mother. He smiled at what sounded like a careful edit and then gave a lazy smile at Gum who began to lay against him. Gum smiled back and said, "You should do that more often."


This is Professor K, your insight to the main light on Jet Set Radio! Appears there was a ruckus down in Shibuya-cho, apparently there is someone knew, blazing GG turf. Is it a new rival or just an initiation? I think it was a little of both, cause the tag man calls himself Z dash Ro, that's right boy and girls, Z-ro has been strutting his stuff on his first day of moving into his new town. And the first day here, he has become the newest and youngest member of the GG's.

Now that Z-ro has made the squad, does this change the levels of power? Present tension between the GG's and the Stone Tears is tightening up that even a couple of the smaller gangs feel the Stone Tear Pinch. I don't know, but this boy has some skills that left squad cars, guard dogs and even the not so liked Onishima tagged. Not bad of a resume if you ask me.

Now that that is out of the way here comes so punk rock from the ever classic, Linkin Park.....

Z-ro looked up at the radio. "Who's that?"

Gum came up and said, "That's Professor K, and it's his pirate station that we listen to. He also keeps all rudies up to date info about all the actions of all the gangs."

Z-ro looked at her strangely then said, "How did he know I was just hooked as a member? I didn't even know who you guys were until fifteen minutes ago. And I just joined like five minutes ago."

Garam came from the shadows and said, "We know, sometimes I think he gots the whole city bugged."


Z-ro looked at the radio and said, "What the Hel-"

"Hello?" a guy knocked on the garage door, everyone scattered to a window to see who found their shack. All were surprised when it was a brown suited UPS guy. Beat and Z-ro walked to the door. Z-ro only followed simply cause he didn't know better, otherwise Beat would have yelled at him.

Beat opened the smaller door next to the carport door. "Who is it?"

The UPS guy said, "Got a package for a- geez- A Mr. Z dash Ro? from a Professor K." Beat could hear the guy say *These names are made up*.

Beat looked down at Z-ro and said, "It's for you, sign it already."

Z-ro signed the dotted line and was handed a box.

When the guy left everyone came down from the rafters except Yo-Yo who just hung upside down.

Beat helped the little kid open the box, and read the letter to him as Z-ro rummaged through the box full of Styrofoam popcorn padding.

"It says. "These are your new blades. Stomp down on the heels or tips to pump out the juice, courtesy of the Jet Set Radio Crew. Rock on to our tunes as you pull off those mad skills of yours." signed Professor K" Beat picked up the radio that was in the box, it was slightly different from everyone else's only because there was no antenna and three knobs of controls instead of two. "Guess someone from there actually saw you, I never heard of them doing this before."

"Thanks" said Z-ro stammered, "But I don' think I should take them, Compared to my brother and his crew, I am nothing."

"No way! your brother has a group that is better than you?" That was Yo-Yo hanging upside down. There was a sudden thump as he fell from one of the rafter he hung from.

Beat looked at the strange kid, and then knelt in front of him, "How old was your brother when he started out?"

Z-ro only looked at the floor but said, "four,"

Beat nodded, most ruddies started out early, Beat started when he was five himself. Beat silently prayed that his assumption was correct. "And how old were you when you started out?"

The boy looked up at Beat like it was the first time he had met him, "ten." Gum gagged on a Dorito. Everyone else was dead silent.

Beat smiled and said, "Do you think your brother had your kind of skill level after only three years of blading?"

Z-ro looked up at Beat and beamed, "No."

Beat smiled and said, "Now that is settled, I think there should be stuff you should be aware of when you go out as a GG..."