Chapter 11

3 vs. 1 equals Z-ro

Gum and Beat made it to a small building surrounded by skyscrapers in the business district downtown. "Beat, the last mission is complete. We are heading back your way."

"Roger that." Beat clipped the radio back to his waist. Gum gave him a sour look. "What? I love saying that." Gum rubbed her temple. She had a head ache from high screeching her skates made at full throttle. Gum still gave him that look, then shook her head and turned to look back at the last building they were about to attack. Several people were guarding both the roof and floor entrances.

"Should we wait Beat? Doesn't look like anyone else is here yet."

"Damn you guys are fast." Beat smiled and Gum stuck out her tongue at the new comer. "I just gave the order for the remaining leaders to gather here twenty minutes ago. It won't be another ten before any of them finally get here." Jules black trench coat had a single cut the went from the bottom all the way up to the lower part of his shoulders. The two flaps moved around easily as he walked up to the two rudies.

"Its not our fault your so slow brother." Jules, Beat and Gum all turned and saw Z-ro roll up to them and smile. "Mission accomplished." he said happily.

Beat looked at Gum then asked Jules, "What was Z-ro supposed to have done?"

"Your little rudie has been disarming all the gangs in the city." Beat gave an approving nod to Z-ro who grinned back even wider.

"High Rows was the hardest you would think they would run when a bomb is about to go off, but they just kept trying to pull me down as the bomb went off. Go figure."

"Idiot." said Jules fondly.

"Is this the last one then?" Beat turned to Jules.

After a pause Jules said, "Yes, and the hardest to." Jules looked meaningfully at a very grim Z-ro.

"Who is this guy Train we are looking for?"

When Jules didn't say anything, Z-ro sighed out, "He was a friend." Gum patted his shoulder. " I think we are good enough without waiting for the others." Ignoring Gums comforting hand he took a deep breath. "We know the building well enough if we coming in through there we should be just above the conference room. Lets make this last one quick."

Jules nodded and all four of them dashed off the roof and flew into the third story breaking the windows in their wake on their man hunt for Train.


A beefy man on blades screeched to a halt as he entered the confrence room. "Train! We got intruders on the third floor."

Train growled. "Handle it!" Trained motioned for several people to move. "I won't be stopped now! Not when I am this close. I don't care who it is, kill them! Clear this room! I'll need room. When you close those doors I do not want anyone to come in here do you got that? If one person comes in here you will have hell to pay." He popped his neck and put on the fire proof vest and was ready for the attackers to try and arrest him like they did for everyone else. He had no intention of going anywhere.


Beat, Gum, Z-ro and Jules had spread out on the cubicle office floor they landed on. It was not long before several bladers came in equipped with knives. "Kill them!" Shouted the leader. Fifteen men on inline skates charged the four intruders.

Beat dodged three that attacked him easily and disarmed each one with a punch, or a netrium kick to their arms. He flinched when he hit some one too hard with a kick and heard a bone crack.

Gum had a hard time with three bladers who were more interested in cutting up her clothes than killing her. She finally threw a chair at one and kicked the second one square in the Jimmy, and open palmed fisted the third in the jaw. For the second time in ten minutes Beat flinched as he saw the man holding his crotch.

Z-ro made circles around the slower bladers and finally kicked two into the wall leaving craters where they hit. The final one charged at Z-ro only to be trip and thrown into a desk. Z-ro dusted off his hands and checked to see if the other were alright.

Beat and Gum stared as Jules was fighting the leader of the group. Beat didn't notice that Jules carried a night stick but he had one in hand and moved like he was on fire. The flaps of his jacket flew out to his sides like wings and it suddenly occurred to Beat why Jules was called the dark angel. Jules finally knocked out the man he was fighting when another one came in armed with a semi automatic. Jules only had enough time to say, "Get down!" before shots were fired.

"Sonovabitch!" cried all three rudies in turn. They all ducted and felt the air cutting above their heads.

"Any ideas?" asked Gum. She moved herself to see where the man was.

Beat looked at the man. He stood right at the entrance of the door there was nothing near him they could take as cover or distract him with that wasn't one of them. Beat smiled at Gum giving her a hopeful look. "I got no clue." He said, trying to sound positive.

Gum glared at him then said, "I hate you."

Jules wasted little time hiding and charged the attacker. Jules twisted his wrist and a small shield that matched Z-ro's opened. Jules yelled while throwing his arm shield. The shield hit squarely against the gun knocking it away from Jules for a few precious moments for the blader to close the gap. Jules launched several fast punched in the stomach to face to chest. The man collapsed to the ground. Jules picked up the weapon and looked it over distastefully. "You can get up now guys." He ran to the door and expected to be fired at. No one did, but he knew that there would be more people with guns.

"This is Great. Guys go into the other room for a second and take cover we need to get to the floor below us." Z-ro all but dragged Beat and Gum hurriedly into the next room. Beat and Gum pressed themselves against the wall next to the door. When they didn't see Z-ro next to them, Beat looked to the rest of the room. Z-ro just turned over a heavy desk. "What the hell are you two doing? When he says take cover he means take cover."

Gum just looked at Z-ro to see if he was joking. He wasn't. She ran towards the downed desk and nimbly jumped over it sitting behind the length wood. Beat just rolled over and sat next to Z-ro, trying to soothe already frayed nerves of his almost girlfriend.

Jules saw that they had taken cover and pointed the semi automatic at the ground. He fired and held a small circled as his target until it was a small crater burring into the floor. Jules looked up when he heard feet running up the stairs. He looked back down to his target and continued firing. Without looking, he moved his hand into a small pocket at his hip and threw a ball at the door. The ball bounced against the door then the wall and down the stairs when an explosion shook the walls for a few seconds. Jules walked with out hurry and kicked the door shut and locked it.

Gum saw the exchange when she looked to see what Z-ro's brother was doing. She duct back behind the desk glaring at Beat. Beat just looked at her stupidly. Gum sighed and looked up to the sky saying to no one in particular. "Do I just attract the idiotic ones?" She heard a joyful cackle from behind her and saw Jules jump over the desk knelt next to them. The ground shook suddenly and Gum didn't even notice she could not hear until she tried to ask what the blader did. After a few seconds Jules led them to the other room. The walls were shredded from the debris. A ten foot hole that led to the next floor below them sat in the middle of the room. Jules jumped down followed by Beat. Z-ro looked at her before he followed. "I hate everybody." She said to herself finally able to hear again. Then she jumped down the hole.

The four were able to regroup before the cloud of dust settled and looked around. All furniture was pushed to the side. The room looked empty except for one person standing in the head chair where the conference table should have stood.

"Welcome back Zero. I am glad you came back. I can get one more shot at you." Z-ro glared at Train. Train was only two years older than Z-ro. lighter hair and finer facial features made him look unsuited to be in his line of work. His voice betrayed his looks when he said aloud, "No one will disturb us. They are too busy looking for you." Train looked at his former leader. "I always knew you would have your little brother lead." He spat out bitterly. Gum and Beat moved forward. Jules moved his arm in front of them, shaking his head.

Z-ro moved ahead. He took off bag of cans and extended his shield. "You wanted this so much? Its your own damn fault you know!" Z-ro shouted at his former friend.

The two came to close quarters and circled each other. both had their hands empty and showed their arms and palms facing their opponent. They still circled when they both charged towards each other. Z-ro kick slide towards Trains legs. Train jumped and pulled out a can and light the instant flame thrower. Z-ro raised his shield arm to block the flames. When he got close enough that he was directly under Train he reached and grabbed Trains free arm while he was still in mid-air and pulled hard. Train landed in a heap giving Z-ro time to recover and get a few feet distance.

"I guess I should explain why its just those two fighting." Beat was fixed on the fight but nodded when Jules waited for a response.

Gum turned to him an asked. "Why is this so important to Z-ro? He just as that 'I can't loose face'". She looked to Beat. She had seen him wear that same expression a number of times.

"Do you know how Z-ro got his name?"

Gum shook her head. Beat folded his arms and continued to watch the fight. Neither one of them were letting up. Z-ro pulled out a knife and slashed Trains can forcing them both to back away as the can caught fire and exploded.

"I already told you that Train was my third in command. Joseph, he met the three of you the first night you came here, is my second in command. He was the one who told me that you were in town. Then there is me, the leader. I regrettably spoke highly of Gered when I started the Free Flyers to Train and Joseph. I complained how Gered wasn't interested in blading like I was. That I wanted him to take over if anything happened to me. That was my mistake. I am usually careful with who I choose to be one of my commanders. Train was ambitious and had the patience to wait. But he lost the patience when he heard that I wanted to pass the leadership over to Gered who had no skill in blading." Jules stopped and looked at the two fighters critically. Gum looked back to the fight. Cans littered the floor and several pieces of metal had scratched the tiling. Z-ro and Train both paused catching their breath.

Gum wanted to step in and help but knew better than to act on the impulse. She turned to Jules and asked, "So why is he called Z-ro?"

Jules looked away from the fight. "I was considered number one. Not just in the gang but the whole city. Train had leaked the info out of what I wanted to do. I had no intention on actually doing it. I was venting to two trusted friends. Gered started coming home beaten on a daily basis. I tried to stop it. I fought Train and beat him to a pulp. The fight was big news, I think people thought it just confirmed that I really wanted Gered to lead after me. So the attacks continued. It was the first time I failed to do anything and it really did hurt that I couldn't help him. I found him one day while he was changing clothes and recognized marks of cans and blader wheels on his body. When Gered didn't say anything when I asked him, I left a brand new pair of blades for him in his room. I didn't say anything when he started to train himself. He took his beatings and when he got home he practiced. Many members of Ghost, High Rows and even my Free Flyers harassed him. The great blader who would become greater than the number one 'Dark Angel'." Jules stopped lost in his own thoughts. When he spoke again his voice held a certain amount of awe. "Gered was labeled Zero. The one blader that was better than me. It was a cruel joke to those who were jealous and angry that this little boy would become the city leader if I wanted him to." Jules looked down sadly. "Gered hated the name, but took it in stride. He became better than most regular bladers. Then, when people started to notice that he really was getting good, they hunted him down even more." Jules laughed for the first time since he started speaking. "They really did create the person who could surpass me, and it scared the living hell out of them."

Beat who had made no effort to look away front the fight turned then and looked at Jules. Jules hard lined face watched the fight continue.

Z-ro kicked hard into trains side before moving back away to gain some distance before Train could grapple him. Z-ro looked down at his left arm is was limp and numb. He unlatched the metal shield from it and felt a tingle in his fingers telling him he might get his arm working soon.

Train charged in again. Gered blocked the attack of the right hook with his right hand. He felt himself weaken suddenly. train had nailed a square punch against his kidney.

Z-ro felt the last of his energy go with the last hit he took. Train was just more experienced at fighting. Gered swallowed hard and dodged a knee and threw his last can of spray paint at his enemy. The desperation attack landed on Trains temple, Trained went down. Z-ro noticed that Train didn't immediately get up and realized suddenly that Train must be as tired as he felt. The can laid next to the stunned commander the cap and lid broken and gas was being expelled from the can. Z-ro dashed with the last of his strength closing the gap across the room. Train began to move and Gered kicked his blades on light energy flared from his feet. Z-ro turned and grind halted infront of the can the last of the flaring wheels ignited the can and it launched itself like a missile towards the half standing Train. train took the speeding can in the stomach and was launched off his feet and against the wall before the can went up to the ceiling and exploded in a small fizzle of left over paint.

Z-ro panted and fell to the ground on his ass when he saw that Train had been knocked out. Gum ran up to Z-ro and helped him up. Beat went to go check to make sure the enemy was truly unconscious. He waved for Jules that he was and picked him up and carried the dead weight on his back. Jules pulled out his cell phone and called someone. "We got the last one, but we are still in enemy territory, and they are still armed."

Jules turned to the door that now began to open. Gum stood in front of an exhausted Z-ro. Joseph popped his head in the room and asked innocently, "You guys done yet? We are getting bored now that we are done out here." Jules looked at his cell phone and looked like he wanted to say something. He gave an irritated sigh and put it away.