Written for the Durarara Kink Meme

Prompt: One of the other requests mentioned that Izaya is probably so thin because he likes to be in control of everything.

I'd like to see an anorexic Izaya to the point where people start to notice. Then ideally helped out by Shizuo eventually and leading to Shizaya.

Very weird request, I know :x

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Durarara


Walking down the crowded streets, I observed the passers. They all seemed to merge together, just one mass of undefined and imperfect beings. Not one of them managed to stand out, a pity, humanity was so flawed, and still I couldn't resist being intrigued by how it continued to flourish even though it contained so many broken and hideous pieces.

I looked up reaching my destination, and was greeted by strongly accented Japanese.

"Izaya-kun! Welcome, have some sushi, there is a discount today, you order sushi, yes?"

Simon acted friendly most of the time, but I knew that he was someone that you didn't try and mess with. I nodded and gave him my best grin, "Do you have any ootoro in stock?"

"Yes, of course." His voice was ever cheerful, "You will be buying sushi?"

I nodded and walked into the store, and ordered a six-piece set of the delicacy to go. I carried the small white box with me back to my apartment to prepare for the day's clients.

As I walked into my office a felt the piercing gaze from Namie, who was here only because she would be in deep trouble without paychecks via myself.

"You're late; the client is going to be here in 10." She spoke from her desk, sorting through the stack of papers and folders that I had asked her re-organize by date, as alphabetical order was getting boring, and it was fun to see how many pointless tasks I could push her to do.

Placing the box in the fridge, I turned around, "Namieeeee-sannnnnn", I drew out her name because I knew it annoyed her. I pointed to a book shelf on the loft section of my apartment, "Can you replace the files there with the ones you're fixing."

I caught her cheek twitch, "Yes, Orihara-san, where would you like me to put the files on the shelf instead?" She pulled down the neck of her sweater, "And can you please turn on the AC in here, it must be ninety degrees in here, you're a freak for wearing that." She motioned at my fluffy jacket."

I mock pouted, "It's my apartment and I like this temperature, I would prefer not to freeze in my own home."

She mumbled something, "You freaking bastard, wouldn't be surprised if you had some weird disease like acrocyanosis."

Behind me the door buzzer went off and I walked over to open the door. The man who stepped from it looked nervous and resembled a field mouse that had been cornered by a large cat. I threw a flash drive at him and he missed it, and then fumbled around on the floor to get it before getting to his feet and bowing, he mumbled some thank you before scurrying out the door."

I laughed, "The lackeys that people send are getting more and more pathetic."

I pulled my jacket off and threw it at Namie who was still sitting at her desk. The jacket hit her desk and a bunch of the papers went flying. She looked up at me with an annoyed look but said nothing as she picked up the jacket and walked to hand it up in the closet.

I sat in my swivel chair and spun to watch the little people moving like ants in the streets. I spun back around to find myself face to face with Namie, I thought she was going to hit me for a moment, but she took a forced deep breath and walked away but did say, "That shirt is way too big for you."

My giddy smile fell, and I looked down and pulled at the fabric of the shirt.