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The Heart Remembers

I feel the winter wind whisper past even as the ascending sun warms me with its touch. But, I only have her on my mind. Not for the first time, I frown at the wide windows of her apartment. As much as they make it easier for me to check on her, they also leave her open to a hit from a nearby rooftop like the one I'm on. I dealt with the hitman Gallo sent in the past, but what if I'm not there the next time another comes around? Each time we're apart, it tears at me. With the life she leads, how can I not fear for her?

There she goes again on her bike. If only she'd use a safer means of transportation... Then again, she's a madwoman behind the wheel, too. Smiling at the thought, I walk towards the building's fire escape. Then, I feel the vibration of my phone in my pocket. I fish it out and take the call. Placing the phone to my ear, I speak into it.




"There's a dinner being held in my honor tonight. Some society or other. I want you to start screening the restaurant. It's the Scharlachrot, I believe. ...And I'll expect you to be in attendance at the dinner itself. Be suitably attired, hn?"

"Yes, sir."

I hear the soft click as the phone is shut at the other end and follow suit. Returning it in its pocket, I wistfully watch as she turns a corner. The sun shines off her helmet, then she's gone.

"Take care of yourself, Sara," I say softly to myself.

Walking through the Scharlachrot, I check the status of the hired security posted all over the restaurant. Then, I walk into the make-shift security room near the kitchen area. I nod in recognition of the old-timer behind the monitors and look over his shoulder at the screens. The organizers are overseeing the last details and nothing seems to be out of place. Satisfied, I take out my phone and dial in Iron's number.

"Irons speaking."

"The area's clear, sir."

"And are you ready?"

I stifle a grimace.

"I will be, sir."

"You better be."

At the sound of the dialtone, I shut my phone and slip it into my pocket. With one last nod at the other man, I leave the place for my apartment. It doesn't take long to change and I'm at Irons' door to escort him less than an hour later. He nods curtly at my choice of clothing as I hold the door open for him, but he says little else. There seems to be something on his mind. I wonder if if has anything to do with Sara.

I'm still thinking along that train of thought when we reach the restaurant. I warily watch the back of Iron's head disappear amongst the other people as I slip into the shadows. I hate it when he knows more about Sara then I do. His connection to her is more reliable than the vague visions I receive as I slept. But, as the night progresses, I push those thoughts to the back of my mind. Monitoring the security of a restaurant the size of the Scharlachrot is difficult. The number of people in attendance just complicates matters further. Just as I subtly boot out a person who'd drank too much, I notice Irons standing at his place, his glass raised in a appreciative toast to his hosts.

He started to sit down as the applause was at its height when he suddenly collapses to the floor. As soon as I see it happen, I immediately rush to his side before the others can react. Automatically, I start to consider what went wrong. Slipped? No. Irons is too poised to let that happen. Shot? No. A gun couldn't have gotten through security. Sick? That's more probable. Perhaps the serum has started to fail... When I reach Irons, I can already hear someone shout for a doctor. Ignoring the chaos that has started, I kneel at my master's side and scan his body for injuries. I'm surprised to find none. Then, Irons abruptly grabs my arm even as he weakly shoves away someone who seems to be a doctor. As I start to recognize the signs of shock, he yanks me close so that he can whisper into my ear.

"You must find her...she's hurt."

I was already running.