A Preview of:

Ethan St. Cloud & the Scepter of Power:


When Ellie and I got home, we relaxed for an hour or so until our mother got home from work. Then, she drove us over to Rosa's.

If you'd had ever been driving in Halifax, Massachusetts, you'd notice that the houses can be very big, but weren't too big. That rule didn't apply to my girlfriend. Her father, an actor, was particularly rich and therefore had the only mansion in Halifax, and it was pretty big.

Rosa was already waiting for us outside on the front steps to her house. I noticed that her hair was wet and she had changed clothes, therefore making it obvious that she had just recently showered after getting home from school.

My mom pointed her finger at Rosa and I and said "No fooling around, you too," before driving off. I rolled my eyes.

Ellie and I hugged Rosa, and then stepped inside her marvelous house. Immediately, I was greeted by Marianne, who was holding a baby in a pink blanket. Rosa and her stepmother began cooing over the baby while Ellie and I looked over Marianne's shoulders to look at the newest addition to their family.

Ellie, Rosa and I walked through her kitchen, and then through her living room, where I saw her three cats—Buddy, Blossom and Midnight. Despite her allergies to cats, Rosa kept them at her house, though supposedly she was supposed to be giving Buddy and Midnight away to some other relatives of hers, though I didn't know when that was going to happen. Ellie's favorite cat was Midnight, and she was distraught that Midnight was being given away to Rosa's uncle, Hugo.

Despite being French and Italian and not even having a single drop of Hispanic blood inside of her family, a lot of her family members had Spanish names—like her father, Miguel, her uncles' Roberto and Hugo, her aunts' Sofía and Raquel, et cetera. Most of her family seemed to show an interest in Spanish names, though Rosa had an interest in names which were a part of her actual heritage. In other words, she liked French and particularly Italian names instead.

I glanced at Blossom, Rosa's other cat. That cat in particular seemed to dislike me. One time, as I tried petting her, she hissed, and legit smacked me with her paw. And then, another time, Rosa and I were talking over an online chat, and Blossom looked between Rosa and the computer with distasteful glares as if to say: Stop talking to him. Despite her hatred for me, she loved Ellie and all of my other friends.

Buddy, who was sleeping in a chair, purred softly in his sleep.

Miguel VanCleaven lugged a suitcase down the stairs. As usual, he was dressed fancily. Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs, he walked over to Rosa, Ellie and I.

"I've gotta catch a plane, Rosie. We're starting to film Jackie's first book."

I looked at him. "You're in a movie based off a book written by Jackie?"

He nodded. "The one about faeries and wizards: 'The Gemini Diaries'? Yeah. She wants her newest book based on you guys to be made into a movie, but they want to finish at least two of The Gemini Diaries books."

I smiled. I remembered two years beforehand when Jacqueline Green, the mother of one of our other friend's, Melanie Green, had talked about writing a book series about demigods, based on us. I didn't know if she was using the same names, but if she were, it would be quite interesting to watch a movie that was based around me and had the same names as all of my friends and I.

Miguel looked at his watch. "I've gotta go." He kissed Rosa's forehead, then proceeded towards the front door. He kissed Marianne and baby Alexandra goodbye, and then closed the front door after him.

Rosa heaved a sigh before leading us upstairs and into her room. Her room was relatively large, definitely bigger than the rooms Ellie and I had. I mean, of course our mother was a single parent while her father was married and very wealthy, but I still couldn't believe I was dating the daughter of a famous actor.

Remembering the nickname Miguel had called her, I raised my eyebrow at Rosa.

"What?" she asked.

"You don't let me call you Rosie," I told her.

"That's my dad's nickname for me," she responded, "and only my dad's."