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He looked over the building railing, looking down he had the best view of the ship. It was bigger than he had thought, he knew well what risks ran with commanding such a colossus. The aircraft carrier was the top of its class, armed up to its teeth and supposedly faster than the supercarrier he was supposed to have been working on.

He read the huge white painted name that donned her side… AMESTRIS

"General, the plans are ready and we can depart anytime you like." The soilder standing behind him respectfully waited until general Roy Mustang decided to turn around and acknowledge him.

The General decided to grate his nerves a bit longer, looking out into the sea, beyong the huge fighting ship he would soon be boarding and living on for… who knew how long? Probably wouldn't let him go to shore until the war was over. And even then, Fuhrer didn't trust him… had always looked at him with a small glint of mistrust. Roy figured he had a point, he wouldn't trust himself either.

As was, he had been assigned to one of the biggest fighter/carrier ships the country had. The bustard Fuhrer probably hoping that with such a slow moving colossus he'd be gunned down and rid of.

Hawkeye walked up onto the top of the building then, she glanced at the solider standing uneasily there, at attention, holding a fat binder under his arm. Roy was ignoring him completely.

"I'll take that" she mumbled to him, holding out her hand for the files. He saluted her and respectfully discharged his load, looking quite relieved. He left immediately.

"You're an ass General sir." She sighed and leaned against the railing, dangling the folder before him.

"Do you think the others will be allright?" he voiced his true concern only with her.

Riza looked at him frowning. The rest of their team were dispatched on land, sent back to Grumman and told to nicely stay put.

"The commanding Officer will take good care of your babies." She huffed in mock annoyance.

Roy looked at her apologetically. He knew she hated when he got mopy, and truth was, it wasn't often, so why now? Why was he having doubts now?

"I don't know." Riza answered his silent question, once again startling him with how well she understood him.

"Will you be allright?" here it was at last, his real worry… that something might happen to her too, she wasn't sent out to headquarters, Grumman couldn't shield her form the Fuhrer.

"Ill be right here!" She scoffed at him… "Just don't turn into Maes and call me ten times a day ok?"

He could only nod in understanding. Hawkeye, his trusty…everything, and his first Lieutenant was ordered to stay at port, keeping the information form his vessel to the central flowing smoothly.

"Ill be ok." She placed her hand on his shoulder gently and gently prodded him in the direction of the stairs. "You need to be on your way sir." She smiled.

That smile gave him his courage back. He straightened up and breathed in heavily. Giving her his best nonchalant smirk. "of course you will, and so will everyone else." He smirked and strode forward briskly.

She followed him down the stairs and as far as the boarding stairs. Where he turned and said very quietly. "Ill only call you five times." Then he turned and quickly made his way up. Or rather, as quickly as he could considering the size of the thing.

He looked out again from the side once onboard. Right away, his appointed secretary marched up and struck pleasant conversation. He noticed how he was a bit shy, he supposed that couldn't be helped. People tended to stay clear of him, his reputation on the battlefield being that of almost a heroic stance. He sighed knowing that the rest of the cruise was going to be hell.

He was taken through the ship on a small golf-cart like car. The secretary, Lieutenant Green, he learned was his last name; taking him through the inventory as he rode to the office building. Which Roy realized was much bigger up close than it seemed when they started the ride. From far above, he supposed the ship looked flat and barren, save for the control tower where his office and barracks were located.

"Don't let appearances fool you sir," Green smiled. "the ship has latchdoors that open up and bring forth hefty barrels if attacked,.. apart form the built in ones we have already in place. He pointed to the light machine guns stationed every so often. "These are top quality and they do more damage then they look like they're capable of." He gestured to the tower. "And of course this here speaks for itself." Roy whisled low, he had to admit the guns they were passing were mighty impressive.

"How many men?" he asked.

"Ships company numbering on three thousand sir, but they're divided into platoons of about two hundred and fifty for time being sir, mostly just manpower."

"What about our airwing?" We've got three units of thirty." Green replied, pointing to the small planes far off being loaded and stored under deck.

"that's not enough."

"That's all they could give us sir, but we have the best. Easily worth more than hundreds."

"Do you know who's in charge of each team?"

"Major Dale on squad one, Major Fritz on squad two, and Major Elric on squad three." Green read the names off one by one.

"they better be damn good if they are to fly on my watch."

"they are sir… I've had the pleasure of meeting with Majors Dale and Fritz, but Major Elric has not arrived yet."

"Shouldn't they have been here yesterday?"

"…yes… technically they should have sir but…"

"then WHY isn't Elric on ship?" Roy growled at Green, then checked himself and donned a more pleasant expression. "I'm sorry, Lieutenant, its not your fault, please let me know when major Elric arrives, I'd like to go over my rules with him."

They got off the cart and made their way up the stairs into the upper galley and officers mess.

There sat as Roy learned, Major Dale and Fritz, conversing and chuckling to each other over coffee, going over charts and lists of names.

They stood up and saluted when Roy and Green entered, and soon Roy was just as involved in their conversation as they were previously.

Compared to Green, who was a tall and lanky youth, stuttering and constantly fixing his glasses which seemed toneverendlessly slide down his long nose, these two men were tall and buff, easygoing and confident. They made conversation easily and were bright in viewing the voyage.

"We make helluva lot of noise sir," but other than that we should be not to much of a problem." Fritz joked, poking Dale in the ribs. The other huffed and caught on to the joke right away, giggling slightly under Mustang's raised brow.

"It's the little one that you must watch out for." Dale nodded, but seeing the confusion on Mustang's face, he elaborated.

"Major Elric sir?"

"Ahhhh now here is something I have been wondering about." Roy nodded and turned to Fritz, "What about him and more importantly… why isn't he here yet?"

"He travels with his brother, Alphonse Elric sir, so it might be that they'll be coming together… Al is a surgeon, your man actually, from what he told me. He'll be the chief surgeon/doctor on the ship."

Roy nodded. "that doesn't explain why Mr. Elric still hadn't decided to grace us with his presence."

Green cut in, nervously brushing his finger over the rim of his ear. "Sir, the medical staff aren't supposed to be here until today so that probably explains the Major' absence."

"Ill still ask you to have him come up to me later on when he does arrive." Roy looked at Green, who nodded strongly and continued to sip his coffee in silence.

"We've been flying with Elric before…" Fritz chimed in. "he's a prodigy that one…"

"Although he doesn't look it." Dale cut in. "but the best fighter pilot if I ever saw one… be glad he's on board sir."

"Is he now?" Mustang rested his chin on the back of his hand and leaned back into the quite comfy couch. "do tell…"

Dale and Fritz looked wearily at each other. As if unsure, they nodded and fritz sighed.

"A bit back… about two years ago, Ed had an… accident."

Roy raised a questioning brow.

"have you heard of the Westvalley battle that took place then?" Fritz asked.

Roy had, although then he was at headquarters and supremely busy with ordering his life into the direction of total power. Now that he thought about it, he remembered biuts and pieces of information he received though listening to conversations and such.

"A big blow to our forces, mostly everyone lost at sea…."

"The only people that survived that were the flights that were up, and one person on board."

"oh?" Mustang had definitely not heard that version of the story.

"The government tried to keep it quiet, and I guess they did a good job of it too, since you seem not to know… but what happened was that Alphonse was on board one of the ships that have been shot down. He was the only survivor…"

"To make long story short," Dale cut in, "major Elric landed his plane on a ship that was about to explode and decided to run around looking for his brother..."

"Their family is gone… Mother died when they were young, and their Father had gone missing… the only people they call family are the Rockbells, automail mechanics living in the small village they came from, sort of like their adopted family..." Fritz butted in.

"And so…" Dale glared at Fritz, "he radioed over that if his brother was going down, he was going down with him… basically dragged Al up and threw him overboard before the thing bust its seams…"

"Ed wasn't so lucky though…" Frits noted, ignoring the growl coming from Dale. "He lost an arm and a leg in that explosion; it was a miracle that he survived at all. Al was in a coma for a couple of months, and when he finally woke up, Ed was sporting automail.

"And of course… that story is strictly confidential and not to be spread sir." Fritz looked at Roy as if he meant business.

"theres something about you Pilots," Roy sighed, "you all have that damned look like if something doesn't go your way, you'll kill… even your superiors."

Dale and Fritz faked hurt; "Ahhh sir, say it aint so!" Fritz wailed, dramatically throwing a hand to his forehead as Dale rolled his eyes.

"Seriously though," Dale sat up, turning graver. "It's a touchy subject with both brothers, although out of the two, Al is the sweeter one… Ed is exactly what his code name registers… a wasp."

"More like a hornet…" Frits mumbled, getting up and saluting once more, Dale close in tow.

"Have fun when you meet him sir, and yes… he does bite."

"But we love him…" Dale threw in for precaution.

"And its true sir… Pilots really don't give a damn." Fritz winked and disappeared down the stairs, whistling a sassy tune.


Roy walked into his office a short moment later, sighing in exhaustion. So Mr. Elric was a touchy hornet? He could probably change that, and make sure the famous pain-in-the-ass knew his place. But he also felt for the man, sacrificing so much for a beloved person was worth it… but always? He want sure himself… he knew that he'd give an arm and a leg for his team, but would he be happy with his sacrifice? Rather not… if he wanted to be completely truthful with himself…

He couldn't wait to meet him. A prodigy, they said? That would also be put to the test…

He walked up to the spacious window his office provided, drawing back the blinds and blinking back as the stream of light flashed in.

In his line of vision, stood the harbour, the last shipments being filed in, trucks of ammunition, powder, food, cars, even motors… everything they would need to go on for the first month, later being re-supplied by smaller, faster ships.

His eyes caught by a white van, he followed its excessive speed down the harbour.

It stopped shortly after it came into his view, and two figures ran out of it, one being dragged by the other, and ran up to what was (Roy couldn't see that far down the ship) most likely the planks to enter onto the ship. All Roy saw was a flash of blonde.

He somehow knew…

"Sir, the Elrics have arrived." Green had knocked quietly and entered.

"Send Major Elric in as soon as he sets foot on deck."

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