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Ed woke up slowly, like coming up for air after diving, his senses returned, one by one and this felt too nice to be reality. The sun was coming down on him hard, light stripes filtering through the window, warming skin and metal alike. It felt heavenly on his naked skin — his eyes shot open. Naked skin, naked… why was he naked? Whywhywhy… he sat up, rubbing at his temples, looking down at himself. Stark bare he was, having kicked off the covers in his sleep. He frowned at his dick, which was already half hard, lying innocently against some very fine sheets, he noted. Mustang didn't spare anything to feel good… damn, Mustang. Here was the culprit of his groggy consternation. Ed's mind flew involuntarily to last night and he realized mortified, that Mr. dick was holding rapt attention. He grabbed the nearest cover and threw it over his hard-on in disgust at his lack of control. Just in time too, because Mustang chose that moment to make an entrance.

"Boy, am I glad to see you." He mumbled, reaching his hands out to the raven. Roy snorted and passed Ed the huge mug of steaming coffee he'd been holding, taking a sip from his own. "Nice to see you too."

"Don't be daft," Ed answered, rapt attention given to the delicious liquid in his possession. "I was talking to the mug."

"Didn't doubt it for a second." Roy chuckled, perching on the side of the bed and leaning on the pile of pillows behind him. He raked Ed over a few times. "Though I don't think a good roast ever made me hard." Ed threw his a withering glare. "fuck you Mustang." Roy smiled and placed his cup on the bedside table. "Let me take care of this then." His voice dropped, he loved the light play on Ed's bare skin, and the thought of that dick waiting for him gave him shivers. Ed was having none of it. He held his mug tighter and shook his head. "Nuhuh, 'm not letting go of this." He looked like an overgrown five year old. Roy had to laugh. "You can finish it later." He slid closer, head beside Ed's elbow and since that was the closest part of the man available, he began a series of small kisses up it, reaching Ed's shoulder and looking up. The blonde was in an amiable mood and there could only be two reasons; one, Ed was not a morning person and therefore still half-conscious, or two, Ed had suddenly taken a liking to him. Roy was sure it wasn't the second.

Ed wasn't letting go of his prize and Roy upped his game. He crawled over to Ed and crouched before him. Demanding the blonde to look up. This Ed did, hesitantly, the sleepy golden eyes regarded him over the steam. Roy wanted nothing more than t lie back down with Ed and lay curled around him. He looked so childish then, so tired and vulnerable. The patch of bandage was gone from his shoulder and the bite was scabbed over, Roy's eyes really took Ed in. The skin around the port was pinkish, looking slightly raw, a bit puffy even. He wondered if that had been him too. He drew back a slip of the covers, really seeing Ed's metal leg for the first time. He touched it gently and the toes curled slightly, he looked up. Ed was delicately flushed, hiding his face behind the mug—Roy could see the blush even as Ed averted his eyes. The looked at the skin attached to the metal, it was similar to the shoulder, reddish and sore looking.

Roy bent over the leg and kissed the heated skin above the automail. Kissed all the way around as far as he could reach. Ed had not expected that, he moved to pull away but Roy held him, caressing the metal calf and murmuring against the tan skin. "You should ask Al for something stronger for these, they look painful."

"Al gave me the strongest shit he had that wouldn't make me addicted to the drugs." Ed shrugged, taking a sip. Roy didn't lift his fingers off Ed's skin, drawing circles with his thumb, enjoying the peace. "I like you like this." He murmured, gauging the blonde's reaction by the lift of his eyebrow. "Willing?" Ed supplied. "Calm." Roy corrected, "but willing is nice too." He inched closer to Ed and replaced his hand with his mouth. He wasn't in a hurry, just wanted to enjoy the taste of Ed's skin; saltiness and apples and musk. Ed made himself more comfortable too, leaning back into the pillows behind him, he looked into his drink and allowed Roy this innocent play and a shiver ran up the raven's spine at this simple gesture of trust. Trust he didn't earn but one that was still given, he hoped, for more than this otherworldly moment in time. He moved to the thigh on his other side, laying as he was between Ed's legs, he had easy access to both. He just kept moving the thin bed covers up an inch at a time, being careful to not overstep the truce they had set up.

"I don't want you to get on that boat." He said, raising his head to what was unmistakably, an Elric frown. "Im still going Mustang." Roy sighed. "I didn't doubt that for a second, just said I don't want you to… 'S not an order." Ed nodded. "Care to enlighten me?"

Roy shrugged. "I have a bad feeling about this, is all…"

"I'll only be gone a week Mustang, surely you can handle your own dick for that long?"

Roy huffed at this. "not my dick I'm worried about." He pulled the last slip of covers off the blonde and the man above inhaled loudly. Roy's eyes sparkled. "You've been hard for a while now, why didn't you say anything?" Ed sipped more coffee. "It's your call, Mustang, I'm here for your pleasure, after all."

Roy was hurt. "Is that what you think this was?" he asked. "That I'm doing this for my pleasure?"

"Aren't you?" Gold eyed challenged. "I was under the impression this was exactly what we agreed on." Roy looked at Ed hard. "Then give me that blasted coffee back." Ed glared back, "No!" Roy rolled his eyes and settled back. Ed's hard dick was still between them, forgotten in their squabble, Roy turned to it now. "You're the only part of Ed that listens." Said dick bobbed with Ed's "humph" of indignation.

Roy touched it with one finger rubbing up and down in a tiny movement at the blonde's base. He loved the shimmering curls Ed had, the dusting of gilding brought out the darker tint of his skin there, and Roy couldn't help himself as he dipped his head and licked tentatively and then took the delicate skin between his teeth oh-so-gently and rolled it. Ed growled above him, moving slightly, one leg moving up a bit for support. Roy's hands were pushing down on Ed's abdomen gently, letting him know he needed to lie still. He looked up once and when their eyes connected, Ed's were almost black with passion. His hands trembled lightly. He smiled as he dipped his head back and took a long, torturously slow lick from bottom to tip. Ed was leaking now, milky pearls gathering for Roy to sip off. And when he did, the blonde hissed his pleasure. "I told you I want to take you, Ed." Roy murmured before he took Ed into his mouth in one liquid movement, taking all of Ed in, with no preliminaries, down his throat, where he purred, pleased, sending tsunamis of pleasure into his younger lover. Ed's eyes went wide as his hips pistoned forward on their own. "Fuuck." He breathed as Roy's hand splayed on his belly, keeping him relatively calm, rubbing back and forth. It didn't to anything more than make Ed wild with desire. He threw back his head as Roy moved on him, sucking. The blonde had never experienced anything like this before, Roy knew a greenhorn when he saw one, and Edward Elric had never had his dick don anyone's throat, that much was clear. He adjusted his leverage and pulled, withdrawing and taking only the tip of the blonde in, sucking hard on him and rubbing the slit hard with the tip of his tongue. Ed's shaking hand flew to his head and pulled him down again, and then the other joined in fisting through Roy's inky locks as he began undulating and writhing above him. Roy figured he might as well flow with it, letting his grip of Ed's taut stomach go and gripping his legs instead, settling first one and then the other, metal one on his shoulders, Ed yelled hoarsely and pumped into him hard, without shame. Roy suspected he was too far gone to have any left. All he could do was relax his throat and ride the barrage that was Fullmetal. He moved one hand on Ed's thighs, gripping hard but to please, rubbing hard, the other rolling Ed's balls in and pulling. He heard mewling noises and realized it was himself. With a last pull, Ed came into him, screaming coarsely and twitching as Roy swallowed every drop and finally looked up. Ed's metal leg slid to his side limply, the other still comfortably rested on him. Roy took to licking off the last remains of come off Ed's cock, and when he looked up again, Ed was looking at him intently, eyes hooded and heavy, but alert. He crawled along the beautiful body, resting himself on Ed's chest at last and settling his head in the crook of his neck. He kissed the bite mark softly, just looking at it, looking at the damage he'd done. It wasn't a love-bite, it wasn't claiming. It was the wound an angry, lonely animal had made in a victim. And he said so. Whispering against Ed's ear, he shuddered at how broken he was, and how tired of hurting people, and he felt a warm hand land on his cheek, and he nuzzled into it.

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