To the soldier, the civillian
The martyr, the victim
This is war

It's the moment of truth and the moment to lie
The moment to live and the moment to die
The moment to fight

This is War - 30 Seconds to Mars


There is fire. There is fire and smoke and ash and she can't breathe, but she needs to breathe, needs to get oxygen to her lungs before her head explodes and She. Needs. Air. Bulma is not stupid, is not a fool, and she knows that this must be the end. She is a scientist, not a religious woman, but this must be the end of the earth because it is the only explanation for why everything has gone so horribly wrong.

Screams rip through the air and Bulma, for a moment, wants to lie on the charred ground and press her palms flat against her ears and cry. But Bulma is a strong woman, and she will not give in to her temptation, to the need to just surrender herself and cry, so she keeps moving, keeps going, because it is the only thing keeping her alive.

All she knows is that she has to find her parents.

She has to find them because she knows they are not dead, not yet. There is something in Bulma that refuses to believe that they are gone, that they had been cut down like so many others, so she runs, through the panicked crowd, ignoring the screams, and shouts for them like her life depends on it. Fear clogs her throat, makes her choke, makes her cough and causes her eyes to water and oh she has never been so afraid.

She knows that Goku is fighting their leader, she saw him fly to attempt to stop this massacre of her world and her people. She thinks that she saw Gohan join him at some point, mindless of his mother's worries and screams. Bulma has faith in them, knows that they can do it, and Krillin and Tien and Yamcha will join them soon and she knows that they will win. She knows that they can gather the dragonballs and wish everyone back as soon as this terror is over but right now she just needs her family.

Bulma bursts through the blown apart door of her home and something is wrong, out of place, but she ignores that nagging feeling, ignores the pain in her chest and screams for her mother, her father, dashing through the living room and NO.

Someone is screaming a name over and over, and it can't be her because she knows that that is not her mother, that cannot be her mother lying on the ground, blood seeping through her shirt and oh fuck no MOM –

She can't stay in the room any longer so she runs, sprints to the lab and someone is still screaming, someone that suspiciously sounds like Bulma herself, and her fears and everything comes crashing down on her as she finds her father, glasses askew, so very lifeless, so very dead –

She has to leave the house, has to get out so she does, she runs like the coward she knows she is and the moment she gets out of the godforsaken house he is there and Bulma slams into him, clinging to his shirt and sobbing. "Shh, Bulma, you have to run, get out – " Yamcha shouts over the screams, pushing her away from him and she sees the panic in his eyes, the fear and Bulma knows that they are losing.

"Goku will beat them, Goku will kill them – " Bulma starts to say, her voice choked and hoarse from her own screams and wails, and Yamcha shakes her, his eyes alight with something (hopelessness) that makes Bulma want to lie down and curl up and cry.

"We can't win, there's too many, Tien's already dead –"


"Just shut up Bulma! You have to run, you have to get out now!"

He pushes her away from him and Bulma can see the newly found determination in his eyes as he dedicates his last act of life to saving her (no, not last, it can't be). One of them lands next to her and Yamcha and Bulma screams; the alien grins (evil incarnate), his yellow eyes following their movements with a kind of demon-like satisfaction at having found new prey to play with. "Run, Bulma!" Yamcha shouts, and he and the monster fly at each other in a flurry of movement that Bulma cannot see. She obeys her lover, turning and sprinting and how did this get so fucked up how did it get like this-

The sky is red, red with the blood of Earth's victims and people and Bulma looks back, just once, just to see – and she regrets it, for Yamcha is being slammed against the ground, and as he struggles to stand, he locks eyes with her, his black eyes desperate and loving, and Bulma screams something (no) and the yellow-eyed demon slams into her boyfriend, her love, sharp talons digging into his back and Yamcha stills, his last words floating in the air to her, "Run."

Bulma does. She sprints and tries to get away but the demon has seen her, she knows it; her head is ripped back and she slams into the ground, stars bursting into her vision. Primal instincts win over and Bulma is clawing, scratching, biting, but her captor is strong, oh so strong, and he slams her face into the ground, once, twice, so that she is dazed and stops struggling.

He hisses something to her that she doesn't understand and tosses her over his shoulder like a ragdoll, like baggage, and carries her back to the place she had been trying to escape. He deliberately passes by Yamcha's still body and Bulma wants to look away but can't, she stares at her dead boyfriend and weeps, resigning herself to this defeat.

Her captor picks his way through the wreckage and to his comrades; they pass over multiple dead bodies and Bulma looks for those she recognizes and finds them: Tien, Chiaoutzu, Krillin…she does not see Goku or Gohan, but the place is so deathly silent that she knows that they no longer fight.

The aliens around her begin to speak in another tongue, some of them with their own bodies slung over their shoulders, their own victims…for a moment Bulma is scared that they are going to be sex slaves, and considers attempting to struggle and just letting them kill her, but one thought of her dead friends and dead planet and Bulma cannot seem to find the energy to even lift her head.

After the aliens seem to be done with their conversation, they begin to board the ship that they had come in – the ship that had taken everything from Bulma. It is a massive craft, and when Bulma first saw it, she was envious of whoever had been able to design such a magnificent piece of technology. That seemed a century ago.

Her and her fellow captives are tossed into a sleek, empty room, void of any sort of furniture or decoration, with one single window that takes up the entire left wall, allowing them to view the destruction that they are leaving. Bulma, with a kind of numb detachment, views the others in the room with her. There are about a hundred, all crammed into the large cargo room, some with blood splattered over their clothes and some clean. There are men and women alike, and all seem to be around the same age: early twenties to late thirties. Most wear the same dead expression that Bulma has adopted (a coping mechanism) but some of them are wailing, their mouths open in a never-ending cry and horror in their eyes.

A loud, whirring sound pierces the room and the floor and walls around them begin to hum with a sense of power. Dust kicks up from outside, Bulma sees through the window, and they all watch as they are lifted into the sky, leaving behind the dead bodies and their Mother Earth. As they ascend even higher, Bulma counts the rest of the spacecrafts that she sees ascending from other parts of the Earth and comes up with fourteen. No part of the planet was spared.

Farther and farther they go until Earth is but a blue gem on the dark blanket of space, and, once, Bulma would have found this a wonderful experience and would have been giddy, but now she feels nothing but cold emptiness. As they watch, huge beams of light burst from their spacecraft and connect with the surface of their home, the other ships doing the same, and after a few moments of tense silence, Earth explodes into shards of planet, broken and destroyed and so very gone, along with the dragonballs. With that thought, Bulma knows that they are all dead; her parents, Yamcha, Goku…there is no way to bring them back and never will be.

Some people cry, but their room is mostly silent as the pieces of the Earth float through space and what was once a beautiful planet is gone, nothing but a dark black empty place. Bulma, turning away from the window, lies down and sleeps, because everything is gone and she is empty and so very tired, and maybe, just maybe she can delude herself into thinking that this was all a bad dream.


A/N: So, that's the beginning of my first BV fic. Tell me what you think so I know if I should continue or not :)