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"Does anyone else find it strange that no one around here knows the secret identities of Batman or Robin?" asked Wally, out of suit and using his real name instead of stressing the whole two name thing. It did get annoying. Flash Junior was worse though, he couldn't deny it. No one understood that it was Kid Flash, not Flashboy or Flash Junior. "We just know them as Batz and Rob in the free time." He stood in the kitchen area, gaze swinging towards Kaldur and the ebony-haired clone that sat beside him.

No one else seemed to care. Superboy was passive as ever and Kaldur just stared at the empty black tv screen, suddenly lost in thought of the proposed topic that the freckled boy had brought up. Megan was the only one who seemed to take notice in the fact that Wally was speaking and actually made an effort to reply. "It could be strange," she said, "since the rest of you all share names and such. But it must be perfectly normal for them. They're both very secretive compared to all of the rest of the Justice League."

Wally's lips twisted up in a thoughtful way and he blinked rapidly for a few seconds before responding, "What if it's some big secret that they're keeping?" He moved towards the couch and placed the base of his palms into the soft back of the thing, leaning on it. "What if they're serial killers?"

Superboy let out a disbelieving snort, unable to fathom this thought. Batman? A serial killer? "Could you see Batman being a serial killer?" he asked the ginger-haired kid with one raised eyebrow directed towards Wally.

"He may be dark and brooding, but he doesn't strike me as a murderer." Kaldur turned his position so his silvery eyes could find his three other teammates as they were around him. Superboy was perched on the couch beside him and Wally and Megan were both behind him. "I'm not even quite sure where you got that idea from, really..."

Megan flew her way to be closer to the rest of the crew. "Wally has a point. They may not be serial killers or murderers, but there must be some reason they're keeping secrets. If they're going to be like that, why didn't the whole Justice League just keep their aliases secret?"

The speedster shrugged. "I'm not sure, but I want to know. I mean, Robin doesn't tell me squat. He treats Batman like a god. It's almost ridiculous." Half the time, the green-eyed boy wanted to tell Rob to stop treating Batman like he was a savior of some kind; the other half of the time, he was scared of the Dark Knight. It was that kind of relationship. "I mean, do we even know who Batman is?"

Wary glances were cast between the other three for a long moment as silence flooded the small space they all sat or stood in. Kaldur's eyes were questioning whereas Superboy's were naturally suspicious. Megan was just confused as ever. A girl like her could only be naïve.

"Exactly." Wally turned and leaned so that the top of the couch's backing was pressed into the small of his back. "I'm just saying, how much do we really know? About anyone?"

"Why does this bother you?" asked the aquatic teen, eyes shifting from Superboy's suspicious gaze to the apprentice of Flash.

"I like knowing who I'm talking about, you know?" Wally gave a little shrug. "I kind of want to diss Batman in front of Robin, but is he his father or distant cousin or what's the deal, you know?" Wally shrugged again. "I don't want to say the wrong thing, but how do you say the right thing when you don't know what the right thing to say is?"

Another heavy silence fell over the group.

"He's got a point," noted Superboy crossly. He leaned forward, shifting his weight so he could stand up. When he rose, he towered over Megan and Wally who were also upright. "I think we should do some background checks. Something so we know they aren't traitors to the Justice League."

Wally smiled, but no one saw; this was what he had been hoping for. He had just wanted someone to be on his side with figuring out what was up with Robin. Sure, the guy was his best friend, but he wanted to know more. Curiosity always ate away at Wally. Now he had three other people asking the same questions he had wanted answers to since he had met the Boy Wonder. And they all wanted the truth now.

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