Chapter 2

Jack was forced to go into space with Al, The talkative, sarcastic person who "did" anything he wanted to do. Jack was the only one in ship that has discipline; he knew what it was like to be out in war, in combat seeing his friends die right in front of him, yet now he was going into space where anything can go wrong.

"Yup finally some action, this reminds me the time when …." Jack didn't listen to the rest, he had learned to ignore Al, and he knew everything he said was a lie. There was a red button blinking on the system. Jack went up to the com and pushed it. The monitor was uploading a message from the island where they blasted off from, no one knew we where up here besides the military, and the government. The monitor was finished loading. "Men you are hours from landing on the moon, be ready you have to be on their and get a sample if possible. Out."

Jack looked out the window he was not ready to go on the moon, he was not ready for anything, he was not ready to go into combat, and he was not ready to see his friends die, he was not ready ever but he had to do it.