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"You know, Alfred, I don't know what you're trying to prove."

Alfred looked up. He blinked at Arthur. "Um, what?"

Arthur rolled his eyes. "Please. You know what I'm talking about." He gestured towards the television screen. "Your bloody grand slam!"

Alfred grinned. He was quite proud to be host of the fourth tennis Major. Especially because it riled up England quite a bit. "What about it?"

Arthur stood. "It's obnoxious. It started out decent enough in 1881, but now, one hundred and thirty years later, it's absolutely….like you. No classic white clothing, people wear whatever they bloody like and the colors are distracting! And it seems like there is absolutely no respect for the rules for something as prestigious as a tennis major. They break their rackets, and… You just don't see that at Wimbledon-"

Alfred crossed his arms. "Who cares if they don't wear white? Only your tournament is considered prestigious. Mine is more relaxed. I'm not the only one like this, you know. France and Australia are-"

Arthur took a step forward, interrupting Alfred. "They're both new! The Roland-Garros hasn't even been international for a hundred years yet. But yours seems to be more obnoxious than theirs combined. The players- the same people who take a part in MY Wimbledon, break their rackets, fights break out… audience members run onto the courts to kiss the athletes! It's just like you to hold such an obnoxious, insulting tournament in spite of everything I have-"

Alfred grabbed onto Arthur's tie and pulled him close. "You like it." He whispered, leaning in and forcing their lips to meet.

Arthur didn't resist. "I suppose it's fine… Just don't let it get too far out of hand."

Alfred grinned. "But it wouldn't be the US Open without something going on."

Arthur rolled his eyes for the second time and pulled the other back into a kiss.

A quick note. Wimbledon is the oldest and considered to be the most prestigious tennis grand slam. What most people don't realize is that the US Open is only 13 years younger than it. The Roland-Garros is the proper title of the French Open, and has only been international since 1925. And finally, the Australian Open, which is going on right now, since 1905. In my opinion, the US Open is always the most entertaining, because the last few years, it always seems like something has to go down. It's fun.