Hello Everyone. I am usually a Misc writer, but I have always been OBSESSED with Garrett Hedlund since Four brothers, and I've wanted to do some stories on him, but can't find a proper site, so I guess I'm going to do it through his characters. Don Billingsley is definitely one of my favorite characters play by Garrett so I decided to start with him(also I LOVE writing High School fics). This is my first Friday Night Lights fic. So please let me know if I should keep going or just stick to misc (lol). Enjoy!

Characters: Don Billingsley (Garrett Hedlund) & Sara Underwood

Mike Winchell (Lucas Black) & Danneel Harris

Brian Chavez (Jay Hernandez) & Briana Evigan

Chris Comer (Lee Thompson Young) & Katerina Graham

*And occasional appearance by Boobie (Derek Luke)

(Pictures of each character is located on my profile through a link)

Plot: The seniors have their towns' hopes and dreams resting on their shoulders, but as if the pressure of football wasn't enough they still must deal with all the chaos of being regular teens; schools & grades, girls, family, jobs etc. How will each handle it? Will they crack? Read & Find out!

Chapter One! Senior Year

August 21, the sun gleamed hard amongst the town of Odessa, Texas. Kids and teens all over the town were preparing for the first day of school. Seniors especially was looking forward to this year.

He stood 5"11, 145lbs. Persian High Schools' own Don Billingsley, dressed in nothing but a towel as he hopped out of the shower. He was poplar, played tailback for the Persian Panthers, famous with the town by his last name, but also by his rebellious attitude. Don Billingsley had a lot to prove this year, and he was going to jump through hoops to do just that. Don got dressed in jeans and red shirt and a jean vest over it, with his usual MOJO cap. He grabbed his backpack which leaned against the wall next to his bedroom door, before making his way into the living room to reveal his drunken father Charlie Billingsley passed out on the couch.

Don shook his head in disgust, grabbing the car keys which rested on the kitchen counter, before making his way outside to his dad's car.

Don and Charlie Billingsley weren't exactly the perfect father son combination. The two could never really seem to get along. Nonchalant Don handled that by not coming home till he knew his dad was passed out every night and Charlie dealt with it through drinking.

Don drove a little up the road, leading him to the next street over, where his "girlfriend" Sara Underwood lived. She was a five foot petite blonde. Sara was intelligent being at the top of her class, student body president, and though she was gorgeous, she was a bit insecure. She was also the only girl patient enough to deal with Don. Don wasn't the relationship type, and the couple had gone through a lot with him being unfaithful. But, she wasn't ready to give up on him just yet. Her excuse for never leaving was, they grew up together, and she knew he meant well in any and everything he did. There also had to be a reason he stuck around. The school talked about Sara and Don all of the time, most felt that she was a complete idiot for being with him, others just felt sorry for her, and of course jealousy was always an issue.

Sara looked out the window of her bedroom and saw Don pull up in her yard, before grabbing her books.

"Bye dad!" Sara yelled to her dad, who was the town's sheriff.

"Bye Sweetheart! Tell Don to make this season a winning one!" he yelled nicely from the back room as he was getting ready for work.

She smiled brightly before walking out and to his car, dressed like a typical southern girl, nicely in long denim jeans, a floral designed shirt, and boots, her long blonde hair lying straight down.

"My dad said make this season a winning season" she chuckled as she got in the car.

"Tell him that's the plan!" he laughed making sure she was completely in before driving off.

"So are you excited about this year?" she smiled

"Not thinking much of it!" he bluntly replied "You? Mrs. President!"

"Yes! Super, last year at Persian High"

"Yeah, that is an up, but since you're president this year I'm sure it's about to go back to how it was"

Sara rolled her eyes

"Here we go!" she scoffed "what does that mean?'

"It means, I'm sure you will have plenty of excuses not to be around much!" he argued

"Why do you always do that?"

"Do what!" he yelled


"Oh you mean state the truth?"

Sara shook her head and looked out the window, as there school was in sight. At this point she was ready to get out of the car. She was ready to be away from Don already.

Meanwhile, a feisty redhead with a somewhat bitchy attitude Danneel Harris stood on the steps in front of Persian. Danneel wasn't originally from Odessa, she and her family just moved to the small town last year, from Los Angeles. As soon as she got in town, her edgy look automatically put her on the "most wanted" list.

Danneel only lived a few houses down so walking to school was the best way to go for her. Danneel was the Persian Panther cheerleading captain, so the first day of school was an exciting day. She stood in jeans and her cheerleading uniform top, the team's usual first day of school attire. Danneel and her cheer mates had to put up flyers and decorations around the school welcoming everyone back, and reminding them the first game was quickly approaching.

Danneel was hanging a few flyers with best friend Briana Evigan in front of the school.

"Can we hurry I have to go meet Brian" Briana complained.

"Chavez can wait damn!" Danneel scoffed "What's an extra two minutes?"

Briana rolled her eyes as she went back to work.

Danneel and Briana had a love hate best friend relationship. The school saw Danneel as Batman and Briana as Robin. Danneel was the mean, bossy, controlling girl of the two while Briana could be very sweet, bubbly, and compassionate to her peers. The two were completely opposite but loved each other and were always there for one another, when it really mattered.

Briana looked at her watch as she realized five minutes had passed before she turned to pout at her best friend.

Danneel looked at Briana then stared at her with an evil glare…


"Yes!" she squealed, handing her left over flyers to Danneel before running off to meet her boyfriend Brian Chavez.

"Bitch" she whispered when she thought she was alone

"That's a great thing to say about your best friend" she heard a deep country accent from behind

Danneel turned to find, Persian Panther's quarterback Mike Winchell, standing in typical jeans, white shirt and his Varsity jacket.

"Ease dropping Winchell" she scoffed

"Wouldn't call it that!" he said

"Whatever!" she shook her head

Mike and Danneel was another pair that could be the talk of the town. They weren't a couple but people could tell they wanted to be. Mike was too shy to go for it and Danneel was too stubborn, so they just left it with trash talking with a hidden subtext.

"I think Briana really needs to open her eyes" Mike rudely said

"Excuse me!" Danneel turned back on her heels

"You are a horrible influence on her"

"And who the hell are you to say that!" Danneel yelled

"It's not just me saying it! The whole damn town can see it!" Mike said walking up the steps leading to the main entrance doors

"You and the other people in this town need to keep my name out of your mouth because you don't know me!" Danneel said stepping up to Mike, and getting into his face.

"Yeah, yeah! Try finding another excuse" Mike said stepping back "Because the, I'm just miss understood act is beginning to be a cliché" he shot before turning and walking into the school building, leaving a pissed off Danneel on the stairs alone.

Mike Winchell walked down the halls getting happy greeting from people her hardly knew. He was going to speak to his close friend Chavez but walking passed the make out session Brian was having with Briana in the hallways, he didn't want to interrupt. So he walked passed him and nodded at Chris before also passing him.

Junior Chris Comer, and his senior girlfriend Katerina Graham sat on the bench on the side of the hallway, looking and comparing their schedules.

Chris Comer was finally a starting running back, and his girlfriend was full support of him. She didn't take part in many after school activities just to be at his every practice and every game. Katerina was Chris' number one fan. She was confident, independent, and socially popular, but Chris on the other hand wasn't so social. He was very quiet, and typically underestimated, but he knew when the chips were down he refused to fail and was going to get the job done.

Sara stormed into the building and immediately separated herself from Don he strolled in after.

Chavez witnesses the anger in Sara as she passed the couple, before pulling apart from Briana and walking over to Don.

"Billingsley, what's wrong with Sara?" Chavez asked

"Oh, she's just being dramatic" he replied

Briana rolled her eyes at Don before running after Sara; a nearby Katerina also followed them shortly after. Chris didn't want to get involved so he took it upon himself to walk the opposite way.

"Sara, wait up!" Briana yelled at a close friend

"Why do I even bother with that kid?" Sara said

"Because you two have known each other since like birth, and you love him" Katerina answered

"But, he treats me like crap!" Sara admitted, stopping in front of Katerina and Briana

"Honey, that's all guys!" Briana told "And you know Don, he has that jerk off personality by nature"

Sara shook her head leaning he back against the lockers

"I don't get it!" she said "I'm all he has; I'm the only one who shows I give a damn, why does he keep pushing me away!"

"Boys" Katerina said shaking her head "I can't get Chris to look up! Ever since he started all I hear is negative thoughts. He just doesn't give himself enough credit. Which I have to admit is kind of unattractive to me"

Sara sighed

"I mean I don't need a cocky ass like Boobie, but I need some type of confidence!"

"Boys!" Sara replied next

"It's not always boys, Chavez is amazing" Briana said he cares, he is brilliant, and he does his own thing he doesn't just follow the crowd"

Katerina and Sara smiled at a blushing and bragging Briana

"But sometimes I don't feel like I'm worthy of him" Briana said

"Why?" Katerina asked

"He's so smart, he's only the fast track to Harvard" she explained "And I'm just a pretty face, I haven't always been the brightest crown in the box, I'd be lucky if I get into anyone's school"

"Well, you're only a junior so you have another year to improve your grades" Sara said trying to make her feel better

"That won't even help me" Briana replied

"Okay, so you may not get into Harvard but you can go to a smaller school in Boston, to be near him" Katerina explained

Briana put a light smile on her face

"I guess you're right!" she said smiling in thought of Chavez.

"I think what we thought was going to be the longest year, because it's out last year, may seem like the shortest year because… it's out last year" Sara deeply spoke, causing the girls to think of what the year was truly going to hold for them.

The three girls were dazed off when they heard the first period bell, causing them to snap out of their trance. Each girl was still in deep thoughts as they all went their separate ways.

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