Hey guys! I'm back with a whole new story. I'm excited about this one, I thought about it last night and couldn't wait to type it up and see what you guys think. I just finished up "Desperate Teen Titan Kingdom of Love" (for now) and that was a short 7 chapter story and my very first fanfic. This is going to be a much longer story, with a more developed plot and, well..more dramatics :P. Here's the full summary. This first "chapter" is just the prologue, to give you guys a taste.

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans, however I do own the plot, and any characters made up for the sake of the story :)

Full Summary: After finally getting together in Tokyo, Robin and Starfire were in complete bliss. Two hearts that had always belonged together, had finally joined. But almost year later, the Teen titans were forced to go their separate ways. Including the two that loved one another. In these past five years, they've all moved on. With jobs, with school, with relationships. What happens when Robin and Starfire reconnect, only to discover that one of them is getting married? Mostly Robin & Starfire. Beast Boy & Raven.

Note: Although the story is rated T, it may change in future chapters. If so, I will make sure to warn any younger readers in the author notes at the beginning :)


Twelve minutes and thirteen seconds. The amount of time Starfire had spent desperately sobbing in her boyfriend's arms.

Twelve minutes and thirteen seconds. The amount of time Robin had spent holding all his sentiment inside.

"Star..Star please don't cry.." he managed to croak out, his voice threatening to break at every syllable.

Starfire sat up for the first time that evening, her eyes swollen and red, tears still streaming down her delicate face.

"Robin how can I not be crying? You are leaving! You are leaving me, you are leaving our team and..and our team and our friends are coming upon their expiration date!" her voice broke and she collapsed onto Robin's bed once more, covering her face and tearing once more.

Robin sighed. He had been personally called by the US Navy commander. He was offered a 4 year job to train recruits at a basic training camp. In Germany.

"Starfire..I..it's a great opportunity..You know we can't be the Teen Titans forever. I mean, Raven's going to college, Cyborg's inspired to open a business. We're almost adults."

Starfire sat up, looking at Robin sadly. "Robin I understand all this. It is just that..I do not want to see our friendships fade away. I do not want to see..us, fade away."

Robin desperately bit his lip, hard, so he would not focus on the tears threatening to fall.

He loved Starfire with all his might. But he couldn't turn down an offer such as this.

"I wish you'd come with me.." he whispered, slowly taking her hand.

Starfire looked away, a painful expression dawning on her face. Her hand lingered on his, stroking it gently with her thumb.

"You know very well I cannot come Robin. I am your girlfriend, not your wife. There is no room for girlfriends where you are going."

He shook his head. "No..no Star. We can get our own place around camp. We can live together. We-"

"We have only been together for 8 months Robin. And I too desire to pursue further education. But I do not wish to give up my..my home. This city is my home.."

Robin let go of her hand, unsure of what to say. Being Teen Titans had been all they'd known. All of them. But the fact that they'd spent the past few years fighting crime instead of attending public school, didn't mean that they didn't all have serious decisions to make upon entering adulthood.

Starfire looked at Robin meekly. "Robin why is it that you cannot go to school? With me?"

Robin groaned. "Star. I hate school. I don't want to go near one. This job, this opportunity that's been offered to me, it's a dream. It's perfect for me."

Starfire laid back down on Robin's bed. She looked up at him, and held out a hand. He looked at her sadly.

"What?" he whispered hoarsely, a sad tone overtaking him.

Starfire kept her hand out until Robin took it. She pulled him back down and laid there with him.

"It is ending isn't it?" she whispered.

Robin pulled Starfire close, wrapping his arms around her waist. He took in the scent coming from her hair. Strawberries.

"I guess it is."


Robin spent the next few days juggling packing and spending time with Starfire. He was leaving today, but he'd pushed the impending ache in his heart to the back of his head. Starfire had also managed to give off a sweet and optimistic demeanor. She wanted her last moments with Robin to be good memories.

"Hey Star?" Robin called over his shoulder. He found was looking at his uniform in hand. The "R" patch on his shirt had worn and was falling off. He picked at it until it came off completely.

"Yes Robin? Is there something you need assistance with?" she said as she closed Robin's suitcase.

As she walked towards him, Robin felt his heart begin to break. She was wearing his old gray sweatpants, an old white tank and her hair was a messy auburn bun. She was beautiful. She was his. At least for now.

He felt her hand land gently on his shoulder. "Robin? What is it?"

He looked at her, holding out his broken "R",

"I want you to have this Star. It's..It's not much, but being Robin of the Teen Titans has always meant everything to me. Being a part of this team and wearing this uniform, it's a great part of my life. And I don't want to forget it. And..I don't want you to forget it either..or me.."

Starfire breathed in and out slowly, a technique she had developed since she realized Robin was leaving. A technique that calmed the sobs threatening to rise.

"I..I would never forget Robin." She threw her arms around him, burying her head in the crook of his neck. A few tears escaped, grazing her cheeks.

Robin held on to her tighter. For the life of him, he did not want to ever let go.

But there was no way he could fast forward 4 years. Past responsibilities and should have tos and musts. Past it all, to a place where he and Starfire could be together. Just BE. It was all his heart desired.

But if it was all his heart desired, then why, oh why were the circumstances so against him? So against her?

"Robin I do not want to lose you..I love you.." she said as her voice wavered and shattered.

Robin couldn't take it anymore, he knew he would break if he heard her cry again.

He pulled away enough so that he could look in her eyes.

"I love you too. And Star..trust me..I'll always be yours. And only yours."

He cupped her face and pulled her in, kissing her slowly. Memorizing the curve of her lips, her taste, anything he could forever commit to memory.

Starfire responded eagerly, placing her hands over Robin's, she kissed him for what she knew would be the last time.

"Robin.." she pulled away, "I cannot bear to see you go. This is the good bye for me."

She looked at Robin, tears spilling over. He stood there. He was leaving in an hour, not NOW. She couldn't go now. He had to ask her to stay, stay with him, holding him until the last possible second.

But he didn't.

She mouthed, I love you, once more and flew out his door, out of his life.

Robin swallowed hard, trying hard to control his feelings. He clenched his fists and closed his eyes. But still the tears came, they came and continued. On and off for years to come.

Alright hope you guys liked it.

To share something, the story, especially the prologue was inspired by my life a bit.

See..I'm a senior, and my boyfriend is as well. Right now, the paths we're taking after graduation are what is best for us, but take us away from each other. And I'm not the kind to compromise what I want, what I dream of, for another guy. Neither is he. And today was just a bad day. It seemed like..no matter how much we tried to stay together after high school, 99% of the odds weren't in our favor. It saddened me, I do love him very much and honestly I spent half the afternoon crying (lol I'm pmsing so! Extra emotional :P). But writing this made me feel better. Some of my feelings are probably translated onto here. It sucks. Knowing there's a chance you may have to let go of something you love.

I wish I could fast forward 4 years and just be with him. Just be.


Hope you liked my beginning story, and although the beginning was a little depressing, I like keeping my positivity on high, so it will get better. Promise :)

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