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Chapter 17

Robin rested his head against Starfire's chest. There was nothing. There was no heartbeat, no intake of breath, no sign of life within her. A quiet sob escaped him as Raven shoved him off her and placed her hands on Starfire's chest.

Looking over at Robin, she spoke quietly, "Don't you dare interfere Robin."

He nodded and choked out, "Can you save her?"

Raven's hands melted into Starfire's depleted form, "I honestly don't know. The probes, whatever it was that was hurting her, that's gone. Her body's fine, but it's her soul. Her soul and her energy are one, and when one fades, the other goes with it. Her energy's dying."

Robin shot up, "No! Save her! Do it! Please Raven!"

Raven glared at him, "Stop it, I'll do whatever I can Robin. She's not important to JUST you!"

Robin bit his knuckle and grabbed Starfire's limp hand. He stayed quiet. Beast Boy and Cyborg held onto him, in case the need to support him should arise. Raven took a deep breath and began mumbling, "Azerath...Metrion...Zinthos!"

Raven's hands glowed with dark energy; Starfire's body convulsed. The dark tendrils dripping from Raven's hands began sliding into Starfire's chest, hiding within her body. Raven's eyes glowed white, Starfire's shot open and glowed green. Robin nearly jumped towards her responding body, but he was held back by Cyborg and Beast Boy.

"Let it happen man. Let it." Cyborg whispered, his eyes fixed on Starfire.

Raven began pulling at Starfire's dimming energy, it had been on the verge of disappearing and taking her soul with her, but luckily her magic had connected with it.

A bead of sweat dropped down Raven's temple and trickled down her cheek, she whispered, "I have her."

Starfire's body convulsed and she lay still. Raven fell back against the floor panting, while Beast Boy ran to her side to support her. Robin crawled away from Cyborg's slackened grip and grasped Starfire's limp hand. He rested his head against Starfire's chest, relief flooding him as he felt the slight rise and fall.

"She's resting. Her body's been used to it's limit. Give her time Robin. She'll wake up when her energy's restored." Raven said, feeling Starfire's forehead.

Robin nodded slowly. He sat up sharply. "Slade! And Jake!"

He turned around to find Slade gone, but Jake passed out on the ground, still tied up. Robin sighed, "He's gone. Slade."

Cyborg grasped his shoulder, "We'll find him man. We always do. For now, let's get Jake back to the loony house and get our Starfire safe."

Robin nodded and ran back to Starfire's side, cradling her head in his hands. "Where to now? My place? Titans tower?"

"I think your place Robin. She'll be safe there." Raven said.

Robin nodded and looked at Raven, "Think you have enough energy to teleport us there? Or should we just take the car?"

Raven began to nod and step forward but Beast Boy stopped her, "Whoa. Rob look at her. She's super pale, Raven needs to re energize too. I think we should take the car."

Cyborg appeared with an unconscious Jake hauled over his left shoulder, "Alright I got this psycho."

Robin lifted Starfire up bridal style and began walking towards the car, listening intently for any sign of danger. He was sure of it; he was always gonna protect her.


It'd been two weeks since the Slade and Jake debacle; Robin had spent the hours going back and forth between paperwork for Jake, tracking Slade down, and the rest of his time was spent next to Starfire. She'd been resting in his bed, occasionally shifting positions, but other than that he hadn't had the pleasure of seeing her open her eyes as of yet. Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven had been over multiple times to see her, to check up on Robin.

Robin had fallen asleep the previous night next to Starfire, stroking her hand softly. He lay sprawled out next to her, lightly snoring. She stirred, her small eyebrows twitching as she rolled over onto her side. Her eyes opened slightly, Robin's sleeping form was the first thing she saw. The next thing she realized was that she was in fact, still alive. A small gasp escaped her as she sat up rapidly. The motion caused a slight dizziness that made her lay back down, her head thumping on the pillow. Robin woke abruptly, he sat up and grinned when he saw his Starfire awake.

"Starfire!" he sat up on his knees, grabbing her hands in his, "Are you okay? How are you feelings? Should I call Raven?"

Starfire smiled weakly, "I am fine Robin. I simply..I do not recall what happened. All that I can remember is Jake. And Slade... and the probes."

Robin shook his head, "They're gone Star. All of them. You're fine. I promise."

Starfire frowned, "And Jake? And Slade? Our friends?"

"Jake's locked up, Slade seems to have disappeared off the map. And Everyone's fine."

"You are fine as well?"

Robin scooted closer to her, "I was just worried. I thought I was gonna lose you."

Starfire groaned and pulled Robin down towards the bed with her, "You did not lose me. We are..okay..correct?"

Robin rested his head against her chest, "I know. I know baby. I'm so glad."

They lay there for a few moments, in quiet gratitude, when Starfire broke the silence, "Robin?"

"Yeah Star?"

"Do you recall the question you asked me before I was..taken?"

Robin sat up, withholding a smile, "I do."

"Does...does the offer remain on the table?"

Robin laughed and leaned down to capture Starfire's lips in a long, happy kiss. "Star, you still wanna marry me?"

She giggled, "But of course."

"Then we'll get married baby."

Starfire launched off the bed, wrapping her arms around joyfully around Robin.




"Think Star's gonna be okay?"

Raven rolled over wrapped a lazy arm over Beast Boy's chest. "She woke up. She and Robin are in the process of uh. 'Making up'."

Beast Boy chuckled, "Making out is more like it. Man, having a girlfriend who's an empath is so cool. You can tell what like EVERYONE is doing all the time."

Raven sat up, "Girl...friend?"

Beast Boy blushed, "Oh. Sorry."

She shook her head, "No, no Gar, it's..okay. I mean. I've never really had a..boyfriend ever before. Ever."

Beast Boy grinned, "So I can be your first? Maybe?"

"We still talking about the boyfriend?" Raven smiled slyly

Beast Boy leaned down to kiss her, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her closer. "That's a different subject babe."

"Alright if y'all are gonna be smoochin in my house than we gotta establish some ground rules."


"Must I wear such a conservative dress? It covers nearly every inch of me Robin!" Starfire sighed contently, lying in Robin's arms, flipping through a wedding magazine Raven had brought her. She, Beast Boy and Cyborg were visiting at Robin's home; Cyborg had volunteered to prepare dinner, even offering to whip something up using tofu, just for Beast Boy.

Raven sipped a cup of tea and leaned into Beast Boy on the opposite couch, "Well you should cover up somewhat Star. Don't wanna give Robin the WHOLE show before the honeymoon-"

"Honeymooooon!" Cyborg and Beast Boy chimed together, throwing Robin not so furtive, winks and looks. Robin sunk in his seat, hiding behind Starfire's hair.

"Seriously? Maybe reuniting the Titans isn't such a good idea."


Robin chuckled and eyed Raven mischievously, "So Raven. When's YOUR wedding?"

Raven raised an eyebrow and Beast Boy watched her carefully, "When I feel like you dick."

"Pshh. That doesn't even qualify as an insult babe," Beast Boy teased, "You might as well said, 'you Robin'."

Raven rolled her eyes, "I'm gonna go help Cy set the table."

"Oh my God!" Beast Boy mumbled through a mouth full of tofu bits. "I have no idea what you did to this tofu bro. But it's soooo good!"

Cyborg chuckled and set his empty plate down, "You're welcome BB. I do expect payback."

Robin cleared his throat, "I have to ask you guys something. Well, propose something."

Starfire playfully said, "Propose? Robin you wish to marry Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg as well?"

Raven stifled a chuckle and Beast Boy and Cyborg burst out into loud guffaws; Robin stuck his tongue out at his fiancee and proceeded, "No there's no way in hell Star. I think I can only handle one at a time. Anyway, I was thinking, what would you guys say if we...got the team back together? Slade's still out there and the city still has to deal with a bunch of creeps and it'd probably be a little-"

"Duude!" Beast Boy burst out, grinning, "I thought you'd never ask! I'm so in!"

Cyborg laughed, "Me too."

"Well I suppose if I marry you as my Richard, I'll have to cheat on you with Robin as well." Starfire teased.

Robin smiled and looked at the only silent one in the room, "What do you say Raven?"

Raven watched them all impassively, crossing her arms, "As long as we don't refer to ourselves as the Teen Titans."

Beast Boy threw his arms around her and smiled, "You got it babe!"

Robin and Starfire found each other and held hands, "We got a wedding to plan and a team to get back into Star. You up for that?"

She smiled and kissed his cheek, "I am up for anything as long as I have our friends, and you of course."

Cyborg watched the couples and frowned, "Damn. I need a girl."

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