Chapter 1 Introductions


I was on my way back to my parents house after my job interview with the worlds most famous fashion designer Isabella Swan. She is absolutely amazing and I am so excited that I actually was able to meet her!

My mother Esme and my cousin-in-law Rosalie were so jealous when I got called in for the interview, they got really upset this morning when I was getting ready to leave, they said it wasn't fair that I was getting to meet Isabella Swan, let alone possibly work for her.

The interview went great, I have a really good feeling about this. I really hope that I get to work for Isabella, she is a really amazing fashion designer and an even greater person. She has done so much to help out charities all over Chicago and all over the world, she even helped out in Haiti . She isn't stuck up and she's got a good heart.

I pulled up in front of my parents' house where my brother's, and my cousin's cars were sitting. I smiled to myself as I put my bag on my shoulder and slid out of my yellow Porsche. I started walking up the wrap around porch to my parents beautiful blue Victorian home when I noticed everyone was waiting at the side of the house. "Hey, Ali's home!"

I smiled to my favorite cousin, Emmett, as he ran up to me and pulled me into a big bear huge and lifted me into the air. "Hey, Em, missed you too." I squeaked out as he put me back down on the ground. "Let's go see the family, shall we?" he held his arm out for me to put my arm through his as we walked over to the rest of the family, including my husband Jasper.

"Hey Ali! So? How was the interview? Does Miss Isabella Swan love you? Did you get the job?" Rosalie asked as soon as Emmett and I were close enough. He let go of my arm to go and sit back down on the lawn chair beside her as Jasper came to give me a kiss on the cheek and wrap his arms around me. "It was great. And to the last two I'm not sure. She seemed like she really liked me. Once I came into her office she looked me up and down really quick and a huge smile crossed her face as she had me sit down beside her on the couch in her office. She said if I get the job then she'll come and see me, not call."

"Wait, you mean she will personally tell you that you got the job?" Rose asked dumbfounded.

"That's what she said. I gave her this address because we are mostly here. She said if she didn't see me today then someone else got the job. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The interview was a little over two hours ago. I stopped to shop at her boutique in the city is why I just got here." I told them sheepishly.

Esme and Rose looked awestruck as I told them that, they love her too and hope I get the job so they can meet her. Especially because she might be coming to Esme's home soon.

"How soon will it be for her to come and tell you if you got the job or not?" My brother Edward asked, which shocked me to no end. Why does he care? "And I don't care, I just want to know when I need to be out of here." I just rolled my eyes at him as Esme and Rose gave him a disapproving look.

"Before I left there were about five more people waiting outside in the waiting area so it could be about an hour or two." He nodded his head then looked at Esme and Rose and gave them a 'what?' look.

"Edward what is your problem?" Rose asked.

"Edward honey I love you and you have been raised better than to judge others before you know them." Esme told him sternly while giving him a serious look.

Edward just shrugged and looked away. Ah, my older brother Edward, he has bronze hair that is all over the place, he is about six three, and really muscular like Emmett, Jasper, and our father Carlisle. He is smart, but is also very stubborn. He is a football coach for the high school football team here in Chicago. He used to play football, until he got injured and got taken out for good. I think it has made him a little bitter, especially because he lost his long time girlfriend in the process. They were getting famous at the same time, she went on and he came to a stand still when he threw out his shoulder. She left him as soon as she got rich and famous and she saw he wasn't going to be in the NFL. It crushed him, he hasn't been the same since. He detests anyone with fame and money.

Then there is my cousin Emmett, his is such a big teddy bear, he is the assistant football coach, he's got short brown curly hair and is about six five. He is just like a big kid, he is married to the beautiful Rosalie. She has shoulder length blonde wavy hair and a curvy slender body, very beautiful. She is about five eight or so, great sense of style and loves cars. She's really sweet.

Next is my mother Esme and my father Carlisle. Esme is a housewife, she has long honey brown hair that hangs in lose curls around her shoulders. She is five four and she is a very loving and caring mother that anyone would die to have. Carlisle is a doctor, he has short blonde hair and is the perfect father and husband. I love them so much.

And last but not least my wonderful husband Jasper Whitlock. He is a tenth grade history teacher, he has curly honey blonde hair and also helps out as an assistant coach on the football team with the guys. He's six one and a whole lot taller than I am. I'm only four twelve. They all call me a pixie.

But it doesn't matter to me because I have a killer fashion sense and I am always right. "So Ali, looks like you got the job because I see one Miss Isabella Swan getting out of a really nice dodge charger." Rosalie told me excitedly, pulling me from my reverie. "What? Really?" I asked, stunned, as I whirled around to see Isabella Swan stepping out of her car and heading up the porch steps to my parents home. I instantly froze as I saw her spot us and smile at me as she started walking around to the side of the porch.

I was way to shocked to say anything so I basically just stared. Am I seriously getting my dream job or am I just getting punked? Well I guess there is only one way to find out.

Isabella was wearing her designer grey skinny jeans with her famous deep blue silk halter top with ruffles all down the front, and her signature black strappy Jimmy Choos. Her long chocolate brown curly hair fell just below her shoulders and her deep brown eyes were warm as she approached me and my husband.

Man and I thought Edwards eyes were deep.

"Hi, I'm Bella, nice to meet you Jasper." Hearing her voice pulled me back to here and now as I noticed that Jasper had already introduced himself seeing as how I was off in la la land. "Miss Swan it's great seeing you again, and so soon." I said nervously as we shook hands.

"Alice please if your going to be working as my assistant your going to have to get used to calling me Bella if you want to get along with me." She told me sweetly then winked. My eyes widened and her smile grew wider as I took in her words fully. "Your serious?" I squeaked as I heard Esme and Rose squeal in excitement, seeing as how I was suffering from shock.

Bella chuckled a couple times before smiling at me and saying "Of course I am. I would love to have you work for me Alice. And let me just tell you this now, I've had many assistants and not one of them did I pick right after interviewing them. After you left my office I didn't interview another person, I made a quick decision, moved around my schedule and headed out here so I could tell you that you got the job. I just couldn't wait, what can I say? I'm impatient."

"Oh my gosh! I cant believe this! Oh I promise you Mi- I mean, Bella. That I will not let you down! I will be the best assistant you have ever had!" I squealed as I enveloped her unintentionally in a bone crushing huge. But she didn't complain, she hugged back. "Well I am glad to hear that." She told me breathlessly as I reluctantly let go of her.

"Sorry. Got carried away." I told her shyly as everyone eyed us excitedly.

"It's quite all right Alice, I don't mind. Well I have to be getting back into the city soon so I don't have time for proper introductions or anything like that," Bella paused while giving everyone an apologetic look. "but maybe I can try to get to know everyone another time."

I smiled at this, my new boss wanted to get to know my family! "Well of course! Maybe you could come by tomorrow afternoon after you get off work and have dinner with us, my husband and I would love to have you!" Esme exclaimed excitedly, Bella smiled at her sweetly.

"That would be fantastic. I'll just follow Alice over after work. Six a.m. sharp missy. And trust me, I will know if your late." She told me playfully, I smiled back at her and nodded.

"Alright then, I will see you in the morning. And I guess I will be seeing the rest of you all tomorrow evening?" She smiled at us all sweetly and turned to leave as everyone was saying 'goodbye' and 'see ya'

I just stared after Bella as everyone started congratulating me on the new job. I just couldn't believe that I was actually getting to work for my favorite fashion designer. This has so got to be a dream. I cant believe today! And tomorrow will be even better!