Chapter 7 Old Flames


Thursday, November 3, 2013


I waited…no response.

"Baby." I shook her slightly and got an annoyed moan in response. That's a start.

"Bella, when do you need to get to the hotel?" I asked while putting my hand on her bare back.

"Twelve." She groaned while burying her head in the pillow.

"Well baby you might want to get up then." I said sweetly while leaving kisses on her bare shoulder.

"Ugh, go back to sleep."

"You know I can't baby. Come on Bell, get up."

"No." she whined cutely, making me love her even more than before. If that was even possible.

"No huh?"


Right as I was about to get up and find a glass of water I got an idea. With a smile I straddled her back and began to rub her back like I used to every morning.

"Not fair." She moaned cutely as I kneaded her shoulders.

"You know I don't play fair doll face." She giggled at her nickname, one of many.

"I love you."

"And you know that I love you baby. But you gotta get up." I whispered in her ear as I rubbed her shoulders.

"I know."

"Then why haven't you yet?" I asked playfully while nipping at her ear.

"It's kinda hard with you on top of me." She mumbled into the pillow.

"Oh, right." We laughed heartily as I rolled off her and into the bed with a smile.

She rolled onto her side to look at me with a sleepy smile on her face that made my insides churn. Man I sound like a chic, but who could blame me? I've been away from her for too damn long and being with her makes me the happiest man alive.

"Are you coming to help?" she asked while rubbing my arm with her soft little hand.

"Of course, it will be a little later though because I have to stop by the office for a minute to meet my new secretary and go through some stuff. We don't start work for a few weeks while they are still doing some work on the building and all."

"You don't have a woman secretary do you?" she asked worriedly.

"No baby, it's a guy, a gay guy." I assured her, we have always had a no woman secretary rule for me and no male secretary rule for her. Territorial thing you know?

"Sounds good to me. It's going to be crazy today." She groaned while cuddling up close to me.

I smiled and put my arm around her small warm body to pull her closer to me for she could never be close enough. She smiled at me and leaned in to kiss my lips once chastely, but I wasn't letting that happen so I pulled her in closer and deepened the kiss.

"Mmm, Aaron don't start you already kept me up enough last night." She whined with a cute smile while pushing me away slightly.

"Well I didn't hear you complaining." I challenged while pulling her flush against me, making her giggle.

"Why would I have? It's been a while."

"Indeed." I said while kissing up and down her neck, making her head fall back in pleasure as I held her tight.

"You really surprised the hell out of me when you showed up at the show." She whispered as I flipped her over onto her back.

"I figured you would be surprised. That's what I was hoping for." I said with a smile as I hovered over her.

"It was the perfect surprise. And I loved my gifts by the way especially that drink." She said with a wink as I began kissing her neck again and rubbing up against her, making her moan.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." I whispered while caressing her soft skin.

"Aaron, I have to get ready and so do you." She moaned, not making a move to stop me.

"Just a few more minutes, come on I haven't gotten to have morning sex with you in five years baby."

"I know but-oh god." She gasped as I pushed inside her without warning.

"You wanna protest now?" I asked in a smart-eleck manner as I began pushing in and out at a slow pace, making her moan for me.

"Shut up before I change my mind." She moaned breathlessly.

I smiled widely as I picked up the pace, at this moment everything was perfect.

~~~~~~~Old Flames~~~~~~~~


I didn't want to be here.

I never wanted to see her again.

Did I have a choice? No.

Do I want to cut her from my life forever? No.

Does it matter what I want when my sister is in charge? Yeah right.

I may not want to be here but that didn't diminish the fact that I am. In the very place that I knew she would be, the same place that I had to find out the hard way that her ex-boyfriend is coming back into her life.

Life really sucks.

I'm falling for a girl I cannot have, and should not have. But yet I pine after her anyway, why do I do this to myself?

Before I could answer my own question she walked into the ball room. She looked amazing, she was smiling bright with her head held high. She was wearing a long black skirt with a slit all the way to her thigh, black heels, and a white and black stripped top.

Her hair was on top of her head in a perfect bun and she walked with so much confidence, as she has since I met her. I turned away, unable to look at her any longer. She was too beautiful and I didn't deserve her, I blew my chance and now she is free to be with another.

It's like I drove her right back into his arms. This isn't fair.

Life isn't fair.


I was riding on a high after the amazing morning with Aaron, it's been a while since we have had morning sex….let alone any sex. And the best part was, I was only two minutes late getting to the hotel after three rounds.

Nothing was going to bring me down today, not after having Aaron come back into my life. I was walking on cloud 9.

"Bella!" I turned to see Alice waving excitedly while running up to me. I was surprised she could run at all due to the tall heels she was wearing.

"Hey, slow down would you?" I said with a slight laugh as I surveyed my hair brained assistant.

"Sorry, but I have some bad news."

"Oh not bad news." I groaned while pinching the bridge of my nose. I detest bad news.

"Yeah, well the decorations aren't here yet and the company told me they wouldn't be here for a few more days."

"WHAT?!" I yelled, making everything in the hall stop all at once.

"Bella, calm down we'll figure something out." Alice tried reasoning as my sister walked up with Rosalie by her side.

"This is not good, we cannot find decorations to match at such short notice. I knew I shouldn't have put the shows so close together this is going to be a disaster and I am going to be a laughing stock if this does not go smoothly. Please tell me that something is going right."

I ranted angrily, pacing slightly as I spoke.

"Well, all the chairs have been switched out and are being set up as we speak and the drapes have been changed out and the projections have been changed along with the playlist."

"Good so far, what about lighting, models and my clothes are they here and accounted for?"

"Lighting is perfect…" is all she said.

I growled before turning and heading for the back where all the clothes were to check and make sure everything was accounted for and read the model list.

"Bella, chill everything will work out." I stopped in my tracks, trying to breathe before I blew up.

"Chill, is not in my vocabulary." I gritted through my teeth without turning around.

I kept walking, trying to breathe through my nose as I headed for the back and just wanting this nightmare to end.


I walked through the ball room doors and looked around to try and find Bells, but to no avail. There were people everywhere though, some fixing the drapes, working on the sound system, and putting white satin ribbons around the chairs and tying them into bows in the back.

"Lizzie!" I yelled once I spotted Bells sister. She stopped what she was doing and motioned me over.

"Hey, you are late." She said with a smile.

"Yeah, I'm sorry I had to be at the office and it went a little long. Where's Bella?" I asked while looking around once more, still not spotting her.

"She's in the back freaking out."

"You need to go calm your woman. She is under way too much pressure." Alice, I think her name was, said while walking up beside us.

"She okay?" I asked, slightly concerned.

"Yeah, just too much stress. A lot is going wrong. She really needs you right now though. Take her out to lunch and get her out of here before she goes insane. We will take care of this."

Lizzie soothed my nervousness instantly, I nodded instantly agreeing with her-knowing I couldn't argue with her-and headed toward the back where I knew I would find my girl.

As I was heading for the back I could feel someone staring at the back of my head and turned my head to see it was one of the guys from last night. He was on the other side of the runway across from me, and once he saw I had caught him he looked away instantly and went back to tying the bows.

I shook my head that was weird, I gotta ask Bella who exactly that guy is.



Speaking of Bella.

I turned the corner to see a small girl running in the other direction to fulfill Bella's request-no demand-and watched as she fumed. She was trying to control her anger, I could see it even though I couldn't see her face. She was so gorgeous when she was upset.

"Hey gorgeous." I breathed soothingly as I watched her from my spot leaned up against the doorway.

She whirled around with a slight smile and a red tint to her cheeks. Beautiful.

"Well you finally got here. How did it go?" she asked while walking over to me.

"Good, sorry it took a little longer than expected."

"It's fine." She whispered while putting her arms around my neck.

"You are coming with me I hope you know that." I whispered into her ear as I hugged her close.

"What? No, Aaron I have to stay and get-"

I cut her off by crushing my lips to hers in a passionate kiss. Effectively shutting her up and getting her mind of it.

"No, you do not. Lizzie and your assistant will take care of everything. You and I are going to lunch and then we are going back to the house to change and fuck before everyone comes over to the apartment for the afternoon."


"No buts." I said while throwing her over my shoulder.

"AARON! PUT ME DOWN!" She squealed as I began walking through the room with a big smile on my face. Thanking god he was wearing a long skirt.

"Bye Bells, bye Aaron. Have fun." Lizzie called with a smile as we passed by, everyone gawking as I went by.

"Later!" I yelled back as we left the hotel. It's going to be a great day.

~~~~~~~Old Flames~~~~~~~~

"God this is so good. I almost forgot how good the food here was."

"Have you really not come here since I left?" I asked incredulously as we ate across from one another at our favorite bistro.

"No, I haven't gone to a lot of places since you have been gone."

"Yeah I would have done the same I guess." I agreed with a smile as we finished our food.

I'm eager to get her back home and get those clothes off her and have my way as many times as I can before everyone comes over. And she has not been helping my need by giving me those sexy looks and running her foot up my leg every few minutes.

"Ready to go?" I asked eagerly after I paid the bill.

She smiled beautifully at me before standing up and taking my hand in hers. No words needed. I followed her eagerly, I would always follow her eagerly.

~~~~~~~~Old Flames~~~~~~~~


After spending the whole afternoon with Aaron we were lounging on the couch in comfortable clothes as we waited for everyone to show up.

"You know we won't even know when they walk in because if they all come together Lizzie will just walk right in." Aaron murmured against the skin of my neck as we laid on the couch together.

"Mmm, you know that is a given." I agreed with closed eyes as I laid my head back on his chest as he raked his hand through my hair.

"Duh, it is me we are talking about here!" My dear, sweet, and obnoxiously loud sister chimed as she walked through the house and into the living room with everyone else trailing behind her.

"Ugh." Aaron groaned while burying his face in my hair.

"Hey guys." I greeted with a smile as all of my new friends piled into the spacious living room and sat down somewhere.

"Bella, this place is amazing!" Emmett said with a smile as he and Rosalie sat on the chaise near the fire place.

"Thanks. I pride myself with my home." I said as I pulled Aaron up in a sitting position with me. He wasn't too happy about that but he will just have to get over it for now, we are not going to be rude while we have guests. I'll make it up to him later.

I shivered slightly as I hugged my knees to my chest.

"Are you still cold?" Aaron asked in disbelief as he put his arms around me and hugged me into his side.

"Yes, why do you think I put the cardigan on? I was fine until you turned the damn air on. It's freaking November Aaron why the hell do you have to have the air on?!" I was not happy. The heat was on earlier so I put on some shorts and a tank top.

"Dude, Aaron it is pretty freezing in here."

"Yeah and you are both wearing shorts and a tank top!" Aaron exclaimed exasperated.

"Because it was hot in here earlier!"

"Oh my god do you want me to turn the heat back on?"

"That would be nice!" Liz, Alice, Rose, and I chorused all at once.

He rolled his eyes before jumping up off the couch and heading for the thermostat. Muttering obscenities the whole way.

"Love you!" I yelled to him sweetly. Trying to lighten him up.

"Yeah, yeah. Love you too." He yelled back exasperatedly.

"You know Bella, I have seen you dressed down before a show but I have never seen you this dressed down before." Alice commented as Aaron came back into the room with my favorite woolen blanket.

"Yeah, I dress like this at home when no one but Aaron and family can see me." I said with a chuckle as he covered us both up.

"Thank you love." I whispered, kissing his cheek sweetly.

"Mmm, anything for you." He replied with a smile as he watched me from the corner of his eye.

"How long have you two known each other?" Rosalie asked with a dazed smile as she watched us.

"Hell, we were in like what? Elementary school wasn't it?" I nodded my head in agreement because that sounded right.

"Yeah because that was when we moved here."

"Oh yeah, damn you were so cute."

"Shut up Aaron." I laughed and swatted at his arm.

"You guys are so cute it makes me sick." Lizzie fake gagged as she laid her head on Ryan's shoulder.

"You'll get over it." I whispered as I cuddled into the blanket and Aaron.

"Alice, you know for as long as I have known you-and I know it hasn't been that long-I have never seen you as dressed down as you are right now. Or you Rosalie." I noted as I finally looked at my two new girlfriends for the first time since they got here.

"Yeah well when I got home from the hotel I didn't feel like wearing heels anymore and so I decided to just change completely."

"That's how I am, I change one article of clothing and then I change everything else too."

I think every woman does that though not just fashion designers and their assistants.

"So how did it go?"

"Nope, you are not worrying yourself anymore tonight Bells. We took care of it and everything will be okay. So just sit back, relax and enjoy the night." Lizzie said quickly diverting my attention from the upcoming show tomorrow night.

"You know I can't help myself Liz."

"I know Bells, but it will be okay. We are here to distract you."

I smiled, she's right. I'd be nothing without my sister, boyfriend, and friends. Tomorrow is going to be hectic but I have Alice to help, along with the girls, and now I have Aaron by my side. Having him there with me always helps to keep me calm, plus I love just knowing that he is there for me.