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Chapter 32

"Maybe it just means that it might take Sammy a little while to adjust to this new development." Bobby suggested as he put his book down beside him on the cot. Looking at Dean when he stood up he told him, "I'm going upstairs to get us a couple of sandwiches."

At the look on Dean's face he held up his hand to stop Dean from arguing with him, "You will eat or I will…" Bobby smiled.

Dean interrupted him with a sigh as he told him, "Alright, I'll just sit here with Sammy and wait for him to wake up…"

Dean glanced at Sammy quickly before he said in a low tone, "it seems like all I've been doing is waiting on Sammy to wake up." he kicked his foot against the cement floor.

Bobby smiled at Dean's childish kick at the floor Dean's frustration obvious as Bobby nodded in agreement he replied, "I know, but it's winding down…" At Dean's doubtful look he added, "I promise."

Dean sat back down on the cot and stared at Sammy's face. He studied him as if he could see the answers he wanted if he looked long enough. He just needed Sammy to be okay.

He had to be okay; there was no other option for Dean he realized. That year with Ben and Lisa… there would be no repeat of it or anything like it. This was all he wanted. Brotherhood. But to have that he really needed Sammy... his Sammy.

If they were going to give Sammy back only to dangle him in front of Dean and then yank him away again he wished he'd never known… god, Dean thought in a panic, I didn't mean it… I don't want… He dropped his head in his hands, he was so tired… too drained to try to reason out what he meant.

He startled when he felt a hand on his elbow, jerking his hands away as he raised his head to stare at his little brother's confused expression.

He held his breath as he waited for Sammy to say something; anything to let him know it was his Sammy. He couldn't forget that Sam had pretended to be Sammy last time. His heart started pounding as he waited to see... one way or another the outcome.

Sammy licked his lips as he croaked out, "Kay?" his concern, love and a twinkle of anxiety shining in Sammy's eyes was like a beacon for Dean. He knew that look, it was classic Sammy; he gravitated towards it like a magnet was pulling him in.

"Well, humpty, you all together again?" Dean attempted to joke but he really wanted a yes answer to that question. Hell, he needed it. He held his breath as he bit his lip while he watched Sammy.

Sammy stared at him a minute before he said slowly, "Good… j-e-r-k."

Dean grinned as he told his little brother, "That's… good, bitch… real good." He pulled Sammy into a hug as he took in a deep breath. Sammy sagged against him causing him to question in panic, "Sammy?"

Sammy nodded into Dean's shoulder as he asked, "O-v-e-r?"

Dean pulled back to look Sammy in the eye. As Dean studied him, he only saw his baby brother… his Sammy.

He smiled as he thought that maybe it was finally over.

To be done with this chapter of their lives... Maybe they could be… Dean thought silently as he watched Sammy and just let his thoughts flow for a minute.

Just breathe for a few and just be... the Winchester boys. Nothing more than two brothers… together. No fighting destiny, monsters or each other. Dean grinned, yeah, he could deal with that.

Boo chose that moment to came into the room as she stopped in the doorway she swished her tail back and forth slowly as she watched them.

Sammy glanced over to the door and smiled as he whispered, "B-b-ooo."

Then he frowned; his frustration evident as he looked at Dean with tears in his eyes. "T-t-a-a-l-kkkk?"

"It's okay. The monk said it would take a little time." Dean stated as he watched the cat come forward to jump onto to the bed and immediately into Sammy's arms. "Yeah, bitch… it's all going to be okay." Dean said softly with a smile as he actually reached over and ran his hand over the cat's head.

Sammy blinked at Dean, surprised he was touching the cat and she was letting him.

Finally Sammy asked, "M-o-n-k?" as his confusion was more than apparent when he looked at Dean with huge puppy-dog eyes.

Hell, yeah! That was nice to see, Dean thought with a twinkle in his eye before he shook himself and replied to his brother's question, "Tibetan…" Dean said with a grin. "All the way…" Dean grin grew into a huge classic Dean smile as he patted Sammy's arm, "from Tibet."

Sammy frowned as he asked, "W-h-y?"

Dean shrugged as he told him, "Cas brought him in special delivery just to put you back together." Dean grinned as he told Sammy, "I guess you think that makes you special, huh?" Dean tried to joke but his eyes showed Sammy Dean's answer to his own question. Dean thought he was special… worth it.

Sammy sighed as he told Dean softly, "I'm sorry D. I couldn't see another…"

Dean frowned as he interrupted Sammy to say sharply, "Not now Sammy."

When Sammy jumped from the sharp tone Dean used, Dean sighed as he took another deep breath and tried again, "Sammy we will discuss it… Just. Just not…" Dean shook his hands as he emphasized his words as he tried to stand.

Sammy took one of Dean's hands to stop him and covered it with both of his as he stared at Dean.

"Not now," Dean looked at him with tears in his eyes before he added, "please." his lower lip started to quiver as he tried to hold his emotions in check.

"D, I never wanted to hurt you." Sammy said softly.

Dean nodded as a tear slid down his cheek.

Sammy pulled Dean into a hug as he told his big brother, "Brother, I got to say you look like shit. Really, dude."

"Well, you don't look much better, bitch." Dean muttered into Sammy's shoulder as he took in a shuddering breath.

Sammy smiled as he heard Bobby tramping down the stairs, mixed in with a few colorful curses as something metal bounced down the stairs. The man unknowingly had great timing.

"Bobby we're going to need an extra sandwich…" Dean said cheerfully when Bobby walked in carrying a plate of sandwiches. "Look who's finally awake."

Bobby grinned as he sat the tray on the small table and turning towards them blatantly ignoring the chick flick moment he'd walked in on as he said, "Morning, boy."

"Morning?" Dean questioned with raised eyebrows; surprised that it was morning.

"2 am boy… been a long 24." Bobby told him as he smiled at the boys. They were going to make it, Bobby thought happily.

The End

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