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Rotting leaf chapter 1

In an unknown, underground series of catacombs located somewhere in sound country, painful screams of another unfortunate victim begging for death could be heard in every hollow hall. The abominable monster causing this excruciating pain was none other than the traitorous snake Sannin Orochimaru who betrayed his village and experimented and killed his own people for his own sick ambitions for ultimate power and immortality.

The poor soul at hand was a special Iwa Jonin that was being dissected at Orochimaru's cruel unforgivable slow pace, the goal of the experiment, to see if the resistances and strengths of certain animals could be applied surgically to the human body. So far there have been multiple test subjects for the same experiment but to the disturbed scientists disappointment the human immune system proved problematic as it constantly rejected the foreign animal cells and removing the immune system painfully killed the subject almost instantly, his current victim was to find a balance just like the last twenty-seven.

As he continued his experiment's a alarm went off surprising him, making him accidently perform a fatal surgical error. Before he could even curse loudly his loyal right-hand man Kabuto entered the room.

"O-Orochimaru-Sama that man…he's escaped." said Kabuto's exhausted voice as he breathed in deeply to catch his breath.

"WHAT!" said Orochimaru clearly furious his latest project had escaped him so easily. The snake Sannin calmed down slightly as he hoped for good results of the experiment "Kabuto what was his condition before he escaped?"

"I have the results here on the biologic agent in his system." He said as he checked the report "It hasn't broken down at all and is stable inside his blood stream."

"I see…" an amused chuckle escaped his lips as he calmed down significantly "…do reports have any idea where he could be going."

"He seems to be heading to konoha at a fast pace. Shall i send a team to capture and return him here?"

"That is not necessary Kabuto, let him return home. I was hoping to return him if the experiment was a success in the first place anyway." He smiled sinisterly as he imagined the chaos his home village will soon suffer from "What is the condition of the other carriers."

Kabuto gulped nervously, knowing full well his master's interest in those creatures "they seem to be...unstable in carrying the bio weapon and seem to be rejecting it they are also reacting abnormally...they also seem to be unnerving anyone that gets close enough to see and hear them...myself included Orochimaru-Sama." He said truthfully as those things would have to be the single most horrifying sight he had ever seen in his life.

"I see, take me to them Kabuto." Leaving the dead ninja he was experimenting with, not even caring to dispose of him properly he stalked down the hallways with Kabuto slightly in front. Upon reaching the holding cells, loud moans could be heard sending a cold shiver down Kabuto's spine. Swallowing a large lump in his throat he pushed in the double doors, silencing the moans. The first thing they saw was the overwhelming darkness along with a rotten smell of experiments that had failed, died and left to rot for weeks. Finding feeling in his legs Kabuto moved forward with his master close behind.

It was silent in the room, the only thing that could be heard was the light movement of people shuffling about in the cages of either side of them along with quiet whimpering from the people that were trapped in the room with Orochimaru's latest abominations. As the snake traitor and slightly scared medical ninja took there tenth step in the holding cell the deafening silence was disrupted by the same moans from before followed by the test subjects blindly hitting themselves of the bars that contained them while some of them outstretched their hands to try and grab hold of Kabuto and Orochimaru. Finally reaching the end of the room, the pair looked on at the cage before them from what Orochimaru could see they had unchanged since the last time he saw them.

"Kabuto" Orochimaru began in a calm voice "turn on the lights." acknowledging his masters order, Kabuto reached for a switch in his pocket and turned on the lights to meet the creatures before them.

At first sigh,t Kabuto went visible pale looking at there rotten skin, black eyes and there watering mouths begging to be fed that continued to release moan after moan desiring sustenance.

"There perfect are they not…Kabuto." The snake Sannin continued to smile at his achievement but his assistant could not share the feeling the looks those things were giving him the way they licked there lips before running towards the pair knowing full well of the bars that separated them from there captors, hearing the disturbing sound of one of the experiments bashing its head off one of the bars. Kabuto regained his composure and for the first time in a long time he showed a sense of morality.

"O-Orochimaru-Sama, you can't be serious. T-This is sick and inhumane. Please we must dispose of them before anything else happ…" but before he could continue he was interrupted by the snake Sannin's irritated tone.

"THAT IS ENOUGH KABUTO! I couldn't care less about your lack of a spine when it comes to these soulless shells, what I care about is results, but…" Kabuto suddenly grimaced as his master put appraise on the 'but' "…if it makes you feel better I'll give you permission to research these creatures in front of you." before Kabuto could even respond Orochimaru raised his hand for silence and continued. "If another escape happens I want to know there strengths, weakness and if possible a way of controlling them, do I make myself clear." Kabuto just nodded in understanding of his orders.

"Orochimaru-Sama forgive me b-but are you aware that they can transmit the biochemical by…"

"Of course i am aware of that ability…that man that escaped is the only living ninja test subject that has survived the agent transfusion once he dies on konoha soil with the virus coursing through his veins all hell will break loose, destroying that disgrace of a village from the inside out." A sick smile graced the snake man's face as he imaged fire and chaos in his old village

"A-And what if they make it here" the gray haired assistant said getting more worried.

"Then you should hurry and find a means of control." upon saying this Orochimaru turned around not looking back at Kabuto or the cages near him. "Now I must go Sasuke-kun is probably angry that I'm late again for his training today." His words were barely autoble to Kabuto from the doorway. The grey haired medical ninja was left with his thoughts looking directly into the eyes of one of those undead things many thoughts crossed his mind.

"This is sick and wrong on so many levels, normally I wouldn't have minded dissecting a living creature to find out how they work but this is different these creature there no longer human and they act less rational than animals there human beings trapped inside there own bodies unable to control themselves they would even kill there whole family and no longer care…I don't care what Orochimaru-sama says something needs to be done."

(eight hours later several miles away)

He's been running for what felt like days he needed to get to konoha to tell them what Orochimaru has been doing and figure out what he has done to him.

"As soon as i get back to konoha i am so dead, either by Tsunade-sama for failing the mission or Anko for not taking a chance at assassinating that bastard Orochimaru." the escaping ninja could only grimace at what they would do to him. The chuckles seemed to have the effect of numbing the pain all over his body but not by much.

As he jumped from branch to branch his eyes fell on a familiar sight. He was glad to see the Hokage monument in the distance picking up pace he finally came to the south gates the two guards at the gate looked on at the approaching ninja with wide eyes suddenly before the man could greet them he felt dizzy his head was spinning and their bodies and faces became distorted and fuzzy till he finally began to feel the effect his long restless trek had put on his body, he collapsed forward till his face hit the ground hard the high level of adrenaline faded from his being till he was motionless on the ground. Surprised, the two guards approached coshisley one of them bent down to check his pulse.

"I-is he dead." says the guard waiting for his friend with his answer.

"He's still alive. I'll stay here, you go get some medics down here now and tell lady Hokage we found Kakashi Hatake."

(training ground 7)

Ever since Kakashi's disappearance last week naruto has been training rigorously in trying to use what he learned about elemental chakra manipulation from the late Azuma Sarutobi, even with the shadow clone short cut Kakashi showed him weeks before they killed the two akatsuki members Hidan and Kakuzu, things were progressing slowly even after creating the Futon: Rasenshuriken with his friends support although he had to admit maybe Sakura's "special medical healing balls" slowed down his progress greatly when he was forced to eat it.

"naruto why don't we stop here you won't be able to do much if you don't take a break every now and again, come we'll head to ichirakus, my treat." Said Yamato with a smile on his face.

"ALRIGHT! okay Yamato-Tai Cho I'll just recall my bunshins and we'll go." said naruto unable to control his excitement and returning his temporary captains kindness after recalling his kage Bunshin's, he felt a little light headed but he was used to it by now as it is the result of absorbing so much information and experience at once.

"Okay let's go." said Yamato happy to see Kakashi's student in such high spirits but then it hit him that he just said he would treat the boy and that was a mistake in itself when it came to naruto and a free meal of ramen. He was worried about the boy and said the first thing that came to mind, he may as well kiss his money goodbye.

As they walked to the ramen stand they engaged in conversation with each other telling jokes they heard, missions they had before Yamato was assigned to team 7 as a temp but ultimely the conversation went from casual talk turned to the matter of the still missing Kakashi Hatake.

"So…Yamato-Tai Cho has there been any new news on Kakashi sensei's whereabouts." Said the blond hopeing there would at least be something even a hint he was save would be enough for him.

"I'm sorry naruto," Yamato began "but i haven't heard anything new. We haven't even heard anything from the ANBU that went with him to spy on Orochimaru's newest base but I assure you Tsunade Sama is putting all her efforts into finding him and the others but... if we don't find him soon we may have to assume he's..." Yamato stopped noticing Naruto's depressed facial features remembering he did not like talking about such possibilities and if Sakura was there right now his body would be through the nearest wall courtesy of Sakura's super human enhanced punches.

"That's okay Yamato-Tai Cho. I just have to except that possibility, but if i find out Orochimaru-teme did something to Kakashi sensei, then that snake basterd better hope I never meet him again or ill strangle him with his own tongue, put a ribbon on him and deliver him half dead myself to that crazy snake lady Anko." naruto smiled evilly at what that woman would possible do to the unfortunate snake Sannin while Yamato also had his own ideas one such involved the snake sannin being castrated.

After five minutes of laughing and joking about Anko's means of torture, they eventually came to the Ichiraku's ramen stand where they were greeted by Ayame.

"Hey Ayame Chan where's your old man today I never seen him miss a day before." Said Naruto giving her his trademark foxy grin that made the young girl blush lightly.

"Oh don't worry naruto kun, he just has a mild cold but it takes one sneeze in a ramen bowl and then the whole business is ruined so i told him i would look after the shop until he is feeling better." Said Ayame returning a gentle smile before asking them to sit and give their orders.

"Okay Ayame I'll have 10 bowls of miso ramen five bowls of chicken ramen and five bowls of beef ramen and you can give Yamato Tai Cho the bill." naruto was as happy as a kid in a candy store now having access to free ramen at the expense of Yamato's wallet after hitting his head of the table a few times, he made his order which was one bowl of miso ramen.

Before Naruto could finish thirteenth bowl of ramen and before Yamato could get half way through his first bowl Sakura came running at full speed.

"NARUTO! Naruto hurry we need to get to the hospital its Kakashi-sensei we found him he's injured and in the hospital we need to hurry." said Sakura slightly out of breath but still able to make a clear sentence.

The orange clad ninja looked at her wide eyed that his sensei was back forgetting about the ramen he spoke up "What, no way, we got to hurry…Yamato-tai cho, could you take care of the bill i got to hurry and make sure Kakashi sensei is okay." Naruto quickly jumped of his Stool and followed his pink haired teammate jumping from building from building as fast as they could possible go.

"Wait naruto!...damn, how do I always get myself into these kinds of situations?" Before Yamato could even try to catch up to them he was suddenly stopped by the potent killing intent being emitted from Ayame who was very annoyed Yamato tried to take off without paying her for the 21 bowls of ramen he failed to pay for. He knew he wouldn't be leaving any time soon.

"Sakura-Chan, are you sure about this, are you sure it's Kakashi-sensei." Said an obviously concerned naruto jumping from one building to the next with Sakura to his left.

"I'm sure, I haven't seen him myself, it was actually ino that saw him. She was doing her rounds in the hospital when she saw nurses bringing him to the critical conditions room. I just thought I should find you first then we can go see him together." Said Sakura who was just as concerned for her sensei.

"Why is he in the critical conditions room, is there something wrong with him." Naruto was now starting to fear the worst because as he knew from first hand experience that the critical conditions room was reserved for patients that could only be healed by the most skilled medical ninjas or the current Hokage Tsunade Senju herself.

"Yeah, there is, Ino said that when they rushed past her she saw he was covered in deep wounds but she didn't see anything beyond that." Sakura began to fear more and more for her sensei as they got closer to the hospital.

(Critical conditions room)

Meanwhile at the hospital, the current Hokage was performing a difficult surgery on a heavily bleeding Kakashi Hatake with a few assistants helping her. Using all her medical knowledge she could not begin to fathom what was happening to Kakashi at first she noticed his eyes were heavily dilated almost covering his normally black iris while his Sharingan eye remained unaffected probably because it was not originally his, another thing to note was that his blood was rapidly turning jet black every second, of course Tsunade knew that the colour of blood can be used to check for desises and such, but in all her years she had been a medic ninja she had never come across anything like black blood before.

"Damn it, he's going into shock, Tsunade-Sama we have to do something or were going to lose him." said one of her assistants, trying desperately to close the wounds on his body only to have them to not only refuse to close but forced open new ones.

"T-Tsunade-Sama his heart rate is going crazy, at this rate he is going to die if we don't lower It." yelled the second assistant who was watching the monitors.

"DAMN IT." Tsunade began slamming her fist onto the operation table nearly hitting Kakashi's left arm that rested on his side "I don't understand this. I have tried everything i could think of but nothing is working. Orochimaru that bastard what has he done to you Kakashi." the other assistants froze temporarily feeling the killer intent of there Hokage rising higher and higher as she began to think of all the possible insane experiments Kakashi might have been subjected through.

"Tsunade-Sama we have to hurry his heart rate is rising to dangerous levels, if something is not done soon he..." everyone in the operating room suddenly stopped as they heard a long and load blearing noise. They had despair etched onto their faces as they looked at the monitor to see Kakashi had just flat lined.

"Kami damn it someone turn the defibrillator on we need to restart his heart before we lose him completely." roared Tsunade ordering her two assistants, determined to keep Kakashi alive at all costs rushing to the defibrillator at the side of the operating table.

Immediately it was turned on, applying a conductor gel onto to the light plastic pads the first assistant rubbed the pads together and placed them on Kakashi's bare chest. "CLEAR" Kakashi was shocked by the powerful current, but there was barely a reaction from him there was no change. "CLEAR" At this point Tsunade continued to use her medical ninjutsu quickly moving away before the defibrillator was applied on his chest again. "CLEAR" Once again no reaction from the copycat ninja lying on the slab in the middle of the room, the two assistants now gave up on him but Tsunade was not about to follow their example. Taking the defibrillator from her assistant she immediately pressed it to his chest. "CLEAR DAMN IT" After three more attempts the reality struck Tsunade like a brick to the face. Kakashi Hatake, Konoha's legendary copycat ninja died and was never coming back.

(Konoha hospital stairway)

"Sakura-Chan, what floor is the critical conditions room on?" The blond ninja yelled as he ran up a flight of stairs with Sakura closing in behind him.

"It's on the fourth floor. Just one more up and it should be there at the end of the hall way on our right." Running as fast as she could trying to keep up with her blond team mate, Sakura ran up the stairs, sweat was pouring down her face after the twenty minute sprint to the hospital but her body refused to stand still she had to make sure Kakashi was alright. "Kakashi sensei please be okay." She whispered to herself.

As Naruto reached the top of the stairs he turned to see the room where Kakashi was being operated on he saw Tsunade's assistant Shizune along with Ino and the rest of the Konoha 11 all waiting outside waiting for the news of Kakashi's condition. While everyone talked amongst themselves, only a handful noticed and approached Naruto and Sakura including shizunai, hinata hyuuga, shino abarame, and all of team 10.

"Naruto, Tsunade-Sama has been in the operating room for the past half hour. I'm not sure how much longer she will be." Said Shizune who had worry and distress clear in her voice sensing this Naruto and Sakura grew more worried than before.

"S-Shizune-Senpai is Kakashi-sensei…will he be ok, do you know if his condition has improved?" Said the pink haired apprentice who was now beginning to fear the worst for her sensei.

"I-I'm sorry Sakura," Shizune began with her head down not daring to look at Naruto or sacra in the eyes. "But from a medical standpoint I don't think Kakashi-San has much longer even with Tsunade-Sama working on him. I'm sorry, I know you don't want to hear it, but that's the reality of his situation so I would recommend you two prepare for the worst." The two teammates were quite. Sakura already expected this outcome, but was far from accepting it not after everything there team had been through. First Sasuke abandoned Konoha and now her sensei was dying from injuries that even one of the legendary Sannin could not heal. She tried as hard as she could not to burst into tears while her best friend Ino and her team went to try and comfort her.

"Sakura-Chan are you ok, i-i know this is difficult, but listen we know what it's like to lose a sensei. It's a very a painful experience but..." while trying to make her friend feel better, Ino was suddenly interrupted by a angry Naruto who was not in the best of moods.

"Shut up Ino, you have no idea what you're talking about. Kakashi-Sensei is not going to die, he would never let something like this kill him so easily, so just be quiet when you don't even know anything about him." He shouted as loud as he could. He was just like sakura, he was in denial, the thought of his sensei dying was wrong not after all the amazing things he had done both on and off team 7 just didn't seem right, almost impossible.

"Naruto calm down, your being troublesome." Said Shikamaru in response to Naruto's outburst "Ino's just trying to make Sakura feel better, but you're not making this any easier for her or yourself you're just going to have to except what Shizune-san is saying as the truth she is Thunade-Sama's assistant and her stu..."

"What, she's her student. If she has such great skill and has a high medical proliss in the field of medical ninjutsu then how come she is out here sitting on her ass and not even bothering to care that my sensei is probably fighting for his life in there, while Baa-Chan is doing all she can to help him." Every one present minus a certain few where about to hurt Naruto badly for insulting Shizune like that sure he was worried and even scared but that was no reason to treat her like that. She looked the boy right in the eye, rage clear in her eyes.

"How dare you say that to me? I know you are worried for your sensei, but that is just inexcusable. Before i even heard about this i was on a difficult A-ranked mission that took nearly a whole week to complete. Right now, i am exhausted and barely able to stand so don't you dare say that i don't care because if i even had half my normal strength or chakra i would be in there helping Tsunade-Sama instead of sitting here doing nothing waiting while she is doing everything she can for Kakashi-San helped only by green horn doctors that myself or Sakura-Chan could replace easily." The room went silent as Shizune yelled at Naruto, all eyes fell on him somewhere angry like Shizune's, sympathy like team ten's or worry like Hinata's who said his name lightly while he just looked at his feet on the ground like a child that knew they did something bad.

"i-i sorry, i-i didn't know..." but before Naruto could finish apologising they heard the unmistakeable voice of Tsunade saying only "CLEAR" over and over again. Naruto did not understand what was going on in the sealed room, but anyone who had a hint of medical knowledge would know the female Hokage was trying to revive him though a defibrillator and judging from the sound of her voice and continues use of the word "CLEAR" it was not proving very effective. Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Tenten and Shizune were already in tears while Shino, Shikamaru, Neji, Lee, and Sai stood strong trying not to show negative emotion unfortually Shikamaru and lee weren't as talented as the other two, Naruto and Kiba however were oblivious to what was happening.

Silence took over the waiting room, the only noise was the present women's tears and the beeping of the hearth monitors in the nearby wards. Finally after two minutes, footsteps could be heard getting closer and closer to them the doors then flew open and there was the unmistakeable form of Thunade with plastic gloves covered in a odd black blood, but most people figured it must of been Kakashi's after looking at the blood every one noticed her face her cheeks were bright red while her eyes were bloodshot with two lines of tears flowing freely from her eyes, she honestly looked like she just went through a grinder if her exhausted form was anything to go by Naruto not likening the silence, Tsunade's tears or her blood covered hands walked slowly to her. his eyes wide open unable to grasp the realization of what all these signs meant or more accurately refused to believe what it all meant walked slowly to Tsunade his eyes on the brink of releasing an ocean of tears that were slowly building up.

"Baa-Chan, p-please tell me is Kakashi-Sensei...i-is Kakashi-Sensei okay, p-please…TELL ME NOW." Naruto grabbed the other blonds shoulders and added pressure to his hands, but Tsunade didn't care. "Please H-Hokage-Sama…t-tell me he is alive." Naruto feel to his knees as tears flowed freely from his eyes. The female Hokage was taken back both by not wanting to tell him Kakashi's deceased status so soon, but also that he addressed her properly and didn't call her old which he only did in rare distressful situations. She knew this would be the most difficult thing she would ever have to do but Naruto, Sakura and everyone else present needed to know there was no going around it, so she cleaned herself up and steeled herself as she thought of the many emotions Naruto could take when he finds out the truth.

"I-I'm sorry Naruto," she placed her hand comfortingly on the blonds shoulder. "I tried everything I could think of, but nothing i did would have saved him. Whatever it was that happened to him on that mission he went on…changed him. His biological chemistry was all wrong I'm afraid even if we had more time or a better understanding of what happened to him there would have been no hope...he still would have died." Everyone lowered their heads in that instant Sakura was crying harder now with Ino trying her best to calm her down while holding in her own tears.

"Tsunade-Sama maybe we should go back to your office, we can plan a proper funeral for him there." Shizune said solemnly not even attempting to hide the depression. This news hit her just like everyone present the news of one of Konoha's most famous ninja passing away saddened her, it reminded her just how dangerous this line of work was and prayed she wouldn't be around if Naruto or his friends were not to return from a dangerous mission then later discover they had died on the battlefield.

"Y-Yeah, yeah that's probably for the best, we can plan a proper send-off. Sakura if you okay with it you can say something if you want." Sakura took the tissue she had at her eyes away and after blowing very loud into it she responded as more tears made their way to her eyes.

"O-Okay Thunade-Sama. I'll write something up to say at his funeral what about you naru…" Sakura suddenly stopped dead when she looked to her right hoping to see Naruto, but instead saw empty space, looking around she couldn't find him at all "…Thunade-Sama where did Naruto go." Everyone looked around, only now noticing the blond orange clad ninja's disappearing act while everyone had a curious look on their face only Hinata and Tsunade looked very worried.

"He must be very upset about the news. I think he just needs some time to himself. If any of you see him I think its best just to leave him alone till he comes to terms with Kakashi's death." Tsunade knew that once Naruto loses someone he cares about he becomes absolutely devastated. She wished she could do something but knew nothing she could say or do would make him feel any better. With nothing else to say or do everyone except sakura and Ino left to do their own thing however the sounds of most of the remaining two girls Hinata and tenten crying could be heard long after they had left Tsunade and shizune's in the hospital.

(Ichiraku ramen)

Naruto was already at Ichiraku's on his third bowl of ramen, he knew this wouldn't help to relieve him of the grief that came with his sensei's passing but it was a start since it was too late to start training. Of course to add to his misery there was them the people he protects every day and rewards him with hate filled glares. Every day he wondered if earning there respect to show them he wasn't a monster is all worth fighting for. He could save them all thousands of times over, but they would only see him for what resided inside him. It tore him up inside every time he thought like this.

"Naruto-kun are you okay, you've had that depressed look on your face since you came in and you're only on your third ramen usually you would be on your eight bowl by now." Naruto looked up to see the worried face of Ayame the daughter of the owner of Ichiraku's, Naruto however did not react to her kindness and simple lowered his head back to its former position continueing with his meal, this however annoyed her seeing as though Naruto would normally open up to her with his problems.

"HEY NARUTO! Look at me when I'm talking to you. Come on I don't like seeing you like this, could you at least tell me what's wr…" Ayame stopped suddenly as she noticed tears drop into the blonds ramen, Ayame got the hint and left Naruto alone but it didn't stop her from looking back every so often with a worried look in her eyes.

"Why kami, why do you have me suffer like this. First you curse me by having the fourth Hokage seal the kyuubi into my body then you have everyone in this village glare at me, hurt me, and attempt to kill me every day even on my birthday and now you take away Kakashi sensei and not only him but Asuma sensei as well not even a week ago. I don't understand why I have to suffer so much like this it's so…it's so…unfair…" Naruto balled his fists and to cover his eyes before but tears only came out faster he suddenly stopped dead when he heard cruel snickering behind him and not so much to his surprise he saw villagers noticeing the boy they had hated for years was upset. Naruto ALMOST had the urge to get up from his seat and punch them till they resembled paste, but he restrained himself with just the thought that he would just be proving there accusations true holding his rage in check.

"If you people are done giving the boy dirty looks, you should know he is not in the mood to put up with any of your crap today." Said Ayame noticing the glares the passer-by's were giving the blond only then did they realise the waves of killer intent the young woman was giving them glaring at her they were on their way muttering something along the lines of 'demon lovers'. Smiling Ayame turned back to her work while Naruto just continued to cry. Now she was starting to get worried since Naruto usually would have thanked him for something like that.

"why do I always have to be the one to suffer like this. I have never had one moment of happiness. I've never known my mother, I've never known my father, I have no siblings, no family, I have no one that even cares about me sure there are people that are worried about me like Sakura-Chan or Baa-Chan and Shizune-Chan but i…I just want someone to…to just say…" Naruto lost all focus in his thoughts, he seemed to have calmed downed a bit but that didn't stop him from slamming his fist into the table hard he didn't even sense the presence on his left till she spoke up.

"N-Naruto K-Kun, are you okay. I-I was…w-we were worried about you w-when you just disappeared in the hospital." said Hinata in her usual stuttering but kind tone of voice. Nervously she pulled up a seat next to the orange and black clad ninja much to Ayame's gratitude, hoping a friend his age might be able to help with whatever the boy was going through right now.

"I see…was Sakura-Chan worried about me Hinata." These few words hurt Hinata in so many ways from the emotionless way he said it while not even looking at her to the fact that he didn't seem to care she was worried about him and if only a girl that would never give him the time of day was.

"Y-Yeah…yeah she was a little worried." Said the indigo haired girl, remembering how sakura cried the whole time and how she herself shed tears at the unfortunate news.

"oh…only a little, I see…thanks" he said depressingly to be honest he didn't really he was wondering how this was affecting his teammate but he was so out of it right now he felt he couldn't care for anything anymore.

"N-Naruto-Kun, please say something and put some e-emotion behind it p-please." He didn't respond he didn't feel like talking to anyone right now but despite this the shy girl didn't turn away. "Naruto-kun I-I don't want to see you in an emotional wreak like this. I-I want to talk to the young man I-I…admire. P-Please N-Naruto-kun I-I know you just want to be left alone right now but I can't…I just can't leave you here to feel sorry for yourself. I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I did that, so please talk to me." Hinata sat there staring at Naruto waiting for a response. When none came she stood up to walk away but turned to him once again she felt more calm around him now and did not stutter once "Fine, if that's how you want to be Naruto-kun I'll leave you alone to sort yourself out. I know I have no place to say this but were ninja Naruto-kun. we put our life's on the line everyday never knowing that if we will life to see tomorrow or the people we care about I'm sure Kakashi-Sensei already knew this. I just honestly thought you already knew that when you promised every one you were going to be the Hokage someday." Hinata turned to leave, but was stopped by a hand placed on her wrist, she turned to see Naruto looking at her with bloodshot eyes that still had tears freely flowing down passed down his whisker marked cheeks.

"Hinata wait, c-could you sit down for a while…" Hinata did as she was told and sat once again on the seat she just got off "…your right. If Kakashi-sensei saw me now he would be disappointed in me for the way I was acting, but it still hurts knowing that I'll never be able to talk to him again…Sasuke's left the village, Sakura-Chan hates me, Kakashi-sensei is gone and I have no one…no family…or anything. Everyone in this village still hates me even when I'm clearly suffering and I have no friends that care enough about me." Hinata smiled lightly and more surprise to herself than Naruto she placed her hand on his she could feel herself blush at the contact.

"Naruto kun, I may have a family but even I have family trouble's and wish I did not have to go through it. You have no idea how I envy your independence and these villagers…I may not know why they treat you the way they do but that hate is misplaced if they can't see the amazing person you really are. As for a friend that cares enough about you if you don't mind I would like to be that friend. I care about you Naruto, much more than you think I do." Hinata was surprised that once she finished talking Naruto hugged her as tight as he could. She honestly had never reached this level of red before.

"Thank you Hinata…Chan. Thank you so much. I'm very lucky to have someone as kind and caring as you for a friend." Not even thinking Hinata hugged him back with all her strength. She hugged the man she loved since her time in the academy and she never felt any signs of fainting she prayed to kami nothing would ruin this moment.

(Konoha morgue)

He didn't know where he was. The last thing he recalled was reaching Konoha's gates and shortly passing out when the two guards approached him after that…nothing. he had no dreams and he no longer felt any of the pain that he had felt during his long trek back to the village, Just…nothing.

As he opened his eyes he saw nothing but darkness as well as something cold and metallic touching his back, legs and the bottom of his feet, his body was also freezing cold. His eyes quickly adjusting to the darkness, he realised he was also naked without a layer of clothing on him. Forgetting that for now, he tried to kick at the metal touching his toes, but wherever he was now it was a small cramped space. Raising his hands over his head he felt more metal and kicked harder putting more chakra into it. After several minutes of kicking it bent off its hinges and was sent flying across the room as a ray of light reached his eyes. Kakashi groaned loudly and quickly shielded them like his had a nasty hang over suddenly voices could be heard nearby.

"Come on Ryo-Kun, I heard a sound in the morgue." Said a female voice.

"Yeah right Kari-Chan, your just using this as an excuse to get off guard duty again…like always." The man named Ryo sighed and followed his fellow Chunin friend.

As the voices drew ever closer the silver haired Jonin slowly climbed out of where ever the hell he was. Getting to his feet and feeling light headed, he tried his best to look around, but was halted by the light that illuminated the room, if he wanted to know where he was he was going to need a pair of sunglasses first.

The two ninja walked past the double doors and into the morgue, but were surprised by what they saw.

"Who the hell are you." demanded Ryo as he drew two kunai's from his holster and held one in each hand unaffected by the man's naked appearance he continued. "'drop the henge and give up now." His voice to Kakashi banged in his head each word felt like a drum went off in each ear, but he still understood them and tried to reason with them.

"I-It's…its ok. My name is…K-Kakashi Hatake, I'm a Jonin of Konoha. W-Were am I." His mind felt like mush and was barely able to make that one straight sentence.

"That is total bullshit, Kakashi Hatake died not even two hours ago after Hokage-Sama tried to revive him in the hospital." Said Kari as she drew a kunai just like her teammate and unaffected by the henge's odd nude form. "Put your hands up right now." Kakashi did as he was told, not wanting to give them a reason to attack him. "Ryo-Kun, restrain him so we can bring him to Hokage-Sama."

Nodding understandingly, Ryo moved closer to Kakashi, but was a little hesitant, even though he thought the man in front of him was using a henge he still didn't want to be near him, regardless he got behind the man and held his arms together. "Ok, come on, move it."

Kakashi still dizzy and suddenly feeling really hungry of all things tried to reason with the male Chunin "Y-You're making a mistake…l-let me go." The man just laughed at the intruder's performance.

"Hah, yeah right, I'm not falling for such a…" Ryo stopped suddenly as he heard a loud growl coming from the restrained intruder then whiteout warning he began to shake violently and buckle about.

The female Chunin looked in horror as the man's jaw unhinged at an inhuman level, she could hear it stretch with a disgusting, stomach turning noise. Even more freighting was how his teeth popped out of his mouth like deadly projectiles, damaging the tiled walls and floors with a river of black blood following close behind. Throwing Ryo across the room with super human strength, he fell to his knees in agony as new teeth emerged from his gums. They were each as long as fingers and razor sharp enough to pierce flesh easily, a line of black blood went down nearly all of them. Kakashi slowly looked up at the stunned Kari with both his Sharingan eye and his right eye that was now pure black in colour. Slowly he turned around to face a now standing Ryo as he felt a kunai pierce his shoulder.

Kakashi stared at the man as he stood in place with a noticeable limp, coughing up blood the man spoke. "G-Get away from her you freak, come-on I'm your opponent." He threw his second kunai at the monster stomach earning a direct hit he turned to his teammate shouting as loud as he can. "DAMN IT KARI-CHAN, RUN NOW…" The man was quickly silenced however as Kakashi's new sharp teeth pierced his flak jacket like it was paper and dug into his shoulder taking a noticeable chunk out of him. Taking a few steps backwards he finally fell on his back dead with squirts of blood still gushing out of him.

Kari looked at her dead friend in shock she was almost going to fall to her knees till she caught herself seeing the beast turn to her, she gazed on horrified as the monster gulped the fresh human meat with a huge bulge in his throat. Overwhelmed with anger she took out all her kunai, one between each finger and aimed for the huge target that was his neck. As Kakashi finished his meal the kunai's hit him hard, two went passed his head, two went into his neck while the rest stuck out of his chest. Looking down at them, he smiled darkly as he felt nothing, slowly looking up to glare at the girl he uttered only a single word that sounded darker and somehow distorted. "hunger."

With blinding speed, Kakashi ran up to and punched Kari in the stomach, sending her into a tiled wall. Throwing up the contents of her stomach, she looked up with hazy eyes only to be thrown from her flak jacket to the wall on the opposite side of the room leaving a noticeable crater on the wall. She pulled herself out only to fall beside her dead teammate or at least she thought he was as he somehow found the strength to get up just as Kakashi was standing above her with drops of his blood falling onto her face.

Knowing she was going to die, she just hoped she could live long enough to see Ryo kill that freak. Seeing him come up behind Kakashi he drew a kunai and held it over head. Kari coughed up blood as she quietly said her, what she knew would probably be her last words "D-Do it Ryo-Kun, f-finish him, please." The blade came down held tightly in Ryo's hand but it did not aim for Kakashi's head, instead it was aimed at his dying teammate's neck.

Feeling the blade pierce her neck, Kari's vision got hazy with tears of betrayal, she never even saw his eyes turn pure black before she dyed believing her teammate and lover killed her without a second thought, all she saw before departing was a dark sick smile.

Dropping the kunai in his hand and pulling out the one in his teammates neck, Ryo dug right in as Kakashi ripped her right leg off with his enhanced strength and ate it like it was a sandwich. Just as Ryo pulled back from Kari's neck he licked his bloody lips as he spoke in a voice that was a distorted version of his own. "feed…need…more…meat…hungry."

Kakashi looked to his fellow monster and smiled. "more food…close…" He pulled off an arm as he got up and walked to the morgues entrance as he heard more footsteps and voices approaching them. His smile growing wider, he turned to Ryo who pulled off an arm and breaking off fingers. "come…lets feed."

Konoha had no idea the horror that was going to come of this night or the lose that was to ultimately follow, but what they would soon discover is that they had a new enemy, the village was in its worst crisis in recorded history and if they were unfortunate enough they could join the ranks of Konoha's downfall.

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