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Rotting leaf chapter 2: turning

"Kami damn it! Someone stop those things!" Said a Chunin med ninja as he put pressure on an injured Jonin's neck after he had been bitten by one of those creatures that used to be human. Taking his eyes of the injured man, he looked out at the chaos that was happening in the hallway.

All present Chunin and Jonin fought as hard as they could, but inside the hospital extreme measures such as jutsu or explosive kunai were out of the question and it would remain that way as long as there were still injured patients in the nearby wards. Currently, they were providing support as the staff evacuated the hospital, but these things were to strong. They moved as fast as the ninja they had taken over and then some and no matter what happened whether it was a Punch to the stomach, a broken limb or even a kunai through their heart they just kept coming at the ninja shaking off their injuries like a minor annoyance.

After sometime, they discovered that removing the monsters heads or even score a clean hit with a kunai, the creatures will stay dead. However, this was easier said than done since once these undead beings discovered their own weakness and realized they weren't immortal. They used there ninja ability's to their best potential to avoid the oncoming weapons as best they could. However, there leader was not intimidated one bit.

"OH MY KAMI! WHAT IS THAT THI…" Said the med ninja as the patient he was helping tore out his throat with his powerful jaw and continued to dig in on his now dead body.

A nearby Jonin saw this and attempted to help the ninja, but he was stopped short as a hand wrapped around his neck stopping him in his tracks by the very creature the man had screamed at before. Turning his head painfully to the right he came face to face with a horrible monster that was once the deceased Kakashi Hatake.

While he still had a human-ish form, he certainly didn't look it. He sported a Jonin outfit that fitted like his old one and a Jonin vest thanks to a generious ninja that had a fist launched through his stomach, impaling him on his arm. The large hole and blood still remained as Kakashi stole his clothes he also did not wear a headband anymore revealing his Sharingan eye for all to see. His hair was also longer now thanks to his transformation as it now went down to the length of his shoulders while the top of his head kept the same style the rest spiked out downwards, spikes of hair also fell over his forehead thanks to the lack of a forehead protector…that, however, is where his human features ended.

Since he no longer wore a mask to hide his face, his new enlarged and sharp teeth could clearly be seen with blood and human flesh stuck in between them. Another noticeable feature to his inhuman appearance, was that he now had a tail nearly twice the size of his arms coming out just above his backside at the end of it it had a tip and three spikes just like the spikes.

"wh-what…are you." Said the captive man, looking straight into Kakashi's completely black eye the monster whoever seemed to grin at the question.

"I don't know…but I know what you are." Moving the man's head towards him, Kakashi opened his unhinged mouth. The ninja screamed as loud as he could when he could literally see down the copy ninja's throat. Closing his jaw, the man was decapitated in his mouth. Without even chewing, Kakashi swallowed the man's head, leaving a bloated lump in his throat for a few moments before it finally went down. Turning to face his next victim, the creature licked his lips then pounced.

"Damn it! We can't stop them! Someone send word to the Hokage-Sama we need reinforcements to stop this…disease!" Shouted the commanding Jonin on the scene, as he was locked kunai to kunai with one of the dead beings that was once his friend.

"right sir, I'll be back as soon as I can." Said his Chunin subordinate. Running down the hall to the exit and towards the hokage's office, he thought the same thing as everyone else that was currently in battle with these formidable creatures. "kami help us."

(hokage's office)

Tsunade leaned back onto her comfortable chair and looked at the large pile of documents that needed her signature. She sighed audible as she glanced to Shizune who was still depressed over Kakashi's passing, holding her head low. In her arms there pet pig ton ton mimicked the depressed girl. The blond had told her so many times to just go home and get some rest maybe take a week or so off, but the girl was smarter than that, she knew that once her watchful eye left Tsunade the blond Hokage would drown her depression with the sake stored in her desk. That may had been true, but she needed a break of some form and so struck up conversation.

"Did Sakura and Ino take the news well? I didn't have enough time to stick around because of the paper work." she asked not taking her eyes off her work.

Shizune was silent for a moment, remembering how Sakura cried into her chest not two hours ago while she and Ino tried to comfort her in her time of need. Shizune cursed herself so many times before they finally got her away from the hospital and brought her safely home she didn't even want to see Kakashi's body out of fear she would never stop crying.

Shizune raised her head when she realised Tsunade was looking at her and waiting for an answer. "She…took it…pretty hard Tsunade-Sama. She wouldn't stop blaming herself for Kakashi's death and kept saying she's as useless now as she was when Sasuke left two years ago."

The blond closed her eyes and rested her head on folded hands as she tended to do whenever she was in a difficult situation. She really wanted to help her student but she knew she couldn't not with the duty's that came with being the Hokage. She chuckled suddenly to herself as she thought Shizune, by now, was more a sensei to Sakura than she was.

The assistants head once again faced the ground beneath her as her voice became more quite than before. "Its…very hard to believe these past few weeks. First there was Asuma-san being struck down by the Akatsuki then Kurenai-san retired from active ninja duty's till her child is born and now Kakashi-san is gone…in less than three weeks our three best Jonin have died or been temporarily been taken from active du…" Hearing a jug hit the Hokage's table she looked up slowly to see Tsunade was pouring out two glasses of sake for them.

Shizune tried to give the blond a hard glare, but nothing came. "Come take a seat and have a drink, it'll help." She said with a smile on her face.

As the dark haired girl took a chair and sat at her friend's side a smile somehow made its way on her lips. "Where were you hiding this? I thought I cleaned out your desk yesterday." The blond chuckled at the question.

"Like I'm going to tell you." She smiled as she poured hers and Shizune's small glass half full, she then raised her glass in toast. "To Kakashi Hatake…a fine shinobi and the sensei of Konoha's future Hokage."

Shizune's smile grew a little bigger. "To Kakashi Hatake, may he rest in peace." Both girls gently hit the rim of their glasses together and drank the contents of them, but no sooner did they place them back on the desk for a refill did a Chunin burst into the office looking out of breath. Tsunade was about to sit up and demand what was going on till he spoke very franticly.

"H-Hokage-Sama, Shizune-san you have to come back to the hospital. Its k-Kakashi Hatake something's happened to him…" This got both girls attention. "H-He has somehow come back to life and gone on a rampage in the hospital and I don't know how it's possible, but he seems to be infecting others with the same symptoms." Both looked at him suspiciously looking for even a hint that this was a lie, but the man despite his exhausted state, was honestly telling them the truth Tsunade quickly rushed to the door with her assistant and gave them their orders.

"Shizune," Said woman stood at attention. "Inform the clans to keep all member's that are lower than Jonin to stay indoors and if you see any Jonin or ANBU on the streets tell them to hurry there asses to the hospital." Shizune nodded and ran off a head towards the exit. the blond then faced the Chunin "You…take me there and inform me of anything else you know."

The man bowed and spoke quietly. "Yes Hokage-Sama." He then ran off towards the hospital with Tsunade close behind him.

Running to the hospital at full speed, Tsunade demanded answers from the man. "So what exactly happened? How did this all start?"

The man looked at the ground. He knew how it started as he was one of the first to meet the monstrous Kakashi and saw his friends and teammates become the first ones to change. He looked back at Tsunade with a serious look and answered her. "It all started when me and my team were working our rounds near the morgue we heard someone screaming in agony and immediately three teams were sent to investigate by my commanding Jonin, but as soon as we arrived we only saw a single body on the middle of the floor, its limbs looked like they were pulled off but there were no other body parts anywhere…" the man stopped talking as the images of what happed flashed through his mind clearly.

"Are you all right?" asked Tsunade showing some concern for the man.

"Y-Yeah, I'm all right Hokage-Sama, thank you for your concern." He said, suddenly snapping out of it. "A-Anyway, as we walked closer to the body to investigate it further we were ambushed by a fellow ninja that was patrolling near there named Ryo Asura, but he was different his eyes were completely black and he had a chunk of his shoulder missing. Before we could even question his appearance, Kakashi hatake came up behind us. He quickly defeated the first team in the confusion. We tried to stop them but no matter how many kunai we put in them they just kept coming."

"Was Kakashi's appearance different as well?" asked the blond becoming very curious about everything that was happening at the hospital

"yeah," he began "his normal eye was completely black as well as the sclera of his sharangan eye, but that wasn't all when we got there his jaw was unhinged and his teeth were…I don't know how to explain it they were much longer and sharper than an average humans and they had blood and pieces of flesh in between them." He shivered as he remembered the first time he saw them, it sent a chill like he never felt before run up his spine.

She lowered her eyes to the ground wondering what could cause such behaviour and dramatic transformation especially in someone like the silver haired Jonin. As they ran through the hospital entrance and through reception Tsunade finally gave him a response. "I see…that's all very odd."

The Chunin nodded. "Yeah it is. No one knows what the hell is going on. Me and a fellow teammate escaped the morgue and reported to our commanding Jonin, but he didn't believe us at first, but once Kakashi and those other things broke through…" He was quickly interrupted by the Hokage's surprised voice.

"Other things." She said interrupting the man. "I thought you said ryo was the only one with him."

The Chunin clenched his fists in anger. "He was…at first, but once they broke through more of them where there and they were part of the team I was sent with…I-I don't know what he did Hokage-Sama, but somehow they were revived with the same black eyes and had bite marks on their arms, shoulders, legs then went and attacked anyone in front of them."

They were both silent as they ran up the stairs to the third floor where the morgue was located. They could already hear the screams of the innocent civilians and ninja being slaughtered by the unknown force. Turning the final corner they were horrified to see ninja's and doctor's in scrubs all being held down and either eaten till nothing was left or were having different parts of their body's bitten into by the undead creatures until there cries ceased and lay dead on the floor in a pool of blood only to get back up moments later and show the same symptom's as the infected.

"My kami." The blond Hokage said clearly disturbed something like this was happening before her.

"Hokage-Sama!…" Said a Jonin as he and several Chunin and some Genin appeared before her. "…thank kami you're here Hokage-Sama. The situation has gotten seriously out of hand these…things are everywhere and are quickly overwhelming us, if nothing is done soon this disease will spread across the whole village."

"And that's exactly what we're going to prevent. I have already sent Shizune to gather as many Jonin and ANBU as she could find, she should be here in a few minutes so it's our job to stop this thing from spreading further. If this gets any worse it won't just be Konoha that's doomed, but all the elemental countries could be in trouble if we don't do something now." all the current ninja yelled in support at their Hokage's speech and walked to the front lines. "All of you hold back, I'll take care of these things." At that the ninja's quieted down as the creatures looked at the blond with a look of hunger in their eyes.

One of the undead ninja's attempted to charge and make a meal of the busty woman, however, he was thwarted as a fist with titanic force behind it, separated his head from his body, sending it into the stomach of a nearby zombie behind him and knocking him down. Three of the creatures saw this and rushed the blond. The one in the middle ran right at her in an attempt to distract her while the two on the side jumped at her hoping to sink their teeth in her flesh and have her join their ranks. With a smirk, Tsunade quickly did a 360 back hander to the one in front of her knocking him into a wall with the force of a sledgehammer then grabbed the two descending ninja's necks and bashed their heads together easily crushing them and splashing black blood along the halls walls.

"H-Hokage-Sama is amazing!" one of the Genin cheered as he and the others watched the blond woman decimate the undead ninja with her chakra powered fists. One more creatures head went flying after the Hokage sent a spinning kick its way. As its body fell to the ground a dark growl could be heard looking for the source. Tsunade bit her lip lightly when she found it and that the information she was told proved to be true.

"Ah good evening Hokage-Sama." Tsunade looked straight ahead down the halls and standing before her was the drastically changed Kakashi Hatake. She balled her fists at the sight of him, she didn't even have to hear his voice to tell her it was one of her former loyal Jonin's. The blond sent him a glare which he brushed off with an unusual smirk that would be unbecoming of Kakashi when he was alive.

"Kakashi what the hell are you doing! why are you doing this to your fellow shinobi and innocent bystanders!" She demanded of the silver haired monstrosity before her, however, Kakashi wasn't intimidated in the slightest by it and gave the blond one of his trademark eye smiles, but with his bloody teeth and his Sharingan keeping its eye locked on the busty woman, it failed to mean what it once did.

He opened his eye and dropped his smile. "Why am I doing this, simple. It's because I what to. Every new person WE turn, I become much more powerful than what I was before, what other reason is there than to become more powerful." The blond glared at Kakashi she had heard similar words like that before, she just didn't expect it to come from someone as noble as him.

"Snap out of it Kakashi!" yelled Tsunade "Are you even listening to yourself! you sound just like Orochimaru! was it him that did this to you?" She asked but the transformed Jonin just shrugged before responding.

"I don't know." He simply said. "And I don't really care, but don't worry once I make a meal of this village and turn those I choose, I'll will pay the hidden sound village a visit with my army of undead ninja and take down that snake bastard…hmmm snake meat sounds pretty yummy…don't you think?" Tsunade's stomach churned as images of Konoha having limbs and body's all in a bloody pool inside the village. As Hokage it was her duty to her people to prevent such a disaster.

"Very well Kakashi, it seems you have made your decision. I just wish there was some way to avoid this." She said solemnly.

The very demonic smile once again, made its way to the monsters face. "Enough talk Hokage-Sama, let's just get this over with." Pointing his right palm towards the ground, he wrapped his left hand over his wrist, building up his chakra. Arks of lightning surrounded him and his palm as it was so intense his chakra became visible to the naked eye, however, it was not Kakashi's usual blue chakra, it was instead a purplish black, the lightning arks were also a deep black "Raikiri!" He yelled.

"Damn it, just what the hell is happening to him?" Before she could give it further thought, Kakashi rushed at her with the thunder element chakra literally pulsing in his hand. She set up a guard stance ready to intercept the attack, but Kakashi covered half the hallway to his target in no time at all, but before he could take a step further a loud voice was heard by everyone present and it was one voice that made the monster Kakashi grimace.

"DYNAMIC ENTRY!" From the window on Tsunade's left, Might Guy broke through sending shards everywhere and successfully intercepting his rival Kakashi with a powerful kick in the face that sent him through four walls. Turning to the Hokage Guy gave her his nice guy pose. "Hokage-Sama, we heard from Shizune that there was an emergency at the hospital. So…where is it." Nearly everyone sweat dropped knowing guy had just attacked the disturbance and not realise it.

"Hokage-Sama, I apologise for my sensei's ignorance." Said the familiar, calm voice of Neji Hyuuga, coming up from behind the green clad Jonin. "As soon as he heard there was a disturbance here from Shizune-san he ran off without being properly briefed by her."

"It's all right Neji it doesn't matter is there anyone else on their way." The young Hyuuga activated his bloodline.

"Byakugan" he nodded seeing them clearly "Yes, Shizune-san has made contact with Anko Mitarashi and Ibiki Morino as well as more Jonin's and several ANBU units. They should be here within a few minutes." He then quickly turned off his bloodline.

The blond Hokage quickly nodded at the news. "All right listen you two…" both jonin instantly stood at attention hearing there Hokage's strict voice "…I don't know how this all started, but somehow Kakashi Hatake has come back to life and is turning his fellow ninja into some kind zombie creatures." Guy's eyes instantly got serious at hearing the reason they had been ordered here.

"Kakashi, but…why? Where is he anyway? I don't see him." The green clad Jonin nearly shouted looking for his former comrade, even standing on his toes to look over the hoard of undead ninja in an attempt to find him.

The Hokage sighed as she pointed to the open hole the demonic Jonin was kicked through. "He's through the…GET DOWN!" Pulling onto the scruff of Neji's and Guy's clothes, she pulled them back just as a colossal fireball shoot through making the holes nearly twice the size they were moments ago and blowing a huge hole into the side of the building.

Stepping from the hole without even a hint of exhaustion, Kakashi looked at the downed hokage and Jonin's as they slowly got back up and faced him.

Damn, I missed, No matter." He turned his head to his fellow possessed ninja while keeping his Sharingan eye on his opponent's. "All of you get going now while there's an opening. Make a meal out of your old village." There were cheers in the undead ranks as they fled through the open hole in the side of the hospital thanks to the silver haired Jonin.

"Not so fast." Shouted an unknown Jonin, as he and his friend attempted to stop the beasts from attacking their loved ones and friends, however, they were only rewarded with Kakashi's two fists piercing through their stomachs with a vicious ease that unnerved anyone Chunin or lower and most of the Jonin's.

Throwing the bodies aside without a care in the world, he faced his former comrades with a demonic look in his eyes and a toothy grin to convince them further he was not the man they had once known. "Now that they're gone we can begin. I'm sure I can take all challenger's present with my new found power." The Hokage was quickly beginning to hate the man's new arrogance. She turned to Neji who was glaring at the Jonin with his now active Byakugan.

"Neji I need you to take these ninja and stop those things. We can't let this disease spread any further than what it has."

"Yes Hokage-Sama." Nodding at the order, Neji, followed by his fellow ninja, ran for the hole just as the other two Jonin before them did and just as before Kakashi came before them ready to stop them in whatever gruesome way he could think of. Forming a fist he launched it at the young Hyuuga's head, but thankfully he was quickly stopped by a powerful kick courtesy of Guy. The attack itself was strong enough to send him through even more hospital walls than last time. Silently thanking his usually odd-ball Jonin, Neji continued on through as Guy got in a ready stance with Tsunade by his side.

Looking at the hole, waiting for any signs of Kakashi, she addressed the lone Chunin next to her. "Guy, Kakashi is way more powerful than he was before. I would suggest you unlock some of the Eight Gates to help even the playing field." The bowl cut man nodded agreeing with her. After seeing what the man could do that was probably the best course of action.

"Alright I'll do it Hokage-Sama, but I need you to distract him for me. I'll go as far as the fourth gate then catch up…about five minutes and I should be ready." Looking through the holes, Guy saw his rival emerge from the rubble and dusting himself off like the hit meant nothing.

Tsunade glared at him and wondered just how much this battle would escalate. "Guy were going to need a change of scenery or else more people are going to get involved and hurt…any ideas."

Guy nodded in agreement. "I think that's for the best Hokage-Sama." He was quite for a moment, as he thought of a place where they had enough room to fight him without anyone getting in there way. "Hokage-Sama what about the forest of death it's nearby and plenty of space."

Tsunade cracked her knuckles and smiled at the idea "Alright I'll knock him right there. Be sure to hurry up Gai." The Hokage rushed forward towards Kakashi at supersonic speeds, before Kakashi could even begin to defend himself, a fist berried itself into his stomach. The powerful haymaker sent him flying upwards right through the floors of multiple floors then finally the roof itself heading towards the desired forest to dispose of the Jonin.

"Damn it, she's not holding back an inch. I should have expected as much from her." As he flew through the air, Kakashi looked down at the streets of his former home. From his current position, he could hear the sound of men and woman screaming in fear. It rang through his ears. A smile formed on his lips as he saw turned ninja's and civilians attack there friends, parents, lovers, or children or whatever they were to them it did not matter anymore. An even darker smile formed on his lips since he knew this was just the beginning.

Remembering he was still in a life or death fight, he looked around him as he slowly descended to the forest of death, but he didn't have to look far as the villages Hokage came down on him with an outstretched leg, bringing it down with a large amount of chakra concentrated into her heel. She hit his stomach with a devastating force that made the Jonin cough up black blood as he hit the ground at a fast speed, creating a sizeable crater filled with destroyed trees and a downed Kakashi flat on his back half buried in rubble.

Landing safely inside the crater, the blond walked forwards calmly. As she expected, Kakashi slowly got up not dead yet but surely near his limit if the hanging left arm and dislocated shoulder was any indication, but that didn't last long as Kakashi raised his working hand onto his injured arm and painfully popped it back into its proper working position. With a grunt he stared down the woman that had just caused him so much pain.

"Well done, Hokage-Sama. I honestly did not expect anything less from someone of your calibre, but you should give up now, you're no match for someone like me." He gave her a toothy smile just to prove his point, but the old blond just glared at the silver haired man.

"Are you really Kakashi Hatake, one of Konoha's best and most honourable ninja that learned over one-thousand jutsu? Or are you just some monster controlling him." The beast seemed to smile at the question then it expanded from ear to ear until finally he was in a fit of laughter with his back ached back. However, he wasn't laughing for very long as an angry Tsunade closed the distance between them and punched him in his face, sending him flying across the crater. He got up slowly still smiling and chuckling lightly at the woman. Still glaring, she cracked her knuckles ready for another shot at that face of his.

"Oh…I assure you, Hokage-Sama. I AM Kakashi Hatake!" He said finally "I remember my father, Sakumo Hatake, committing suicide because he saved his teammates and abandoned his mission! I remember the day I first took on team 7, trained Sasuke Uchiha how to use the chidori, fighting Itachi Uchiha, fighting the Akatsuki member Kakuzu and everything after that!" Yelled Kakashi as he got up off the ground and wiped away a line of black blood that was traveling down his face, with his sleeve.

"Then tell me why you're doing this. If you are really Kakashi Hatake then I should, as well as nearly everyone in the village should know, you would never do these kinds of things, especially eat his own fellow ninja and turning them into the abominations of a mad man!" she yelled back at him.

"So were abominations are we." he chuckled in mock surprise. Tsunade could not stand it. Yet, she held herself back and let him continue. "WE are the future of the shinobi world Hokage-Sama. Once we are done turning everyone in Konoha we will spread across the elemental countries. Fire, water, earth, wind, and lightning they will all fall and change with us and have me as the single source of leadership and power!" He looked on for a reaction from the Hokage but was only giving a glare that was stronger than ever.

"That bullshit sounds familiar Hatake. You sure Orochimaru didn't put a little of himself in you while he was experimenting on you?" The beast smiled at the accusation, but he could only nod thinking she was probably right about that.

"Maybe he did or maybe he didn't. I don't really care." Surprising the blond, the monstrous Kakashi closed the distance between them at a fast speed connecting his fist with her face sending her a good distance from the crater and into a number of trees. She quickly sat up and spited some blood on the ground as she watched Kakashi slowly approach her.

"This is bad, he's way stronger than he was before. It looks like I really am going to need Guy to finish him off. I really don't want to risk releasing the yin seal just yet, so I'll have to fight as best I can for now." Before she could think any further, the monster Kakashi rushed her with a fist stretched out aiming for the fifth's stomach, but missed its intended target as the blond woman sidestepped out of the way and delivered her own round house kick to the man's head sending him crashing into a line of several tree's.

Running to him in the hopes of finishing him while he was down, she was suddenly stopped as a bright light flashed from Kakashi's direction and his voice echoed in the forest. "Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu." Finishing the hand seals, he made a ring in front of his mouth with his thumb and index finger and blew the chakra he converted to fire within him firing it in the shape of a titanic sized flaming sphere. Reacting quickly, Tsunade ran to her left and rolled out of the way just as the fireball passed, but it managed to connect with her right arm, burning it and making the blond scream in pain. She quickly raiseed her working hand to her chest and did a single hand sign.

"I-I must hurry." She quickly thought. "Suiton: Mouth Turret no Jutsu." From her mouth came water like she was a human hose and sprayed it over her burning arm. She winched once the water made contact with her burned skin, even lowering the velocity seemed to do nothing, but she bore with it till the flame was extinguished.

She examined her arm quickly. Third degree burns all over her hand and half way up to her elbow while her elbow itself had first to second degree burns. Tsunade winched in pain when she tried to move it, her arm was practically useless, it hurt to even attempt to move her fingers, she could of course heal it to a more stable level, but she doubted Kakashi would give her the half an hour she needed, plus she would have to stand still to fix it anyway. She may be a great medic, but dodging fireballs and healing yourself was still dangerous and would probably do more harm than good. It looked like she had to rely on her chakra enhanced strength and her working limbs if she expected to get out of this alive.

"T-That was close, I probably would have been a goner if I hadn't gotten out of the way." She turned back to the fireball and watched it continue its destructive path, it continued for more than half a mile completely disintegrating all that stood before it and scorched the ground. The one attack destroyed 1/10 of the forests trees as well as a portion of the field outside.

Kakashi also looked at the attack in surprise. "That was way more powerful than the one I used in the hospital…looks like the others are already getting to work." Tsunade glared at the man hatefully as her burned arm hung limp at her side.

"What the hell are you talking about Kakashi?" She balled her fists angrily as she stared the silver haired man down.

"Simple…for every person we turn we get stronger, weather its civilian or ninja we will become stronger and destroy this weak village." He smirked menacingly with his large maw.

"You are completely mad on power Kakashi, you're no better than Orochimaru now!" She yelled, she no longer cared who this man was anymore, he was a threat to the leaf village and a threat to everyone she held dear and people who were a threat to everyone she held dear tend to die horrible, the monstrous Kakashi would be no exception. She infused her chakra into her fists increasing her physical strength by an accurate estimate of times five what she was using already.

"I no longer care what you think of me Hokage-Sama or anyone else of that matter." He moved his palm and had it facing the ground as he places his other hand on his wrist and charged lightning element chakra into the palm. The sound of raging electricity could be heard as arks of black lightning could be seen with the naked eye somehow, dancing up and down his whole arm. This new version was way more powerful than the one he used in the hospital.

Tsunade was frozen, she had never once acted like this in any battle before, except in that battle with Orochimaru and Kabuto two years ago, but that was because of her old fear of blood she had somewhat conquered, but this was different, she had never seen chakra like this before, not even Sasuke uchiha's curse mark had chakra like this, if anything it seemed to be many levels beyond even that, and it scared her, the pure intensity scared her to her core. She only hoped the other infected weren't displaying the same level of power the sharangan using shinobi was or else the village may be doomed.

"Now I will destroy you, and then the leaf village!" Yelled the turned Kakashi, as he rushed forward towards the busty Hokage with the intense black lightning arcing from his hand, and striking the ground below his palm, he looked up at Tsunade with an intension clear in his eyes. Tsunade quickly recovered from her stunned state, and cursed herself for such a disgraceful display then prepared to defend herself, however she was saved by a super-fast green blur that rushed past her, and kicked the silver haired ninja in the head sending crashing through several trees. She allowed herself a chuckle at sight since something similar happening not even ten minutes ago.

"Took you long enough Gai." she complained with a smile on her face.

The green clad ninja turned to her, and smiled then gave her the "good guy" pose with his now dark red skin colour, and green glow that covered his body. "I'm sorry Hokage-Sama, it took me longer than I anticipated to unlock the forth gate but I'm here now." He looked at the condition of her arm, and turned around, his tone of voice more serious "Is he…really that strong now." she nodded, much to the bowl cuts man's despair.

"He is. He did this much damage with just one fireball. He is way more powerful than before, and his taijutsu is bound to be much more powerful as well." she explained, then fell to one knee as the blinding pain in her arm began to hit her in all its intensity.

Gai turned his head and faced his eternal rival although he continued conversation with the wounded Hokage. "Hokage-Sama, perhaps you should rest and heal yourself, you won't be able to defend yourself like that." Tsunade growled at that, but she knew the oddly dressed Jonin was right there was no way she could fight with one arm. It made her incapable of using jutsu, and the pain made it difficult to focus her chakra into her remaining limps to enhance her strength. The feeling of being so helpless left a bitter taste in her mouth. Before she could even agree with the man a voice called out.

"Tsunade-Sama!" came the familiar voice of Tsunade's always faithful secretary Shizune, followed closely behind by Anko Mitarashi and Ibiki Morino as well as a squad of four ANBU led by Yugao Uzuki, wearing the standard animal themed masks. "Tsunade –Sama, its horrible, there everywhere in the village, its spreading like a virus and gotten out of control." Yelled the secretary, making Tsunade for a moment forget her injuries and yell back.

"WHAT! How can this be we should have been able to push back such a small force!" The legendary medic ninja then fell to her knees gripping her arm once again the stress seemed to further degrade her injuries to an unbearable level made even more unbearable because of the wide tootie smirk on the monster kakashi's face.

"Well it's as I explained before Tsunade-Sama, for every person we turn we become stronger. We may have been manageable a few minutes ago, but since it has taken so long for your ninja to mobilise we now outnumber you vastly. There is no longer anything any of you can do to stop us at this point." Once again Kakashi released another spine shivering laugh at his and his small armys victory over Konoha only now there was a much bigger audience it effected even Ibiki and Anko, never before feeling a malice like this before especially from a ninja as established as the former Jonin of the leaf village.

Tsunade growled fiercely which scared Shizune. She turned to the bowl cut Jonin. "Gai, i would hate to do this, but do you think you can take Kakashi on your own." He turned his head to her smiling and nodding.

"Of course Tsunade-Sama, don't worry about me." He said, giving her a thumbs up sigh to further his claim.

She nodded in response then turned to her faithful assistant. "Shizune we must get to the Hokage's complex and announce a meeting place for all survivors. We need a safe place where we can think of our next move." The black haired girl nodded and walked over to her Hokage and placed her good hand over her neck then supported her. The blond turned to the ANBU. "You four come with me too just in case we run into any of these infected while we are making our way there." The team of ANBU nodded and formed a square formation around there village leader with their female leader being the closest to Tsunade.

"Hokage-Sama may we come with you as additional support. If Gai has this many of his eight gates activated it would be best we went with you instead of getting in his way." Came Ibiki's calm and rational voice followed by a nod from Anko even though she wanted to beat the living….or rather undead shit out of Kakashi, but if he managed to take out one of Tsunade's arms and force someone as cautious as Gai to use a technique he only used in life or death situation's, well, that just spoke volumes of how useless she would be to the Jonin in this battle.

Tsunade nodded and the two interrogators formed behind the two ANBU in the back and took off as fast as they could back to the village and hopefully save the lives of whoever remained.

Before going out of sight, Tsunade whispered a few words that only Shizune heard. "Be careful Gai, don't you dare die there." Shizune smiled and picked up the pace.

"Well now, it looks like it's just you and me now Kakashi." Said Gai, as he turned to his eternal rival for what would most likely be there final showdown.

"Seems that way Gai. I do so look forward to killing you and taking you out of my life once and for all." The silver haired monster chuckled then smiled at the green clad man. He knew the eight gates temporarily gave you powers greater than any Kage for a short time this would truly be a test of his full powers.

After a two minute unblinking stare off, there body's vanished and trees collapsed to the ground heralding the beginning of the end of their long rivalry.

(With Tsunade and her group)

The wounded Hokage and her escort eventually made it outside the forest and what they she saw was just as Shizune, ibiki, anko and Yugao moments ago, on their way out of the deadly forest, described. The village was in ruins, fires and dead bodies were everywhere. Men, woman and even defenceless children and animals added to the body count while the undead creatures fed on them as sustenance. The blond had seen many things in her time as an active ninja, but this made her want to throw up the contents of her stomach regardless of who was watching, yet she and her escort pushed forward.

They ran as fast as they could to their destination, the hokage tower, helping anyone in danger they passed, killing more than twenty undead ninja and getting just as many living ninja join their ranks as well as simple civilians that fought back with simple brooms and fallen ninja's bloody kunai's.

The closer they got the sooner they realized the enemy's numbers were getting smaller. Tsunade theorized that since most, if not all the people near the hospital and the Hokage's tower, which it was close to, were the first to be struck, the infected would then, most likely, focus on those that were further outwards towards the city's walls. She had to hurry, for she feared there were some that still did not know what was happening.

After dispatching more dead ninja, they finally reached the top of the building. Once there, Tsunade placed her index and middle finger on her throat and applied a small amount of chakra into it then faced the village. "Attention Konoha, this is a level one directive…" Everyone looked up at her as she announced her message even the undead. "…all surviving ninja and civilians must evacuate to the Namikaze estate immediately and hold your ground there…" She went silent as she thought of a way to say the next thing. "…and…if you see anyone with bite marks on them from these things…kill them!…weather there your pet dog, son, daughter or lover you must kill them or risk being infected yourself and turned into these…things!...as Hokage of Konoha I hereby announce that these things or anyone bitten by them are a traitor of Konoha and MUST be executed immediately." Those words left a bitter taste in her mouth, but it was the truth and it had to be done, had she not had subordinates nearby, she may have released a few tears from her eyes, but now was not the time for that.

"T-Tsunade-Sama, are you alright." Asked Shizune, but all she got was silence for a whole minute until the blond Hokage realised there were orders that still needed to be given.

"Shizune…" Her voice was low but the assistant stood at attention as if the blond just yelled at her. "…bring Anko and a few of those Jonin with you and find Naruto then bring him to the Namikaze estate. He is the only one who can save everyone who's left right now." Shizune nodded and left the tower with Anko as well as a handful of other Jonin leaving behind Tsunade and the rest of their small group of survivors. Tsunade took a moment to look over her destroyed village and wiped her eyes quickly before anyone saw her shed tears.

"Hokage-Sama…" She jumped when she felt the hand on her shoulder, but thankfully it was only Ibiki "…we…should really consider evacuating the leaf village with whatever survivors we can gather." she nodded though it pained her to consider such a thing.

"I know." She finally said after a few long moments. "The Namikaze's have a special bunker and underground tunnel's that stretch out for miles from Konoha, we will be safe once we go through them."

"Hokage-Sama…what about the seals. The Yondaime placed seals on his estate before he went to face the Kyuubi. There is no way we will be able to enter without a blood relative of his." she smiled lightly at that.

"That's exactly why Naruto's the only one that can save us right now."

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