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"Just another ordinary day." said Amu while slumping her bag over her shoulder.

She sighed in relief and looked up the the clouds knowing how clam the days were now that Easter stopped hunting down the Embryo. Amu stopped in her tracks hearing a familiar sound coming from the distance. She smiled turned around and finding a small blue furred cat right at her feet. Disappointed she looked at the cats eyes and saw them sparkle in the sunshine.

"Just how like his eyes would sparkle.." she said. "Hello there." said Amu bending down to pet the cat's soft blue fur. The cat rubbed against her leg purred then meowed. there was a slight breeze that brought her into a flashback.

"Ikuto.."she whispered into the breeze.

Flashback:(right after the huge battle for the embryo)

Amu walked back from the tower happily that Ikuto was alright and that Easter has ended.

"Hey Amu thanks." said Ikuto finally back to his normal self. " thank you for always believing in me." he said with a soft smile.

"No problem, i always believed that the Ikuto that i met was somewhere deep down inside you."

Ikuto then crepped up to Amu"s face slowly and planted his lips on her soft rosy cheeks. Amu blushed madly.

"I-Ikuto?" she said said, but it was too late for a response for he had leapt off into the distance in the dark.

Amu suddenly jumped from the cat was running away and had jumped onto the wall nearby.

"Amu-chi!" yelled a a girl from off the distance. The girl had chestnut hair with big and bright sandy eyes. Next to her there was two other girls. They were both blonds with long hair.

" Still thinking about him Amu?" said the eldest girl with the bright glossy lavender eyes. No response.

"Amu?" she said with a concerned voice.

"He crosses my mind every one in a while..." "Have you heard from him Utau?"

She hesitated. "No.." Amu sighed and continued walking.

The school bell rang and the students took their seats.

"Ohayou, Hinamori-san." said a boy seated right next to her.

"Ohayou, Tadase-kun" said Amu with a smile. Amu always thought Tadase was very charming and sweet. He was shy evey time he would be alone with her and he confess everything to her. Amu thought this was the guy for her but lately she had been thinking about Ikuto and couldn't control her feelings towards him. As for Tadase he would always ask Amu on dates or if they could hang out sometime, but Amu would reject him each and every time. Amu still had some feelings for Tasadse but she can't help loving someone else.

Amu as usual took her window seat and went to Amu's dream land.

The teacher came in clumsily tripping dropping books and papers flying everywhere! Amu stared at him trip and fall rolling her eyes muttering something under her breath. "What a clumsy teacher." As Nikaidou- sensei pick himself up and gathered his things he picked up a particular note that reminded him to announce something to the class.

"Class i have an announcement to make." he said pushing up his glasses as he read the note carefully. "It seems we have a new transfer student today." As the announcement was made the class had put them to the edge of their seats wondering who was this mysterious new student.

"Tadase-kun, you didn't tell me we were having a new student." Amu whispered.

"I didn't know either Hinamori-san."

I wonder who it is? Thought Amu.

Sensei the walked over to the door and slid it open revealing the new student. Though Amu couldn't make out the figure very well because she sat in the back of the room which she loathed. All she could see was a tall young man with midnight blue hair.

Could it be...? No.. it cant...

"Everyone please meet..." said Sensei.

The tall young man spoke stating his name.

"Tsukiyomi Ikuto."

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