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On the night of the dance, Amu stood in front of her mirror, multiple outfits in hand, searching for the perfect attire to wear for her date. Usually it wouldn't take this long since Miki would just draw something out for her and poof, she was ready. Yet ever since their charas disappeared as they grew up, Amu found out that choosing a perfect outfit wasn't easy. Amu had several clothing tossed in her bed, trying to figure out what would look cute. She groaned at such frustration, so she looked at the pile of clothes and smiled to herself. She grabbed what thought would work and rushed to the bathroom. Once she had her outfit together she looked in the mirror and smiled.

"Perfect." she said.

She was wearing a velvet color dress, with her signature belt going across her hips one side drooping down. She had matching thigh high black and velvet socks, also with her leather boots stopping at her lower knees. She also wore a light lilac winter jacket, and to top it off her side ponytail with her red X clips nicely helped to make her outfit complete. When she was about to leave she felt like something was missing. What was it? Amu touched her neck and felt nothing her eyes widened knowing, she wasn't wearing her necklace. She went over to her nightstand and found it was sitting there shining. Amu grabbed it inspecting it thoroughly. She felt scrape marks on the back and scared she might of dropped it and scraped it made her worry. Amu turned the jewel around and found it was engraved. Forever and Always. What does he mean by that? Her thoughts drifted to the day where Ikuto first gave her the necklace, saying those same words when he put it around her neck. Amu couldn't help to smile, she knew Ikuto cared so much about her as she did for him.

She glanced over to the time and without hesitation she stormed out her room for she was going to be late. Amu's parents weren't home so she scribbled a quick note and left. When she arrived she saw that the rides were already on.

"Just like I remember." she whispered.

She watched as many of the rides came to life, all the bright lights twinkling in the night as if thy were bright and colorful stars. Amu walked around the park, memories coming back from when her and Ikuto spent their special moments together in this very same amusement park. There was a bench in the far right of the grounds with something sitting on the bench. As Amu approached it she noticed that they were flowers. Maybe someone left them? Curious, there was a note right next to the flowers, she reached out to grab it but then took her hand away.

"No, I shouldn't, they're probably not for me.." she stated. Even though they were her favorite types of flowers she still couldn't resist. Amu took the note reading it out loud,

Dear Amu, I'm sorry if I am late, Utau wanted me to drive her to the dance. I promise it wont take long, I be there as soon as possible. I got you these flowers as an apology gift, I hope you like them.

- Ikuto

She smiled at how sweet Ikuto had to be to get her the flowers. She sat in the bench looking at how beautiful the scenery was in front of her, the memory of the first time she and Ikuto spent in the tea cups were playing in her head over and over. Amu was happy that she had a guy like Ikuto in her life, he was always so caring, so loving, overall he was just perfect. An hour had passed by and still no sign of Ikuto anywhere. The pinkette stated to worry if he was actually going to show up. An hour soon became two and so on. Amu sat there alone and cold for two hours so Ikuto could stood her up? She started to sob, when she heard the gate of the amusement park screech. Amu look up from her palms hoping it was Iktuo. To her surprise it wasn't him at all, but a nice officer who saw Amu sitting on the bench alone.

"Miss are you waiting for someone?" the man asked

"No, sir." she said through her tears.

"Well its getting kind of late out here for you to be alone. You might want to start heading home."

" You're probably right officer I'll go home." she said and started heading out.

Once she got home Amu ran to her room slamming the door shut behind her she slid down the door cupping her knees to her face.

"Why would he d-do that to m-me." she said choking in her tears.

" That stupid stray cat just loves to tease with me. I hate him!" said Amu as she tore the necklace from her neck and tossed it out of her sight. Amu hated that Ikuto, her Ikuto stood her up like that. Why would he leave her alone like that waiting for almost three hours in the cold. She couldn't even imagine him doing something like that to her yet he didn't care anymore. That night Amu fell asleep drowning in her tears, she was in so much pain that she wished she didn't have to wake up tomorrow and go to school. Tomorrow is going to be painful.