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Transformation of Gunnar Stahl: Part 2

A/N: To understand this one, you need to read the first one.

Summary: Three years after the attack someone else is out for revenge against Gunnar/Scooter.


Three Years. Has it really been that long? Three years since I lost Julie. Three years since she died because of me. I tried to let her go, but stubbornly, she wouldn't let me. Maybe if I had been more forceful, my dad wouldn't have gotten to her. It's been three years and I'm still wondering what I could have done differently.

Could I really have saved her? I don't know. Charlie and the Ducks said I couldn't have. It's hard to believe how supportive they've been of me since Julie's death, especially Adam. I know how much he cared for Julie. He's actually become my best friend over these last few years. He knows what it's like to have an overbearing father and we built our friendship on that. I even convinced him to join me as a member of the Harvard Crimson men's hockey team.

I didn't think I had any chance of landing a scholarship, especially with what went down at Eden Hall. I figured my baggage would be too much for any school to seriously consider me. After all, what school would want a kid whose father was a crazed murderer? When Harvard called Coach Orion, inquiring about me, I jumped at the offer right away. I explained who I really was to them and they were impressed. Apparently, it's not every day you run into someone who can play both forward and goalie at a high level.

My freshman season was impressive enough, playing forward and backup goalie. We made it to the frozen four. Now this year, with Banksie on board, nothing can stop us from a national title.