Hey Guys!

So, for those of you who haven't yet heard (or seen), my new FanFic, When Everything Falls, is now up and running! The first chapter is on the short side, but I just wanted to get you guys into the idea of the story, and where it's going to go from there. I tried to keep some ideas similar to those in the Bloodlines series (minor ideas, don't worry, I'm not violating copyright!) so that it seemed familiar. The story, however, will be nothing alike!

Once again, here's the plot, and below, the URL to connect you to the story.

Thanks! ~Writer0306

When Everything Falls

Set after LS. Follow Rose and Lissa to Lehigh University, live through the struggles of Queen-hood, and swoon over Dimitri and Christian (and possibly some other beloved characters *wink, wink*) once again!

Life for the high-school dropout, high-school reenlister, Strigoi killer, ex-Strigoi lover, Queen-murderer, no-longer-shadow-kissed Rose Hathaway has only gotten harder. For the first time since she can remember, Rose can finally lead a life separate from her charge's. However, as soon as Rose loses her instant connection to Lissa, tons of stress are unloaded onto her friend's shoulders...which fragile Vasilisa doesn't have a good history of handling on her own. With Lissa's psyche taking a hit and a thousand new targets leveled on the new queen's head, even Rose's limits are tested.

But what happens when trouble is closer than anyone realizes? And suddenly everyone is in danger...and not everyone can survive?