(I felt in the mood for somethin' fluffy, so I'll write this little one shot dedicated to the loyal IchigoXSoi-fong,Soifong, Sui Feng, shinlongdigdy ding dong crowd... And excuse me for not UPDATING my IchigoXIsane crack fic, :D you guys REALLY liked that one, so I'll update it when I'm able to, anyway, I've also got to finish up my BlazBlue one shot series, but enough talking! HAVE AT YOU! What Ichigo may and may not do in bed.)

Obviously I DON'T OWN BLEACH, If I did, I'd just pair up Ichigo with Yoruichi and have Chad or maybe Kenpachi punch Kisuke in the dick a whole bunch.

Ichigo yawned tiredly to himself, getting into a small spartan bed, his brown orbs stare at a cold pair of grey," What now?" he asks with a tired sigh, her eyes narrow dangerously, grabbing up Suzumebachi from it's place at her side, Soifon glares at him," Remember Kurosaki. The List."

Rolling his eyes in bemusment, he drawls out a question which has Soifon blast out her impressive Reiatsu," The list? Remind me how it goes again." she huffs darkly to herself, he repeated this question EVERY night before he went to bed, and each time she repeated it; it was a ritual of sorts for the couple, going back to when he was forced to shack up with her by Yoruichi, some circumstances happened, and the two were forced to live together for a time.

"Very well than," she sighs, making him smirk at her, grumbling a little, she repeats herself," You may not cuddle with me, you may not look at the Yoruichi-sama poster I keep on my walls, you may not hog the blankets, you may not touch my back, you may not stare at me, you may not look at me, you may not use the pillows, you may not touch my stuffed animals, you may not snore or I will stab you in the throat, you may not leave your side, you may not dream perverted thoughts, you may not think anything related to me, Yoruichi-sama or cat's, you may not use the top sheet, you may not use the bottom sheet, you may not kiss me, you may not DO ANYTHING but stay on your side," his chuckles break into her list, making her glare even more," Heh, I may not stare at the wall, I may not rub your belly, I may not say you're cute when mad, I may not make you honey biscuits..."

He drags out his sentence, making his girlfriend slap him angrily, " And you MAY Not tease me Kurosaki."

The two glare at each other, before he kisses her forehead kindly," Night Soifon." " Tch...night Ichigo." they roll over, with Soifon resting her head against Ichigo's strong back, her arms encircle his waist, and they go to sleep together.

(GAHHH! THE CRACK PAIRING! IT BURNS US, IT BURNS US~! Also, a shout out to my man The Phantom Hokage, hope you like this one more than the other stuff I made you read. :D See ya folks!)