The Zombie Chronics

Chapter 1: The End of Life

Friday 1:16 p.m.

"Hey Triston, you should come and check this out."

"What Brandon, I'm only that four minutes into this movie." I walked to the window where Brandon was standing. "Oh shit, oh shit, oh sh-"

The door opens.

"Surprise, your sisters Racquel and Alex have arrived." Alex walks in from behind Racquel. "Oh god I hate family reunions," Alex says with a disgusted voice. Then all of a sudden, I realized something. "Oh crap, that means you know who will show up."

"Oh shit that means, Amanda," Racquel said in a frightened voice.

"What is so wrong with my sister? She that bad."

"Brandon, you lived with her for close to twenty-four years. You should know how bad she is."

"Triston, stop dissing on my sister or else I'll ball whack you so hard." Now I could tell Brandon was pissed off. This was going to be one hell of a week.

Amanda never showed up that day. The next two day was nothing. We called the police to keep and eye out for her. The next day Brandon stayed up till twelve that day. I convinced him to go to bed. No one slept that good that night. Brandon would not stop talking in his sleep and would not stop tossing and turning.

Tuesday 3:48 a.m.

There was a sound at the door. I woke up with a startling rate. "What the hell was that?" I got up and went to the other room. "Hey Brandon wake up. I think your sister finally arrived. I heard a knock at the door."

"What time is it?"

"I don't know, like three or four. We should really go check before she leaves."

"Yeah I guess we should." The knocking would not stop the entire way to the door. I opened the door and no one was there. Brandon and I heard someone running down the side of the house. "You go around the other side and we'll meet and the end. Ready, set, go," I said right before we set off.

As I was running I could see the shadow of the person walking. The person was staggering in the shadow. They looked as if they were injured. As we met on the other side, no one could be found. I had a strange feeling in my body. I felt as we were being watch. We walked back to the house and could not stop looking back as the feeling stronger. I could tell someone was behind me. Has I went to bed I heard a sound on the roof.

"Anyone else here that," Racquel woke up in a scream. This woke everyone up. The sound on the roof suddenly rushed. Then a huge bang echoed through the house. Someone had fallen off the roof and hid the side of the house.

"Holy shit. What the hell was that? Is there a burglar outside? I can tell it wasn't an animal," Brandon said with a shock. Racquel was scared, Alex was in shock and I felt as if the thing outside was neither human nor animal. Then something scattered the glass of the window in the living room. We all met in the kitchen. Then another thump on the roof, window opened in the attic, and the sound of a person coming down the stairs. "Hurry, block the door before they get in." The voice sounded like Amanda's. "Come on and help me," the voice said in a pissed of voice. As I went around the corner, I saw Amanda trying to move a dresser in front of the door.

"Brandon, come over here and help. Amanda you pick up that side. Racquel, Alex you guys block that door. Move the fridge or island." Once every thing was blocked up we sat down and talked to Amanda. Mostly it was Brandon and I asking the question.

Then it came up. "Who the hell are they? I heard you say that when we were blocking up the attic."

"Hey who are they," Brandon said. God it pissed me off when he copied what I just said.

"I don't know. I was driving here when I got a flat. I walked for a while till I saw a house out on an old road. I walked to the house. The lights were on, but no one would answer my knocks. I could see the keys to the car on the kitchen table. I planed to grab some food and the keys and leave a note." Amanda took a pause. She seemed frighten by what would come next. "As I went in a saw a child at the top of the stairs. He was pail green with yellow eyes. His eyes were just so, so." She was so frightened. "The kid jump from the top of the stairs and landed right on top on me. He kept on trying to bite me. A woman popped out of nowhere and attacked the child. They seemed to be fighting over me. An older adult male then jumped on top of me and scratched me in the arm." She then showed us the wound. It was extremely deep. I was wondering how I didn't notice it before.

"Alex, go fetch the first aid kit and hurry up with it," Brandon said at the first sign of the wound. After we healed up the wound, she started to finish her story. "I swear they were not human any more. They were flailing and fighting over me like I was food. Luckily a little girl came out of the basement with a shotgun."

"Wait, a little girl with a shotgun. Are you sure," Alex said in astonishment.

"Yes I am sure. Okay well any ways, we were able to hide in the basement for a day. Finally they broke down the door. Before we could react, they grabbed the girl and tore into her. I got up stairs and luckily got the car keys and hopped in the car. I traveled about hundred miles before I ran over another one of those beasts. I got out thinking it was a human. I got in the car before another one of those things attacked me. Then I got here and some were outside. Then I got a ladder and you should know what happened after that."

"So we should probably stay inside." I said at the first thought in my mind. I was trying to think of what to do.

"I think we should get on the road. Who knows how long we can last in here. Do we have any guns," Amanda said.

"We have two in my room. Let me go get them." Brandon then started off. "We should grab any of the good knives." Alex went to the drawers. "They will be useless. These things are tough has hell. It would be like stabbing a car."

(short part from next chapter)

Chapter 2: On the Road

Tuesday 12:59 p.m.

We packed up our stuff. We only brought the stuff we needed. We packed a food, clothes, a gas supply, and of course weapons. Now time to get out of the house. This was going to be hard with at lease three of those beast outside. Brandon took the front with the rifle. Racquel, then Amanda, and finally Alex all followed close behind. I took the rear with my desert eagle. I have never used so I didn't know how powerfull it was. After saving ammo for 5 years time to use this baby.