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Summary: He first started as the older brother figure she never had. Too bad the façade couldn't last the day he fell for his 'little sister.' She loved him as well but she had to accept that they were just too far apart.

It all started the day a brunette had shown her face to the Academy. Her actions were not very understandable and most questioned why she had appeared out of nowhere. She claimed that she was there to see her most beloved best friend who was the known genius inventor, Imai Hotaru. Many thought she was crazy and did not fit in the Academy. It would be better for her to leave before any trouble erupted. She had just stayed too long.

Meeting new people was a strange experience for her as well as discovering the emotions she never paid attention to. Love, was one of them. To say that she didn't know the definition of love would not be entirely true. As a child, most would think of family love but then there was puppy love. In her dictionary, puppy love was mere infatuation. Puppy love is what she believed she had, it was what everybody had. Her two best guy friends had an infatuation for her. They were her first puppy love. She didn't know how many puppies (in her book) it would take her to fall for him but soon enough, it happened.

Hyuuga Natsume, her third guy friend whom was placed next to Nogi Ruka, best friend of Natsume, and Tobita Yuu, classmate of them changed her opinion of love. He confessed to her in elementary school and said that he truly loved her. At first it was a big surprise and she thought that maybe he was the one. The puppy that became her dog (metaphor: comparing young love to adult love) who would be beside her and protect her. It seemed right for her so she accepted his confession.

By the time she was graduating out of the elementary school department, he would be in the high school department.

So far away, she thought.

If only there was a way she could close the gap between them, she would take action.

Ando Tsubasa was characterized as a kind, loving, and caring person. He was in the dream of most girls when he wasn't acting so childish. His behavior would sometimes contrast with his real self. Even though there were times where it would be hard to cope with him, he was still a good person. He was dubbed as a middle school dropout and had a special Alice or shadow manipulation. People spoke of him as a delinquent but he didn't mind them. She looked up to him not only because he was a brother to her but because was her senpai. He was her knight and shining armor that saved her from bullies in her younger days, if you count four years very young.

"Sakura-san, the teacher has been calling you for a while now but you aren't responding." Mikan's seatmate Ruka poked at her. She snapped out of her daze and smiled nervously at Ruka.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" She asked him.

Ruka looked at her in shock and sighed. Instead of him answering, their teacher Jinno-sensei threw a chalk board eraser at Mikan's forehead causing a white mark to appear on her face and chalk dust to float in the space. Mikan started coughing from dust that got into her nasal passages.

Jinno-sensei frowned at his student and shook his head. "This is the fourth time today that you have not been paying attention. Would you like to share your thoughts with us?"

Mikan wiped her forehead with the back of her blazer. Chalk marks appeared on the sleeve but she didn't bother fixing it. "No sir, I was thinking how nice it is to be in your class."

Jinno-sensei raised an eyebrow at her and closed the book that was in his had flat. "Oh really, then answer the mathematical question on the board but that's only if you can. If you can't I'll have to punish you."

"No need for that sir, I know this problem already." Mikan smiled.

"Answer the problem." Jinno-sensei firmly said.

Mikan looked at the board that had a neatly written equation and problem.

This will be easy. She thought but that was soon forgotten when she noticed letters in the problem.

She inwardly groaned and slapped her forehead in shame. "Um… how do you add numbers and letters together?" She uneasily asked.

The sound of a stick hitting a desk was heard and it caught the attention of the other students. All eyes turned to Jinno-sensei who was standing in front of Mikan's desk. Lightning was coming out of his stick which was pointed towards Mikan. "As your punishment for not listening to me and repeatedly dazing off, you will receive after school detention. I want the room to be cleaned and plants to be watered. Take care of my frog while you're at it."

Mikan gasped loudly and closed her eyes tight. The feeling of anxiety reached her and she needed to go to the nurse. It wasn't the teacher's fault that she had anxiety attacks at wrong times but she couldn't help but want to blame him. She could not deal very well with punishments but most did not know this. She felt that she would be treated differently if people found out about her anxiety. It was hard to keep it a secret since the last year of elementary school. The only people she trusted with this secret were Hotaru, Narumi-sensei, and Tsubasa. Natsume, own boyfriend had no knowledge of it.

It took her all the courage to open her eyes and breathe out slowly. She looked up at her teacher right in the eye and opened her mouth. "May I go to the infirmary please?"

Jinno-sensei took one quick glance at her and looked away. "Have someone take you there. You look pale."

Natsume immediately stood up and took Mikan by the hand gently. The two left the classroom in a rush and reached the infirmary a couple minutes later. Mikan had told Natsume to leave the area once she was seated on the hospital bed.

"Are you sure you're going to be okay?" Natsume asked her in a worried tone.

Mikan nodded her head. "I can handle it. Thank you for taking me here though."

Natsume took a deep breath and exhaled out slowly. "What happened in there?"

Mikan closed her eyes tight and started fidgeting with her skirt. "Nothing happened. I just felt light headed."

"It didn't look like you were 'just' light headed. You acted different." Natsume continued.

"Like I said, nothing happened." Mikan repeated.

Natsume sighed in frustration and placed one hand into his pants pocket. "Stop evading my questions."

"Stop asking so many questions." Mikan countered.

"I would stop if you would just answer them." Natsume icily said.

"Well I maybe I don't want to." Mikan replied in the same tone. "Just get out of here."

"No." Natsume calmly said. "I want to hear answers."

Mikan's eyes widened and peered at Natsume who stood firmly on the ground. "Nurse, there is a person here who won't go away. He's bothering me!" She shouted with all her might.

"What are you doing?" Natsume glared at her. "Why are you leaving me behind and not letting me know what's wrong?"

The nurse came in carrying a clip board and pen in hand. "I suggest you stop interrogating her and leave."

Natsume looked to the ground and turned around. "If you don't want me to know what's wrong then forget it, I won't bother you anymore." He said before leaving the room and shutting the door closed.

The nurse turned to Mikan who was breathing hard and was shivering. "Take your medicine and rest for a while. I will release you when special abilities classes start. Try not to feel under pressure too much or it will become serious." Mikan nodded and took her pill.

Specialty Ability Classes

Mikan walked into her classroom feeling much better than before. Her anxiety had faded and her confidence had boosted as she entered the room mainly because she was about to see the one whom she loved.

"Hey Mikan, come over here!" A deep voice shouted from the back of the room. Mikan turned to the voice in happiness and skipped all the way to the back. When the owner of the voice came into view, Mikan hugged him tightly and he very much responded. "How's my favorite kouhai doing?"

Mikan went still and her mind became focused on the one name kouhai. She pulled back from the hug and playfully punched her senpai on the shoulder. "Geez, I told you not to call me that anymore. I'm a big girl now and I'm almost considered to be in your age group."

Misaki-senpai popped out of nowhere and smiled at Mikan. "You are still considered a youngling, Mikan." She said. Mikan wanted to frown but plastered her goofy smile on her face.

"I'm almost old enough to learn how to drive. I'm not too young to hang with you guys." She said.

"I don't really think fifteen counts." Misaki pointed out.

Mikan turned to her other senpai and pouted. "Tsubasa-senpai, please tell Misaki-senpai that I'm old enough to hang around you guys."

Tsubasa nervously scratched the back of his head and wiped invisible sweat on his forehead. "I think Misaki is right that you are too young."

Mikan's heart shattered and her eyes turned blank. "Oh, I see now."

"Anyway, Tsubasa, you still haven't given me a present for our anniversary." Misaki started.

"It's our anniversary?" Tsubasa asked. He looked towards Mikan who was gazing at her shoes like they were the most interesting thing in the world.

"Yes, I can't believe you forgot!" Misaki punched Tsubasa in the jaw lightly. "And I was going to give you a big present today."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'll get you a present today. Mikan can come along and help me, right?" Tsubasa asked for reassurance.

Misaki glared at her boyfriend and crossed her arms over her chest. "What would she know? It's your responsibility."

"She's really helpful. I suck at picking presents." Tsubasa chuckled. "Would you help me Mikan?"

Mikan's heart leaped for a second and a light blush appeared on her cheeks. She looked up at Tsubasa and smiled warmly. "I would love too."

Misaki frowned at how 'friendly' the two were being. She couldn't help but feel jealous at how close they seemed. It was almost like her kouhai and her boyfriend knew each other more than she and Tsubasa knew one another and she did not like it one bit. Deciding whether to allow her to go with Tsubasa was hard but she came to a conclusion. "She can go but you better get me something worth my sight."

To be continued…

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