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Summary: He first started as the older brother figure she never had. Too bad the façade couldn't last the day he fell for his 'little sister.' She loved him as well but she had to accept that they were just too far apart.

Alice Academy Infirmary

The infirmary kept an accommodated room for Mikan while Hotaru and Tsubasa waited outside for the nurse to give them permission to enter the room. Mikan was sleeping silently when Hotaru had entered with Tsubasa following behind her. They both pulled up two chairs and sat down on each side of her bed.

The nurse came into the room with rolled up sleeves, a small bucket filled with cold water and a towel hung over her shoulder. She settled the bucket on the bedside table and dipped the towel into the bucket. Squeezing the water out of the towel, she folded and placed it on to Mikan's forehead after Tsubasa had made some room for her. The nurse sighed and stood up straight.

"How is she?" Hotaru asked.

"Her condition as of now is not serious but I can not stress out how much she needs to take it easy." She said. "Now, how did she get like this?"

"The haunted mansion attraction power went out so she was stuck in there with no light. I guess the darkness triggered her anxiety." Tsubasa answered.

The nurse nodded her head and pulled out her glasses. She wiped the lens and placed them on. "Well then, now all you have to do is prevent such things from happening again. I'll let you guys stay here if you want to. Remember to change the water after every ten to twenty minutes." The nurse said.

"Thank you." Hotaru said. The nurse smiled and left the room. Hotaru stood up and patted imaginary dust off of her school skirt. "I have to go now. There are people still waiting to see my inventions and I can't stay here long. Tell Mikan I said she should not be too reckless." She turned around and left the room.

Tsubasa gazed at Mikan's sleeping face and smiled sadly. He wished he was able to help her more but the distance between them caused problems. It was bad enough that she had anxiety and refused to tell anyone else but it was even worse now that he was graduating and he wouldn't see her again. Questions concerning whether she would be okay kept running through his mind. He was scared that when something like what occurred before happened again, he wouldn't be there to comfort her. Sure Mikan had Hotaru and Narumi-sensei but Tsubasa knew how close Mikan was to him and after graduation, nothing would be the same and there would be many changes not only in his life but in Mikan's life as well. He had to spend every moment with her while it lasted, maybe in those times, he would finally be able to confess to her.

Coming back to earth, Tsubasa heard Mikan moan and shift in her sleep. He sat quietly and hoped that he hadn't woken her up. Mikan was moving from side to side then finally settled on sleeping on her back. She let out a relaxed sigh and fell back into a peaceful slumber. Tsubasa hesitantly moved his hand to fix loose strands of hair that lay on Mikan's face. To him, her hair was very soft and it had a faint scent of strawberry coming off. He moved closer and removed the towel from her forehead and placed it in the bucket.

Mikan's mouth opened slightly and her warm breath blew onto Tsubasa's face. He froze and examined her face up closely. Her cheeks were pink and he could see her eyes moving around under her closed lids. Her plump pink lips occasionally opened and closed. Tsubasa couldn't help but want to feel her lips pressed against his. He took action and got closer so that they were a couple centimeters apart but then stopped when Mikan's eyes suddenly opened. He flew back quickly and almost fell backwards in his seat. Mikan positioned herself so that she was sitting up on the bed.

"Senpai, what are you doing here?" Mikan asked. Inside, she was very happy to see her favorite person right beside her.

"I wanted to wait until you woke up before I left." Tsubasa said.

"Really, but isn't Misaki looking for you? I'm sure she's worried since you were here the whole time." Mikan said.

"It's okay. She wouldn't be looking for me anyway because we separated." Tsubasa chuckled.

"But-" Mikan started but stopped not even midway in her sentence.

Tsubasa stood up and stretched his arms up wide into the air. "There's something I want to ask you later on in the evening. Right now is not a good time so during the last dance, I'll be waiting by the bonfire before the last dance." Mikan simply nodded her head while playing with her fingers. "Well, goodbye until then." He left the room with the door gently closed behind him. Once the door was completely closed, Mikan hopped out of the bed to the nurses' office right next to her room.


"Come in." A songlike voice rang. Mikan entered the room and walked up to the nurse.

"Can I take my medication now so that I will be able to enjoy the rest of the festival?" Mikan asked softly.

"Sure." The nurse immediately replied. She walked over to a medicine cabinet, selected a tube with small tablets and poured water into a glass for Mikan to drink the medicine with. "The festival is almost over and the award ceremony will start soon so I suggested you take it easy and have fun. Don't let anyone make you feel pressured or make you go crazy. After the ceremony, come back here to take your second pill of the day."

Mikan smiled happily and bowed down. "Thank you. Goodbye."

"Remember to take it easy and have fun." The nurse repeated after Mikan's retreating figure.

Alice Festival Ceremony

"Welcome everyone to the annual Alice Academy award ceremony!" The high school principal, Kazu shouted into his microphone. "Every year, a class wins specific awards under certain categorizes and are given a certificate with a trophy to display in their classrooms. Now, it's time to mention the winners of each award. Please welcome Narumi as he announces the winners."

Narumi-sensei walked up on to the stage with another teacher behind him carrying awards. He picked up the microphone and began his presentation. "This class has brought joy to all students and has had the most visitors more than ever. They win almost every year for having the best attractions and most interesting ideas. This same class is the winner of the best attraction award. Technical ability class representative, please come up and accept this award."

The technical ability class representative, Yamanouchi Shizune, walked up to the stage to receive the certificate on behalf of the technical class and a trophy as well. The students, being the main audience, clapped and congratulated those of the technical ability class.

"The next awards are individual awards nominating the King and Queen Alice of the year. Let us all give a round of applause to the winners after they enter the stage." Narumi-sensei turned away to clear his throat before speaking again. "The King Alice of the year is…" He paused for dramatic effect, "Andou Tsubasa!" The crowd was roaring with excitement as Tsubasa nervously made his way up to the stage. He was given a price of 300,000 rabbits and a certificate to any store in central town that would be used to cut half the price of products. Narumi shook his hand then shooed him off of the stage.

"Now for the Queen," Narumi began, "The Queen Alice of the year is Imai Hotaru. This was a non-overall tally of votes and she won the majority of the votes." Mikan, who was a couple feet from Hotaru ran up to her and hugged her tight. Hotaru successfully stowed away by hitting Mikan with her deer hove invention and walked up to the stage. Another teacher handed Hotaru her 300,000 rabbits and a certificate to any store in central town as well.

"This last award I am about to announce is a special award that goes to Special abilities class for their first participation in the festival and showing a great achievement in obtaining customers. Many loved their attraction and it was well thought through. Even I could not pass their last test." It took Mikan a couple seconds before she could comprehend what Narumi-sensei said and jumped up and down in joy.

"We won, we won!" She chanted repeatedly. Her two senpai's looked at her and laughed at her behavior. She was just like a little girl as of then.

Girl's Changing Room

All the students in the academy were preparing for the upcoming dance held that night. Specific dresses and suits were given to each class. Mikan and her friends had to dress like fairies while the high school girls; this includes Misaki, were wearing elegant blue ankle length dresses that were made to fit the body shape.

"How do I look?" Anna twirled around in her fairy dress. She had curled the ends of her hair and left it down over one shoulder.

"You look very pretty." Nonoko, who was wearing the same dress, complimented her. She had tied her hair in two low pig tails draped over both her shoulders.

"Thank you." Anna smiled in delight. She looked towards Hotaru who was trying to help Mikan fit into her outfit but was having a hard time. Hotaru had worn her hair down and short with a small ribbon at the back. Both she (Anna) and Nonoko walked over to try and help out in the situation.

"Can you push your stomach in?" Hotaru tried pulling the strings of Mikan's corset together.

"I c-cant," Mikan breathed out. "It's too tight."

"Didn't the dress fit you earlier?" Anna asked Mikan as she helped pull the strings of the corset.

Mikan let out a nervous laugh and held onto the dresser in front of her. "I might have eaten a lot before coming here."

Nonoko sighed and shook her head in disappointment. "Hold on, let me find a dress one size bigger." She walked over to a rack where it held many fairy outfits under certain sizes. She took the liberty of picking out a dress that was a little bigger in the waist area and handed it to the given up Mikan. "Wear this one. It'll fit your hips better." Mikan nodded and got to changing behind a curtain then came out feeling relieved and slightly hungry again.

"Ooh' I want to fix her hair!" Anna rose her hand up and made way to touch Mikan's hair but Hotaru slapped her hand away with a comb and pushed her to the side.

"I'm her best friend. I should do it." Anna let out a 'humph' and turned to the side to let Hotaru do her job. As an end result, Mikan had her hair curled with a wavy curling iron and her hair was tied up in a tight pony tail where the tail was wavy. Some of her hair was let down in front of her face to not make it look so small.

Mikan looked at her reflection in the mirror and gasped. Both her hands came to her cheeks at the same time. "Is that really me?"

"Yes." Hotaru replied plainly.

"I'm not even wearing make-up and I look so good already." Mikan giggled along with Anna and Nonoko.

"You sure do look great." Nonoko said. "Maybe Tsubasa-senpai will look at you differently now." She teased.

"Shut up Nonoko!" Anna shouted. "He has a girlfriend already."

Nonoko snorted and smirked at Mikan who was fidgeting around. "They broke up, remember? Now the two can be together."

Mikan didn't even bother retorting and looked sadly at her reflection in the mirror. "Both way, he's graduating and I won't be able to see him ever again. It just shows how far apart we are. I don't even think he sees me as a possible lover." Hotaru frowned at Mikan's answer and brought the curling iron to her face. "What the heck are you doing Hotaru?"

"I'm attempting to burn you if you don't stop acting so melancholic and not give up for once." Hotaru twisted the curling iron around for it to seem as if she was serious.

Mikan immediately lifted her hands up and clasped them together. "Okay I won't give up as long as you don't kill me."

For the first time ever, Hotaru let out a small smile and placed the dangerous weapon onto the drawer. "Good, let's go." She led the way with the girls following behind. When they got there, many people were already dancing with their partners and others were sitting down enjoying the atmosphere by gulping down delicious food. Anna and Nonoko ran up to their favorite teacher Misaki-sensei and tried to get him to dance with them while Hotaru walked over to a table to fill a plate with crabs. Mikan was left all alone to entertain herself. She spotted her two best guy friends Ruka and Natsume standing by the bonfire crowded by a bunch of girls with hearts, if that's even possible, in their eyes.

Mikan walked up to them and greeted the two with a small smile. "Would any of you like to dance with me?" Natsume said nothing and pushed Ruka to Mikan who caught him just as he was about to fall down. "That wasn't very nice you know." Mikan frowned at Natsume's behavior.

Natsume simply rolled his eyes and placed both hands into his pockets then turned around to leave with his fan girls following behind him very much to his dismay. Mikan looked at Ruka who had regained his composure and stood up straight. "Would you like to dance with me?" She asked him.

Ruka hesitated before answering with a, "Yes, I would like to." He led Mikan on to the dance area and began moving to the beat of the song.

During the whole dance, Mikan couldn't help but have an uneasy feeling that she was forgetting something but she didn't know what it was and didn't bother trying to think it through any further but continued to dance. Many different people came up to her to ask her to dance with them. She danced with Narumi-sensei, her uncle the HSP, and many other people.

It was time for the last dance where the King and Queen Alice would announce who they would like to dance with. Mikan saw her senpai and Hotaru go up onto the stage and each was given a microphone. The host of the last dance silenced the students and staff for everyone to get the opportunity of hearing the answers of the royal figures.

"Imai Hotaru, who do you want to be your last dance partner?" The host asked.

Hotaru looked at the crowd with a bored expression and said, "I would be fine with myself."

The crowd looked at Hotaru as if they knew what her answer would be and laughed. The host laughed along and scratched his cheek with one finger. "Sure then, you can dance with yourself, if you know how to." Hotaru nodded and walked off of the stage to the buffet table. Tsubasa was the only one left and had a confident smile on his face. "Andou Tsubasa, who do you want to be your last dance partner?"

Tsubasa smiled at his special someone and gladly announced, "Sakura Mikan is my choice." He said before walking up to a stumped Mikan who had here eyes as wide as saucers. "May I have this dance?" His voice brought Mikan back into reality and she quickly blushed.

"S-sure, I guess so." Mikan held on to Tsubasa's waiting hand and hers was soon brought around the neck of Tsubasa.

Tsubasa couldn't stop looking into Mikan's eyes while twirling around in circles the whole time. He had made a final decision with how he would confess to her and hoped that his plan would work.

Mikan felt Tsubasa's grip on her waist loose and saw him slowly get down on to the ground. He was fumbling into his pocket looking for a certain important item of his life. After a couple seconds later, a small silver box was pulled out and held in the left hand of Tsubasa. He straightened his position so that he was kneeling on one knee and holding a gold diamond encrusted ring in the hand that rested on the standing leg.

"Oh' my gosh, what are you doing?" Mikan gasped and covered her mouth with her small hand.

Tsubasa looked directly at her face and smiled lovingly at her. "Mikan, I've known you for a long time since we were younger. I was your overprotective senpai who cared for the wellbeing of his kouhai but as we grew older, things changed. I was beginning to realize something I should have figured out the day you went out with Natsume. I discovered this emotion of love for you but also jealousy. I thought it was best to act like your older brother but I guessed wrong. I'm not always right as you think I am. There may be some tough times we go through but at least we go through them together. I'll always be there for you, to comfort you, to warm you up when you're cold, to entertain you when you get bored, to feed you when you get hungry, to fight the anxiety with you, and to raise a family one day with you. I love you Mikan and that's why I'm asking for you to marry me once we both get out of this place."

Tears were streaming down Mikan's cheeks fast. Everyone was there to witness the amazing scene unfold before them. Some were happy while a small minority of people was sad.

"What's your answer?" Tsubasa asked when Mikan continue on crying.

Mikan gazed down at him and smiled happily. "Of course I'll marry you!" Tsubasa stood up and placed the ring onto Mikan's left engagement finger then hugged her tight. Mikan hugged him back and continued on crying.

Tsubasa pulled back a little and stared down at her tear streamed face. He wiped away the tears and smiled. "Can I kiss you?" He suddenly asked.

Mikan blushed in embarrassment and smiled back at him. "Yes, you can." With her consent, he leaned down while she reached up until their lips met and they kissed each other passionately in their warm embrace. They broke apart and smiled at one another with foreheads pressed together.

"I'll be sure to find you once you graduate, and then we can get married." Tsubasa declared.

"Then I'll be waiting for that time." She giggled then leaned in again to kiss him.

From not too far away, a certain raven haired boy was sitting against a tree with a manga book in hand. He thought about letting Mikan go and was sad to hear the news of her becoming the fiancée of Tsubasa but at the same time he was happy that she was content with herself. He knew he lost and he had to move on and that was exactly what he would do.

The End…

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