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One Cupcake over the line: The Diary of a Catlady.

Summary: Julie's thoughts during the time between one cupcake over the Line Catlady and Chopped Liver. Also a companion to Number One Again. You should read those before this one to avoid any confusion.

Entry 1

He saw me. I was doing great with no one knowing, but now he's saw me. Twenty pounds already gone and now I may have to stop because he saw me. Isn't it enough that he tried to take my place by making me fatter? Will he continue his sabotage by ruining my genius dieting plan? Hasn't he already done enough?

I know he is going to tell. Goldberg is the kind who tells. What will they all say? I can just hear them now. Julie this is destructive behavior. Julie you need to get help. Julie this isn't good for you. What the hell do they know anyway? They don't know what it's like to be fat like I am. Well Goldberg does, but I think he's proud of his fat tattle telling ass. No matter what they say, I can't let them get to me. I will not stop. I will be skinny.