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"You will note that I, for one, do not share your delusions." Severus snapped shut the graded journal and gave Hermione her final grade. "I am quite happy to see you all gone and hated every second wasted on you, you insufferable know-it-all, and the group of idiotic children you call friends. Now, remove your self from my presence and endeavor to never return." Severus stood and used his towering height to add a dose of reality to his statement.

Hermione held her journal close to her chest and smiled. "We'll miss you too, professor." She said before rushing out of the classroom.

Harry waited with Ron outside the doors. "Why the long wait?" Ron asked "Did he assign you more work to keep you busy for the rest of your life out of Hogwarts?"

"I was simply saying good-bye." Hermione quickly explained as they walked to their dorm.

"I bet he didn't much care for what you had to say." Harry teased as he and Ron had heard every word.

"He-" Hermione hesitated. "reacted as expected." She finally said. "I don't need to have known him for years to understand he was saying more than he let on."

"No. Hermione, I heard a fair bit of it and it sounded like he meant exactly what he said." Ron commented.

"You don't understand him." Hermione defended.

"And you do?" Ron asked with a questioning look. "Why would you want to understand him?" He asked and started to sound jealous.

"I'm trying to at least." Hermione said.

"Alright we've talked about Snape a little bit too much for my liking." Harry complained between a laugh.

"You're right, Harry. Ron, stop being so jealous." Hermione said. "I've always loved a mystery, but I love you more."

Severus cast a long lingering look over all the empty desks and over his own as well.

"I knew you cared." Minerva teased from the door.

Severus looked away from his desk. "I do not." He replied perhaps a little bit too quickly. "I was making sure nothing was missing. Those little criminals just left."

Minerva laughed along with Severus. "You can't lie to me, Severus. You'll miss them just as much as I will."

"Prove it." He said with a smirk as he looked over the desks one more time.