Wow, it's been so long since I even touched this story, haven't I?

For any people that were fans of this story and waiting for the next update, I very much apologize. I had the next chapter all lined up, but I could not muster up the inspiration or motivation to fully write out the chapter. Always got stuck at a certain part, and eventually, my interests fell elsewhere and I left this story to collect dust.

Which always pained me, as this was supposed to be a rewrite of my very first story, Star Wars: Twins of the Force, which I am not very proud of looking back as it was filled with bad writing format, as well as my OCs being overpowered Gary-Stus in my view, and being way too improvised and going with whatever was in my head, but hey, I was starting out and learning then. This story was supposed to be making it so much better, but I could not follow through on it, and for everyone that was looking forward to this, I apologize.

However, after all these years, that's going to change now.

I am a fan of Star Wars and it's content, and don't have a hate for any of the movies, and like them all in their own ways, and I want to make my own Star Wars adventure and live up to the world created by the movies and everything else, no matter what's "canon" or not. Legacy of an Onasi was supposed to be that...and it WILL be that.

My interest in Star Wars is returning, and I plan on taking advantage of it. I plan on rewriting Legacy of an Onasi as I now feel some parts were dragging and done, some ideas not too plausible. I have help in my old friend, Ben Thryss, who will act as a helper with ideas and a beta reader to help clean up my writing. With the two of us working together, we should be able to give you a Star Wars story that you all should pretty much love.

If things go well, we may even give you a miniseries of Cradon's adventures during Cardek's story, fleshing him out and so, but that's in the future.

For now, for anyone still interested, Legacy of an Onasi is no longer dead, and if the Force is with me, it will make a hell of a comeback. The new prologue is already written up, it only needs a clean-up with some help from Ben Thryss, some changes here and there, and it will be there.

So be prepared for the new Legacy of an Onasi story, and I hope it lives up to so much.