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Summary: Taking place some time after the Force Unleashed II. Starkiller sets out on a quest for revenge against the men who have made his life a living hell. Making a few familiar friends along the way is just part of the journey.

Galen Marek jolted upright in bed with a yell. He was covered in cold sweat and breathing hard. Looking down he realized his hands were balled up in fists. Looking around he saw that it was indeed a dream or rather a nightmare. Taking a shaky breath, he relaxed his body allowing the force to flow through him. Lately it had been getting harder and harder to relax. Throwing his covers off, he swung his legs over the edge of the bed and sat up. Placing his hands in his head he tried to clear his head.

For the past few weeks the dreams had all been the same. Unlike before they weren't visions of the future but rather nightmares of the past. How had it come to this? Everything had seemed so perfect, yet it seemed perfection was easily shattered.

"Are you okay?" startled by the soft voice Galen ,or Starkiller as he was now known, looked up. Standing in the doorway was an angelic figure, Princess Leia Organa. Wiping the sweat from his face he smiled lightly.

"Yeah, just startled is all" he replied trying to reassure her. Of course the look she gave him was enough to say that she wasn't buying it. "Honest."

"Do you always wake up from sleeping yelling then?" she questioned raising an eyebrow. Galen appreciated everything the Princess had done for him but he hated how she didn't back down from her position. He supposed that was why she was in the senate. "You know I'm always here to listen" she said when he did not give her a response. "Anyway, we're almost there if you want to get ready."

"Alright" Galen nodded as she walked away. Grabbing a t-shirt, he threw it on. Picking up his lightsaber he clipped it to his belt before leaving his room among the ship. Making his way to the bridge, he walked towards the Princess. He was still uncomfortable with being around everyone. Everyone of course being the rebels.

"Thank you again" he said.

"It's the least I could do. Everything you've done for us, I don't know any other way to repay you" Leia replied turning to look at him. Galen couldn't help but notice the difference between them. She was kind, soft featured but strong at heart. He on the other hand had sharp features and at times like now was an emotional wreck.

"Good luck with everything" Galen stated, though he felt lower than a slummer saying it. Even after everything he couldn't commit to their rebel cause. It made him feel selfish among many other things.

"Why don't you stay with us" Leia questioned, her eyes pleading. "You know how much good you do for our cause."

"And I do just as much bad" Galen put in. "I'm as much as a hazard as I am a help. The rebellion is better off without me. I appreciate the ride to Coruscant but…I just can't risk anymore lives." He couldn't hold her gaze as he spoke. By the end of his explanation his eyes were fixed firmly on the stars viewable through the port window.

"Galen" Force did he hate that. She was the only who called him by his first name. to everyone else he was Jedi, or Starkiller. "Can you at least stay for me?" he felt her hand touch the side of his face, turning him to look down at her. Another thing that he hated was her ability to use their relationship against him.

Since everything had happened Galen had been staying with Leia. He accompanied on her diplomatic missions as a sort of bodyguard. Even when she had conferences for the rebel alliance, Galen kept his relation simply being there as her bodyguard. He made it clear that he wanted no part in the planning of any attacks as he couldn't help. It was only natural that their relationship had grown substantially in that time. There had been a time when Galen had thought of officially joining but that was before everything happen.

"I can't" he finally spoke meeting her gaze. "I can't put you at that risk." Galen had learned that Leia was more than capable of handling herself in the past few months. In fact as far as bodyguards went, he was generally useless as she seemed able to get herself out of any situation regardless. However, Starkiller just wasn't willing to take that risk because he knew you couldn't outrun everything.

A silence overcame them before it was broken by the sound of the pilot alerting them they would be docking shortly. "I suppose this is goodbye" Galen said.

"Not goodbye. Until next time" Leia said. Gently she pulled his head down towards him, capturing his lips softly. The embrace lasted a moment before Galen pulled away slightly.

"Until next time your Highness." With that he made his way to his quarters to grab his rutsack of things. It wasn't filled with much. a few extra clothes and provisions for a couple of days. His lightsabers were kept on his waist at all times so there was no worry for them being left behind. Grabbing his flight suit from the nearby chair, he proceeded to get dressed for the landing.

Stepping onto the landing pad, Galen waited for a speeder taxi to pick him up. He had to go, despite whether he wanted to stay or not. If he stayed any longer or gave Leia a chance to change his mind, things would just end badly. He was risking enough just by being here on Coruscant, the heart of the Empire. He couldn't let her share that risk as well. Handing the driver credits, he stepped out of the cab and onto the street floor. The slums of Coruscant weren't exactly pleasant but a man named Starkiller wasn't exactly someone you wanted to try and rob.

Finding his way through the crowds of various creatures, he finally arrived at the bar he was looking for. the green neon sign indicating that it was open. Walking in he glanced around the establishment. The atmosphere was one you might expect. The mood wasn't upbeat but it wasn't overly dark. A mellow tone played as loud chatter filled through the bar. Spotting a middle aged human male in the corner, Galen made his way towards him.

"Ghost I presume?" he questioned. With a name like Starkiller he couldn't really criticize the names these criminals came up with.

"Starkiller?" Ghost questioned, taking a drag from his death stick. With a nod he continued. "So you want to find a bounty killer."

"Boba Fett" Galen clarified.

"Ahh, an expensive bounty hunter" at this Galen tossed a bag of credits across the table. After looking at the contents, Ghost took another drag before continuing. "Well what do you want to know?"

"Who does he work for, where can I find him?" he asked leaning across the table.

"Well" drag, "Like any bounty hunter he works for the highest bidder. Wherever the money goes, he goes. However he has been known to frequent two employers specifically. One of course being unofficial. The Empire and Jabba the Hutt" hearing the Empire Galen clenched his fist. He knew all too well about Vader hiring bounty hunters.

"Where can I find Jabba?" at this Ghost let a hearty laugh escape.

"What were you born yesterday kid? Jabba the Hutt, infamous Outer Rim gangster. Resides on Tatooine. A little advice though, no one sees Jabba because they want to" he said before leaning back and taking another drag.

"Thanks for the advice" Galen said before getting up and making his way out. It was obvious what he had meant. You didn't see Jabba, he saw you. Unless you were giving him something he wanted there was no way to get an attendance with him. Well he would just have to get something he wanted. Exactly what that was, he had no clue.

"Hey kid" Galen heard the call but continued walking. He wasn't here to make friends after all. "kid" feeling a hand on his shoulder, he stopped. "So I hear you want to meet Jabba." Now this could be interesting.

"How would you know this?" he questioned, turning to face the man. He wasn't a particularly large man but he wasn't exactly a small fry. Nice build, muffled hair but pretty boy looks. Certainly sweet talked his way out of a few situations. This man had all the readings of a smuggler.

"C'mon kid. Ghost isn't exactly the quietest guy in the bar now is he" the man said giving him a half grin. Galen's expression unchanging, he continued on. "Han Solo. If you want an attendance with Jabba, I'm your ticket in. I happen to have a meeting with him for some…financial issues."

"I'd think you'd know better than to borrow from a gangster, Solo" Galen commented.

"Listen, do you want the ride or not? Seeing as we're heading the same way I'll only charge a few hundred credits." Staring the man down, he considered it for a moment. Money wasn't the issue. The rebels seemed to see it fit he be rewarded for his service. It was simply a matter of whether he was going through with this or not. It seemed he didn't have much of a choice. He wanted Boba Fett and to get to Fett he had to get to Jabba. It seemed Han was providing him that means.

"You've got a deal" Galen finally spoke.

"Alright then. Meet me here, we leave at 06:00 tomorrow" scribbling down a location on a piece of paper, Han handed it to Starkiller. With a pat on his back the smuggler headed on his way leaving the Jedi standing in the slums. Hopefully this wasn't going to bite him in the ass.

Galen looked out at the night sky from his hotel room balcony. It was more or less looking into a black abyss. The lights of Coruscant blocked out any stars that may be above in the sky. The city was very much alive, as much so as it was during the day time. He found it a rather disturbing thing to be honest. With no peace, no quiet. How could one ever think or focus? Thankfully he was only here until the morning.

Reaching out through the force, he searched for Leia. It was always easy to find her. She was like a burning bush in the force to him; however he was startled when he felt nothing but a cold darkness. It was as if all the lights on Coruscant itself were extinguished by one being. Opening his eyes, he glared out into the towering buildings. Somewhere on this planet the Dark Lord was present, ever aware. One day he would be stricken down. Galen made a personal promise to that. Just as Boba Fett and Vader would be. It was only a matter of time.

Taking a breath, he moved towards his bed. Falling onto it, he allowed sleep to consume him for the night.

"So what's your beef with Jabba?" asked Han as they steered away from Coruscant. Looking out the view port Galen couldn't help but wish the best for Leia.

"Not so much Jabba as one of his associates" he replied, his tone flat.

"I see. You know not too many people use Jabba to get to someone else. It's usually the other way around."

"And what do you think you're here for?" Galen remarked smirking over in his direction.

"Touche, kid. Touche" Han smiled swiveling back in his chair. "Chewie prepare for the lightspeed jump." Chewbacca. Han Solo's co-pilot and right hand man, er, wookie. Galen didn't ask about him but he couldn't help but feel the slight want to. After all, wookies were from Kashyyyk, his home planet or at least where he had grown up. Until Vader came.

"We are well on our way now" Han informed, walking into the lobby-like area of the ship. "Shouldn't be too long. This babies moves like the wind." Still getting no response from Galen, Han looked his passenger over. "Y'know…taking on a bounty hunter like Fett ain't no easy task. I mean you could at least have proper equipment. I've never seen a blaster like that before."

Galen looked to where he was pointing to see it was his lightsaber. "It's not a blaster. Or any other sort of weapon you've seen for that matter."

"Really?" he questioned raising an eyebrow. "Well inform me." Looking over at the smuggler for a second, he thought for a second. Picking one of his lightsabers off of his belt he ignited it. Looking over at Han he wasn't surprised to see the look of bewilderment, yet unimpressed.

"An over grown glow rod?"

"Exactly" Galen said deactivating it and placing it back on his belt.

"Well kid I'll tell you this. You'll certainly catch them off guard if you go into Jabba's Palace swinging that thing" hearing his remark Galen couldn't help but crack a smile. Han Solo certainly was the most entertaining smuggler he had come across.

"Dropping out of hyperspace in 3…2..." Starkiller stared out the viewport as the stars stopped flying by and began slowly passing by them once more. It wasn't often that he stopped to admire what space was but each time he got the chance it amazed him. "Where flying over Tatooine now. I hope you weren't expecting an island resort, kid."

Galen knew about Tatooine, or at least had heard about it. The rebels had transported a few packages through the system. Being on the outer rim it was out of the Empire's reach. Self governed by the rules of the gangster it wasn't exactly a pleasant place to be. Not to mention that it was a giant desert ball. As they flew towards the Mos Eisley space port, something struck him in the force. A being so strong it caused him to sit back and blink. Who or what else was here?

"So we'll take a speeder out to Jabba's Palace" Han informed him walking from the cockpit. "Hey listen. If you ever need anything after this, assuming you survive, you know where to find me. You're not bad kid."

"For the right price" Galen mused grinning.

"Nah" Han laughed. "The next one's on me. Only once though. Man's gotta make a living."

Following Han and Chewbacca off of the ship, they proceeded to rent a speeder. Galen quickly learned that when they said Tattooine was a dust ball it really was one. They traveled over sand, sand and more sand until finally a large structure began to come into view. The whole ride, Starkiller couldn't shake the force presence he had felt when they were landing. Someone this powerful should certainly be able to feel him as well. Galen just didn't know whether that was good or bad. Finally they arrived at the large metal door. After Han knocked, a droid stuck it's eye out analyzing them.

"Han Solo" he said loudly. As the eye recoiled and the door opened up, Galen pulled a hood over his features. Looking around as they entered the palace, Starkiller could see the place was as vile as it sounded. Of course being to a planet literally made of trash meant that he had experienced worse, but this certainly made a good argument for being bad.

They made their way to the main area which seemed to be populated with all sorts of creatures, none of them pleasant. In the center of the room was perhaps the most vile creature of them all. The best description the young rogue could give was that he was an overgrown, aging slug. Next to him stood a twi'lek woman; obviously a personal toy for the gangster. As the stood in the middle of the room, everyone seemed to proceed about their business paying them no mind. After all, a smuggler getting an audience with Jabba was nothing important or worth listening.

As Han began to inform Jabba's servant of why he was here, Galen began to look around the room. If Boba was here within the palace it would be even better. There were certainly a few mercenaries in the palace, however not one he needed. Then he saw him. Circling the room inconspicuously was the helmeted bounty hunter. Starkiller drew on the force to stop himself from launching at him. Before he could even attempt to move a loud laugh froze him in place.

"Jabba, it's just a few hundred. Put it on my tab" Han said trying to reason with the slug.

Jabba muttered something in his native tongue that Galen didn't understand until his interpreter translated. "Your tab is full, Solo!" At this the distinct sound of blasters being pulled on them was heard. Chewbacca let out a growl as Han put his hands up.

"Let's not be so hasty now shall we. Can't we work something out?"

There was another grumble before it was translated. "Whoever's blast hits him first gets the bounty." As the sentence ended, the flow of time seemed to slow down. Starkiller could hear the distinct pulling of a trigger. In an instant his blue blade was ignited, preventing the blast from hitting Han's chest and deflecting back to its sender. The event had caught the room off guard and he used this to his advantage. Somersaulting over Han he slashed down the guard blocking their way. "Go!"

Han didn't need to be told twice as by now they had recovered from their shock. Returning fire they made their way towards the exit. Glancing back, Starkiller connected vision with Fett. He was tempted to return and battle him now but sense told him otherwise. He wouldn't last two seconds in this crowd. "Hurry up kid!" turning he saw the door was coming down to seal him in. Using the force, with a burst of speed he slid under the opening before it slammed shut.

"I think it's best we get to our ship and get out of here" Han commented, only getting a nod in agreement. "You saved my ass back there. I owe you."

"Just consider it payment for that free ride" Galen replied as they hoped into the speeder and drove off.

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