Here is a story with the beginning based off the song Diary by Tino Coury.

All human.

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Emmett POV

I read your diary

And it said

That you weren't in love with me (In love with me)

Rosalie walked in, my beautiful tall, blond girlfriend. I swear I was totally in love with this girl.

She walked over on her long, thin legs. "Hey Emmett!" She smiled, and I couldn't help but smile back. She was so beautiful.

"Hey Rose." She leaned over, kissing me, and sitting down on the couch next to me.

"So baby, what have you been up to?" She smiled, but something seemed off.

It's been a while since things were right. All the time, it's like she's not completely here. Like, physically she is, but not mentally.

An you're leavin'

And I wished that I didn't see (I didn't see)

That you fell in love with him (him, him)

"Just working on that awful senior report. You know, for graduation?" I smiled and shook my head.

She laughed, her blond hair bouncing. "I know. I'm almost done. You?"

I chuckled. "Not even close."

She smiled, and stood. "Well I'm going to take a shower. I'll be right back."

I smiled. "See ya."

I-I read your diary (Tino, d-d-diary)

I got up, thinking I grab something from the kitchen for a snack while I worked.

Thinking about pretzels, I almost missed the picture sticking out of Rose's purse.

I paused. I didn't recognize the place or the man with his arm around her.

A friend maybe, I thought futilely, my heart sinking with dread.

Carefully, I pulled the purse closer. I pulled out the picture, and I recognized the stance of her and the man.

He was her lover.

I saw a book with lock and key right next to your name

I-I-I couldn't help myself 'cause things ain't just been the same (Uh-Oh)

Can you please tell me, 'cause this so insane

My heart is bleedin', paper cuts from readin' (readin')

I looked back to the purse, my heart holding on to the slim, irrational hope that he was just a friend.

I saw a book with a lock and key with her name on it. A diary. I pulled it out, making sure the shower was still on as I did so.

I unlocked the book, and it fell open to the first page. I began to read.

Page 1

Says that your fallin' in and outta love

It said that you were falling in and out of love with me. That I wasn't always enough. That my kisses didn't feel right, that they never felt right. But that I was a good man, and you didn't want to hurt me.

Page 2

Says all the things I do just ain't enough

Page 3

No I couldn't see

Page 3 says you don't know how to explain it to me

I barely registered flipping the page to the second one. It had another picture of you two, laughing in a warm embrace, like the type you wouldn't give to me anymore.

I read the text:

I don't know anymore. I just can't feel the same towards Emmett. He is so sweet, but I need more from him. It's just like I am there but not. He registers me, but it's like he doesn't devote everything to me.

Don't I deserve that? I deserve everything. I want him to be more there. I want to be able to do whatever I want; I want him to only worry about me.

Isn't that okay to have? Because I think I deserve it.

I want him to give me flowers, to bring choclates all the time. His surprises just aren't enough anymore. I need MORE.

Oh man. This just sucks. She is blaming me? What?

This just didn't work. And what she described seemed like an extremely selfish relationship. I did everything for her. I never got anything in return, but I thought that was okay. This just hurt. She wanted more? What?

I turned to the third page, fed up with this one.

It read:

I don't know how to explain it to him.

I'm not in love with him anymore, and I realize that. I realize that I fell for Edward the moment I met him.

He and I are both stuck in unfulfilling relationships. He has a girl, Bella, I think, who is boring, and never does anything and is really clumsy apparently. I saw her once, right before we left so we weren't discovered.

She has this ugly brown hair, and she had plain brown eyes with low fashion sense. God, she doesn't deserve him.

Edward is a god. I love him so much. He is so much better than Emmett. He's willing to go that extra mile for me. And I love him for it. He has everything under control. He's perfect.

Emmett isn't. He doesn't. He may be spontaneous, but it doesn't always work for me. He just doesn't get me anymore. He doesn't understand.

And I don't know how to say all this to him. He is really sweet, and a good man, but not for me. I just don't love him like I used to.

I was stunned. This was how she felt? I could feel my heart being stabbed repeatedly by this betrayal. And to rub salt in the wound, she added the compliment at the end. I couldn't believe she would do this to me.

I did everything for her. How could she be so cruel?

But that nameā€¦Bella. Reminded me of someone, like a friend I used to have or something.

But I read your diary

And it said

That you weren't in love with me (in love with me)

And you're leavin'

And you wished that I didn't see (I didn't see)

That you fell in love with him (him, him)

My anger blew up continuously at this mention of Edward. This guy disgusted me. Perfect, shmerfect. He was cheating on his girlfriend, and even in the same bar at one point.

And Rosalie. She cheated.

But I read your diary

Oh oh


Oh Oh


Oh oh


Oh oh oh

I couldn't believe this. This hurt way too much.

Then I spotted it. The picture. The one that ruined any chance I might forgive her.

I turned the page and see a picture of you and him

Noo noo noo

That was the night you told me you where out with your friends

And now I know that my kiss was just a second

My heart is bleedin', paper cuts from readin' (from readin')

Her and him. Full blown making out.

He had disgusting bronze hair that looked like it had enough gel in it to supply an army from the 60's. He was definitely shorter than me, and looked a lot weaker.

And her. She looked so happy. I felt my heart being ripped from my chest, shreds and all.

I looked at it and almost gagged.

I forced myself to the next page.

Page 4

Says your addicted to sexting him every night

Page 5

Has all the reason you know that this isn't right

I looked. The text read:

I love him so much. We finally slept together the other night.

She told me she was out with friends! Fuck this. I almost bowed to hurt, but forced myself to read it all.

It was so pleasurable. He was perfect, not too big, or too small. I love him so much. And even when I'm with Emmett every night, though we never sleep together anymore, I'm always sexting him while Emmett sleeps. He is the speech god. He knows exactly what to say at any given point. He is so perfect, and he loves me! He is just so great.

And to add, he never sleeps with Bella. He says he fed her some bullshit lie about wanting to keep his virtue, and won't sleep with anyone until he's married.

Ha! She doesn't deserve him.

And Emmett. I feel sort of bad, but this is my perfect ending, if only I can figure out how to tell him it.

Page 5

I've realized why our relationship doesn't work. We don't understand each other. I don't understand him, and vice versa. We were never meant to be.

And I've realized that cheating wasn't a great idea. Emmett is still a good guy. And this, this will crush him. And I'm sorry for him, but I'm not sorry about Edward. Edward is perfect. He understands when I need downtime, or when I'm ready to party!

But Emmett and I are never on the same page. It's sad, but true. And for that, I'm sorry.

I felt disgusted. This couldn't be happening. I was in some sick nightmare.

Page 6

I can't handle this, I feel just like JT wanna cry me a river

I barely managed to skim the page, before I decided I didn't want to read more lists of what Edward was better at than I am. Or how they both are just so perfect for each other.

'Cause I read your diary

And it said

That you weren't in love with me (in love with me)

And you're leavin'

And I wished that I didn't see (I didn't see)

That you fell in love with him (him, him)

I couldn't stand looking at the book, so full of betrayal and hurt.

I looked at it, and threw it in a swift motion against the wall.

I walked over to it, and started to pick it up.

But I read your diary

Oh oh


Oh Oh


Oh oh


Oh oh oh

I picked it up and slowly started to tear each page out, savoring the feel. This was what she did to my heart; I would do it to her memories. I hated this Edward guy, and her, every time I thought of her, I just felt empty betrayal.

I took each picture, and tore the two of them apart of each embrace, every kiss. I hated every moment of pain I had to suffer because of these two.

I finished tearing everything up and looked at my handy work.

Then she came out of her room, and looked at all the torn paper. Her eyes widened in surprise.


Lets make a list

Broken promises

How you always told me you loved me right after every kiss

You always talked about all them other chicks

And now it's obvious that we know who the real b*tch is

I looked up at her. It hurt like a bitch. She was standing there, like the only thing that was wrong was there was a mess on the floor.

"Emmett?" She repeated. "What happened?" She looked at me, looking genuinely confused.

A RUSE! My mind shouted at me. I chucked with a dark humor.

"Nothing at all Rosalie."

B*tch is...B-B-B*tch is...B*tch

I-I-I-I read your diary d-d-d-diary

With alarm in her eyes, she watched me. I never used her full name, ever. I always called her Rose, baby, sweetie, or anything along those lines. Never Rosalie.

"Emmett, you're scaring me. What's wrong?" She looked at me.

"Oh, you know. You knew all along. I just had the benefit of finding out later rather than sooner."

I saw guilt slowly creep into her face, but she stuck with playing dumb. "What are you talking about?"

I looked at her, and from that instant on I would see her for what she really was. A thorough bitch, one that dserved to get what she wanted. And from that moment on, I would hate her.

"Oh, I don't know. But does the name Edward ring any bells?" Guilt was definitely covering her face now. "You know. Perfect Edward. The guy you cheated with. The one who has a girlfriend. You have a boyfriend. The one you think understands you, that is better than me."

I read your diary

And it said

That you weren't in love with me (in love with me)

And you're leavin'

And you wished that I didn't see (I didn't see)

That you fell in love with him (him, him)

She looked like she was about to start yelling or crying.

She chose the latter. "I'm so sorry Emmett, I-"

I laughed mercilessly. "Save your bullshit lies for someone else who has time. I have apparently wasted enough here. I'm leaving."

She just stood. I walked and started to gather my stuff. I had it all packed before she moved.

"You know, I was right about him. He was always better."

Those words hurt deeply, but I wasn't about to let her know that. "I'm sure cheating scumbags are better than me."

Her face twisted into and angry, messed up version of Rosalie. "DON'T CALL HIM THAT!" She yelled, seething.

But I read your diary (ohoho)



I read your diary


I chuckled humorlessly. "Too late. But as a bonus, you two are both cheaters. So have fun being together as the perfect couple." I said sarcastically.

And with that I walked out the door, and drove away in my brand new truck.

To the nearest club I thought. Drown my sorrows into a few shots and a bunch of Jack Daniels.

I speeded along the roads, barely seeing anything. The trees passed by in a massive blur, nothing stuck in my memory, so full of hurt, betrayal, anger and sadness. Yet there was a tinge of something else I couldn't put my finger on, and it was confusing me.

I finally pulled into the packed parking lot of Neon, the hottest club in the town. Slowly, I pulled myself out of the truck, locked up the car, and walked to the door, towards the pulsing beat and masses of people.

As I walked in, I noticed that almost everyone was on their feet dancing, except for a few people, whom sat at the bar cooling of or drowning their sorrows, what I was here to do. Nothing else.

But all that changed when I saw her.

Flowing brown almost black waves to mid back, her lithe body moved towards the bar, her hips moving tantalizingly with every step. Her curves were perfect, in all the right places, with a nice rack. Her open heart shaped face looked sad and slightly hurt, reminding me distantly of a broken hearted angel. Her wide doe eyes appeared to be a deep brown.

She was a thousand times prettier than Rosalie, whose beauty was like a fake plastic wrapper. This was natural.

Suddenly, without permission, my feet walked up to her. I walked up right next to her as she ordered a tequila shot.

"Make that two." I held up two fingers to the bartender, who nodded, yet looked slightly peeved at my intrusion.

She looked up at me, and I noticed the honey flecks in her eyes. I locked in with her gaze, yet wanted to lean in to kiss her perfectly pouty lips.

I smiled, yet knew it wasn't quite a full one, but definetly close with this girl around. "Hiya there sweetie. What's your name?"

She looked sort of startled, and a flash of something passed her face. Recognition? "Hey yourself. It's Bella." She stuck out her hand.

I almost gaped. Was this the Bella Rosalie had talked about? Because if it was, her description of this lust inducing woman couldn't be more off.

"What?" She asked, confused as she caught me staring in surprise.

"Nothing. Well, actually do you happen to be dating someone named Edward?" I asked, hoping not.

She frowned, and I saw sadness fill her eyes, but more there was the hurt. "Used to be. I found out he was cheating." She sighed, her eyes holding back unshed tears as the bartender arrived with our drinks.

We both thanked him, and we downed our drinks in a gulp each.

She shook her head, then smiled at me. "So what's your's?"

I was startled. "My what?"

She chuckled lightly. "Name, silly."

Oh, right. "Emmett."

Her eyes widened, recognition sitting in them plain as day.

"Emmett McCarty?"

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