It's a Vampire Thing: Prologue: And So It Begins

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Draco was always interested in magical creatures. How could you not be? Not only were they beautiful (or at least most of them are), they also have very useful magical abilities. it's true that he always made fun of that great oaf, Hagrid, but how can you not? He's teaching them all about the dangerous creatures and it isn't even the correct information. I always found werewolves, merpeople, vampires, sirens, and veelas to be the most interesting. I used to think that my family had veela blood. Honestly, how could you not think that after one look at our family? The Malfoys always had pale blond hair and fair skin. The love between his grandparents and parents always seemed to be that of soul mates. I mean, even though they only first got married because of an arrangement, the love was still there. So you see, I had plenty of reasons to think that I would be a veela. but honestly, I always hoped that I would be a vampire. Vampires had an increase in magical strength when they came into their inheritance and then they would again after doing some act (but he never found out what cause his mother took away the book he was researching from), he would also gain an increase in physical strength(though not much), keener eyesight, and an increase in speed. But, it didn't really matter. I was never able to continue my research about vampires specifically, even at the Hogwarts library. Crabbe and Goyle never left me alone long enough to find anything new. After a few years into school I gave up on looking. Even my own mother and father attempted to stop me from researching. To think, all of that time wasted on my childhood dream. A dream in which he had almost given up all hope on. There is no chance for me to be a vampire.

If only he knew how wrong he was and how his world was about to be turned upside down.

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