It's A Vampire Thing: Chapter Eleven: Shopping Part 2

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When Harry landed, it was to a pretty empty pub. There was a bar counter off to one side with stairs leading up next to it and plenty of tables scattered throughout the place.

It seemed to be completely empty, except if you were to look closely, you would see a few people sitting in the booths against the wall. They were people of all ages and sizes.

"Come, Harry. We have much to do before the night is over," said Lucius as he gathered everyone together to make their way towards the back where the entrance laid. As the others made their way into the Alley, Harry was held towards the back so that they would all be able to see his reaction. They were not going to be disappointed.

"Wow," breathed Harry.

"Welcome, Harry, to Diagon Alley," announced Sirius.

"This place is absolute brill, Siri!" exclaimed Harry after he had gotten over his shock.

"I suggest that we first go to Madam Malkin's so that Harry can get measured and choose which clothes he would like to order. That way they will hopefully be finished by the time we have finished with the rest of the shopping," suggested Narcissa.

When they entered the clothing store, they were immediately greeted by a stout woman who had many pins and measuring tapes falling out of the pockets of her apron.

"Welcome, Lord and Lady Malfoy! And young sir Malfoy and Professor Snape as well! Is this the young man that will need a new wardrobe?" Madam Malkin asked as she looked towards Harry. She gave a greeting to Sirius and Remus but said no more as she was not aware who they really were.

"Hello, Madam. My name is Harry," said Harry as he introduced himself.

"Well, hello, young man. Now, let's get started. Why don't you go and stand up on the stool so I can get your measurements. After that, you can look through the fabrics for what you would like." suggested Madam Malkin. Harry stood on the stool for only fifteen minutes before he was told that he can browse through his options.

In the end, Harry chose robes in emerald green, black, white, silver, blood red, spring green, midnight blue, sky blue, and a dark purple that it was almost black. For each color, he ordered five of each. One would have a dragon embroidered onto the back, one would have the Potter seal, another would have the Black seal (ordered by Sirius and Harry was still confused as to why this was), one other had a set of three animals, a stag, a dog, and a wolf (it was explained to him that these were the animagus forms of the Marauders), and the last would be a plain robe. Along with these robes, he was told to order dress robes in the same colors and only one of each, although all of these were plain in design.

"Well then, Mr. Harry (they decided on having Harry called this so as to avoid spreading his last name around), it will take me two hours to finish everything. You can come and pick up your order then," informed Madam Malkin. With that, the group of seven made their way outside with the promise of returning in two hours.

"Harry, there is a new shop just down this way that specializes in muggles clothes. We should go there next, that way all of your clothes would be finished around the same time," suggested Draco.

"Yeah, sure, that's fine with me," conceded Harry. He knew that there was no point in arguing with Draco when it came to shopping. It was even worse when Aunt Cissa somehow got included. Draco led the group towards the shop while dragging a reluctant Harry behind him. They soon reached their next destination and saw that it was similarly decorated to Madam Malkin's, except for the difference in clothing types of course.

"You're not choosing any of my stuff, Draco," said Harry when he saw the way Draco's eyes lit up when he saw how many choices there were for him to pick from.

"Bu-but why not?" pouted Draco.

"I don't want you to. And these are muggle styled clothes. I'm pretty sure I can choose that for myself. Or are you saying you don't trust my sense of style? And I don't want any leather which I'm sure you will choose plenty of," said Harry with a little smirk to let Draco know he didn't really mean it.

Draco sighed before continuing, "Oh fine then. Don't blame me if you end up looking like a dork," pouted Draco.

"No worries there."

"You sure?"

"Plenty sure. I'm positive that I will look just as good as you if not better by the end of all this," teased Harry.

"That's debatable," sniffled Draco.

"That's enough you two. We need to finish up here soon so that we won't stay in the Alley for too long. Harry, go ahead and choose your clothes," interfered Lucius.

"That's fine, Uncle Lucius. I already have an idea of all the things that I want," answered Harry when a store attendant walked up to them.

"Good evening, lady, gentlemen. How may I be of service to you today?" asked the attendant.

"I want to get a completely new outfit. I...uhhh... never really had the chance to go shopping for myself before so I'm going to need a lot of help, please," said Harry.

"Of course, sir. We have a catalogue with all available products with a list of sizes, colors, and descriptions available. Would you prefer to look through that instead of going through all of our racks?" suggested the salesman.

"Yes, please. Would you please just bring it to me in the dressing rooms? I will just point out all the ones that I like and try them on all at one time please. I also would like to be alone so as to surprise this lot with my choices," said Harry.

"Hey! That's not fair! I want to see how you look like in your clothes. Besides, I need to tell you whether or not they look good on you!" whined Draco.

"You'll see me in them eventually, Draco. And do you honestly think that I would choose clothes that don't at least look decent on me?" rebutted Harry with a slight hurt tone in his voice. He did not like Draco's insinuation that he was incapable of at least dressing himself.

Luckily, Draco heard the hurt in his mate's voice and backed off from turning it into an argument. "Okay fine. I'll just browse through some of these racks while you make your choices," conceded Draco.

The adults, sensing that both boys would be going off on their own for the duration of this visit, also decided to get some of their own shopping done. With the argument resolved before it even started, Harry headed off to the dressing rooms with the salesman.

-in the dressing room-

"These are the different sample books for our current products, sir. I will just be up front helping the others. If you need me or if you have finished choosing, just ring the bell that is placed at the entrance to the room," said the salesman.

"Okay, thanks. I probably won't call you until I'm completely finished though, so don't worry about me calling you," said Harry. With that, the salesman left and returned to the main room of the shop.

When Harry turned to where the salesman placed the books, he saw that there were at least nine different volumes. Luckily, each one was full of things about one item of clothing. So there was a book for pants, jeans and shorts, dress shirts, casual and graphic shirts, coats and jackets, active wear, pajamas, underwear and swimwear.

After going through each of the books at least twice, Harry finally made his decision on what to buy. He chose to get two of each of jersey polos, striped jersey polos, v-neck short sleeved shirts, v-neck long sleeved shirts, cardigans, striped cardigans, turtlenecks, long-sleeved button down shirts, hooded sweatshirts, plaid flannels and dress shirts. Each of his choices came in: white, black, black with hints of emerald green, grey, dark grey, tan, light blue, midnight blue, teal, emerald green, green, pale yellow, blood red, light green, aquamarine, red, light gold, silver, and blue. He also had some denims and dress pants. He had the denims in black, navy blue, faded blue, light blue, red, and green. Harry took a couple of different black slacks that were all the same except for the pockets. Harry felt strange being able to buy all these clothes that he wanted but the others had said that he can get all that he wanted and they would pay for it. They said that it was to make up for all of the birthday presents that they weren't able to give him for the past fifteen years. He had argued against this of course, he didn't feel right just accepting so much materialistic things from people he had just met. Yes, he remembered them from the brief time he had spent with them but they were still like complete strangers to him. They obviously loved him even though it had been years since they last saw him and Draco had said that his inheritance only gave him a push to who his mate would be. It didn't create the feelings so he was sure that anything that happened between them would be genuine. Oh well, he would just buy them gifts to make up for the costs that they were spending on him today. Oh shit! Speaking of inheritances, didn't they say something about me getting one?. And based off of what they told me about inheritances so far, I could end up getting a growth spurt. Harry quickly put on some of the clothes that he was trying on and headed outside to talk to Sirius and Remus.

"Remus! Sirius! I need to talk to you really quick!" yelled Harry when he saw everyone standing around the counter. However, no one was answering him. Instead, they were all just staring at him. Draco was slack jawed with his eyes wide open in shock.

"Ummm... what is everyone staring at?" asked Harry slightly uncomfortable with the stares.

"At you. Do you not realize how you look in those clothes?" answered Draco though he was still openly staring at Harry.

"My...clothes?..." that was when Harry finally looked down to see what he had thrown on when he left the dressing room. He was wearing a body hugging black turtleneck and form fitting black denims.

"Forget about my clothes for now! I might not even need these once my birthday comes around!" spluttered Harry.

"What? Why?" questioned Sirius.

"My inheritance! You guys said that I had a high chance of a growth spurt when I go through my inheritance!" exclaimed Harry.

"Oh, don't worry about that. While you were looking around for what you wanted we talked to the salesman about putting spells that will adjust your clothes to your size after you gain your inheritance. We also asked Madam Malkin to do the same while we were there earlier," informed Remus.

"Honestly, we were wondering just how long it would take you to remember about that. But, it's not your fault. After all, you are still somewhat new to our world," chuckled Severus.

"-blink blink- oh. Then, I'm off to finish looking for clothes!" replied Harry before running back to the dressing rooms. Harry tried to ignore the poorly veiled snickers from behind him. After that quick chat, Harry made quick work of the choices left available to him. In addition to what he already chose, he added black, beige, and denim cargo shorts; green, black, red, white, blue, and grey ties; black, green, red, white, grey, silver, pale yellow, and midnight blue sweatsuits; and the necessary underwear. He called for the salesman to ask about what things the others had looked at. He wanted to get a vague idea as to what he could buy them for gifts the next day when he would come back on his own. When he found out all that he needed to know, Harry made his way to the main room of the store.

"Okay, I'm done here," announced Harry to their small group.

"Let me just pay for these and then we can go to Flourish and Blott's for any books that you might need. Or want," said Lucius.

"Father, Harry and I will go on ahead so that he can browse through the store and see which ones he would like to purchase," said Draco even as he dragged Harry out the door by the hand. The adults merely chuckled at their antics. It didn't take long for the adults to catch up with the two teenagers but when they came in they saw that Harry had an immense pile of books on the counter.

"Father, we've already collected all of the books that Harry will need for his education. We asked for all of the books that I ever needed for my education since my first year. And because Harry still doesn't know what electives he would like to take, we also ordered the books necessary for those. It seems that the shopkeeper also had the books for sixth year and above so we also received that for all the subjects," informed Draco when he saw the slight incredulous looks the adults had.

"Well, that...that is good, then. Just, how many books are already in that pile, Draco?" asked Sirius wearily.

"I think that right now, there are 69 books on the counter for Harry," answered Draco after he made some calculations.

"What other academic books is Harry interested in getting? There's a high chance that we already have a copy between us," asked Narcissa.

"Harry knows that. But he said: 'I don't want to take the books from them. Besides, this is a good chance for me to expand any library that my future home may already have.' He wants to build his own library practically from scratch," pouted Draco.

"Why are you pouting? You knew that Harry wants to live off on his own for a while. That doesn't mean that he's leaving us for good or that he doesn't love us. Remember that he's new to all this and he's just met us, will you," chided Sirius of all people.

"So what books is he getting now?" asked Remus when he realized that Narcissa's earlier question went unanswered.

"More books on Potions, Herbology, Transfiguration, Magical Creatures, Charms, and Defense. He also went to get books on animagus -Sirius grinned when he heard this-, apparating, business management, Wizarding culture, Wizarding government and some instructional books for painting, sculpting and woodcarving. Or, that's what he told me anyway," answered Draco while looking around the shop for his ravenette mate. He found him in the Charms section of the bookstore.

"That's quite the diverse selection," commented Severus.

"Yes, he also said that he would be returning here when he comes back on his own tomorrow for more books," said Draco.

"Why doesn't he just get all the books that he wants now?" asked Narcissa.

"Something about how he didn't want to take up everyone's time by being here too long when there were other stores that we still need to get to," shrugged Draco.

Sirius sighed at his godson's behavior. "He's too considerate of others," complained Sirius.

"Most parents would find that as a good thing in teenagers," pointed out Remus. Then he blushed because he had just categorized them as Harry's parents.

"Yeah, I know. But if he's too considerate of others, people can take advantage of him because of his personality," argued Sirius.

"Yes, that's true. But if he's too selfish people will hate him despite the fact of who he is in our world," retorted Remus.

"Yeah, bu-," began Sirius before being cut off by his cousin.

"Well, I think it's time the two boys start acting like the men they claim to be. Honestly, you two are acting like you did back in school," interjected Narcissa, stopping yet another argument before it began.

"Yes, indeed," drawled Lucius. By now Harry was making his way towards them with twelve more books.

"Harry, what books have you gotten for your schooling?" asked Remus.

"I think I got around eighteen books each already in the pile for each subject so far, not including the books Draco said that I would have had if I went to Hogwarts. That's not including my own special interests subjects, which I just found another six per subject," answered Harry.

"I didn't even know they had that many different books on Hogwarts' curriculum subjects," sweatdropped Sirius.

"There are many things that you are not aware of, Black," said Severus.

"Watch it, Snivellus, or you might find your hair to be quite the peculiar shade of red," sneered Sirius though it was half-heartedly for neither of them truly meant what was said.

"Draco, can you help me pick out some home design magazines? I need to get a head start on what I want in my house," requested Harry.

"Is that really necessary? It's not like we're going to kick you out of the Manor. I'm sure my parents would love to have you stay with us so why do you insist on moving out," pouted Draco.

"Draco, I'm not abandoning any of you. But, after what my life has been like with the Dursleys, I want to experience living on my own and being my own person," replied Harry.

"Oh...well, when you put it that way... but you won't be gone for long will you? Only a year or two?" continued Draco.

"Most likely, I will stay on my own until this whole upcoming war is finished," said Harry.

"What?! But who knows how long this war can last?!" shriek-whispered Draco.

"I know that, but I still want to live on my own throughout the war. Draco, if it lasts for a long time, I will return to your home, but only when I feel like the war won't be ending anytime soon. Please, just give me this about our future," pleaded Harry.

"You know that I can't deny you anything. Fine, but just don't make me wait for too long," sighed Draco when he finally gave in.

"Thank you. Now, help me find some more books to add to my pile," said Harry, happy that he and Draco were no longer 'fighting' about his future living arrangements. They were only fifteen, it was too soon for Harry to even think of living with his future family.

"Harry, do you really need all of these books? I mean, even Sev doesn't have this many books about Potions! And he's obsessed with the subject!" questioned Draco, warily eyeing the pile of books.

"Hush you, you should be glad that I have such an interest in the subject that I must teach you or else you would not even be half as competent as you are now," interjected Severus though it was said in jest.

"Anyway, I'm not looking for any more books on any of the school subjects. You're helping me look for magazines on interior design and furniture making," said Harry as a reminder to his earlier question.

"You want to learn how to make your own furniture?" asked Sirius with a confused look about his face, it was as if he could not understand why anyone would want to learn such a skill.

"Yeah. I was always interested by antique furniture and the designs on them. Now, I want to learn how to make them for myself," explained Harry.

"Hmm.. are there any other subjects that you are interested in as a hobby?" asked Narcissa.

"Gardening, cooking, baking, I got used to doing them so often at the Dursleys and I did grow to enjoy the activity," answered Harry.

"Aren't those a bit more for women? Or, more women enjoy them more than men?" wondered Sirius though he changed his wording when he saw the glare he was being sent by his cousin.

"Yeah, well, it's what I grew up doing. I also want to learn how to play the guitar, drums, violin and piano," added Harry.

"There should be a music store down the street. We can go there next if you would like," informed Lucius.

"Yeah, that's fine. Is there a place I can buy a variety of trunks or something?" asked Harry.

"Yes, there is one further down, close to Magical Menagerie. At Hogwarts, you are allowed an owl, toad, or a cat," answered Remus.

"We highly recommend getting an owl because it lets you easily send post to others," added Severus.

"Eeeh, I'll think about it some more when we get there. Right now, I want to finish finding books. Draco, can you please find books on gardening, cooking, furniture making, baking, and on any of the instruments I want to learn? There are some novels that I want to look for. I read them when I was younger and I want to see if they have copies available here," requested Harry.

"Of course, I know that there are some muggle novels and such in the far left section of the store on the second floor if you want to go look up there," answered Draco.

"Okay, thanks. If any of you need me, I'm gonna be over there," said Harry before walking off towards where Draco directed him to. Draco soon left the adults as well to look for the books that Harry wanted. He was simply happy that there was something he could do to make his mate happy. And if it got him to rethink his decision to stay away, well, that was all for the better.

The adults, seeing that they were once again left behind by the two teens merely chuckled before looking to make their own purchases. It was a half hour later when everyone finished looking for books that they wanted to buy. Harry had found majority of the books he wanted, including Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Wuthering Heights, The Three Musketeers, Persuasion, Mansfield Park, Frankenstein, Love&Friendship, Treasure Island, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Northanger Abbey and The Illiad. Almost all of the books were ones he was meant to read during primary school. Draco had found magazines and books both from the muggle world and their own on all the hobbies Harry wanted to learn more on. In total, he had found ninety informational books; ten for each subject. The adults had also found books that they thought Harry would find interesting though they did not know if he had already taken a copy for his pile.

"Well, I'm all set. Thank you, Draco for looking for all this for me," Harry said shyly.

"It was no trouble at all. I would do anything that would make you happy," replied a beaming Draco. They remained like that for some time before being reminded of where they were by Sirius.

"Errr... we found some books that we thought you would find interesting, Harry. But, we have no clue if you saw them already," coughed Sirius as he pointed to a pile separated from his other books.

"Huh? OH! Right, I don't think that I have copies of those just yet, but I would love to read them if you think that I would like them," said Harry embarrasedly. He quickly went through their pile and saw that he had not found any of the books they were recommending. Just then, Lucius returned who had gone to fetch the shopkeeper while Harry went through the pile.

"Well now, are you all set to go?" asked the shopkeeper while he walked up to where the group stood in front of the main counter. He had yet to catch sight of the pile that grew to enormous heights.

"Yes sir, we found plenty of books that we liked," said Harry.

"Yes, yes. Now, just how many books do you have?" asked the shopkeeper when he finally looked up and let out a gasp, "My boy, I dare say you nearly bought half of my store in one night!" the clerk exclaimed.

"I guess that's true. I think there are around three hundred books and magazines in that pile," said Harry. He had not thought that the number of books he wanted would amount to so much in the end. "I'm sorry Uncle Luc, Aunt Cissy, I didn't think it would be so much. I can return some of the books so it won't cost much and just come back for them next time," said Harry towards his godmother and honorary uncle. That was another thing he did not think about, how much it would cost the people who were currently paying for all his purchases.

"Nonsense, Harry. We told you to find all the books that you like and you did," replied Narcissa. She thought it endearing that the boy was willing to let go of things that he obviously wanted so that it would be no trouble for them.

"If you would like, I can place a lightening charm on the bags so you will not be burdened by the sheer weight of all these books," suggested the shopkeeper.

"Yes, please do so," answered Lucius before turning towards the two teens, "Why don't the two of you go on ahead to the music shop so Harry can get a good look at what instruments he would like. There might be more instructional books that we did not find here," continued Lucius. There was no way he was going to let Harry hear just how much the books had cost. It was highly likely that Harry would try to pay them back for all the purchases made that day. The other adults soon figured out what Lucius was up to and ushered the two teens out the shop and towards there next destination.

Harry was far too excited at being able to freely walk around without fear of injury that he didn't notice that Lucius stayed behind with all of the purchases. He was already making a mental list of what instruments he wanted to take a look at; other than the ones he told Draco about earlier.

"Well, Harry? Do you see anything you like?" asked Sirius. He had seen the way his godson's eyes had lit up when they first entered the shop.

"Mhm. I'm...just gonna go...look over there," murmured Harry offhandedly; you could tell that he wasn't really paying attention to anything that was being said. With that, Harry walked off towards the far wall on the left. The wall was completely covered with various styles and types of guitars. Harry quickly made his way to an acoustic guitar that was a deep forest green but had shooting stars wrapping around the binding. He quickly took a hold of that one to see how it felt and after seeing that it fit in his arms perfectly, he kept hold of it and proceeded to look at electric guitars. He saw a similar guitar in shape to the one he was holding. This one was an electric blue with the silhouette of two dolphins jumping out of the ocean just below the bridge.

"Well, Harry, do you want to buy those?" asked Draco as he walked up beside his mate.

"Hm..yeah, but I want to get a drum set too. What do you think?" replied Harry.

"Do you think you would actually use all of these instruments? I know that you want to learn how to play all of them, but consider if you would stick to them in the long run," advised Draco.

"...Yeah, I think I would. With the Dursleys, I never had a chance to look into music. So, now that I can, I want to learn as much as I possibly can," said Harry.

"Okay. Where will you put them?" asked Draco.

"Maybe I can make a music room in my house. With the instruments spread out. And music stands for each one. And some separate bookcases just to hold all of the music sheets. What do you think, Draco?"

"That sounds lovely, Harry."

"Hmm... what do you think of that seven-piece cherry red drum set?" asked Harry.

"It looks nice, I suppose. But I would prefer the black set with silver stripes," answered Draco.

"Harry! Come and take a look at this one!" called Sirius from the other side of the room.

"I think I'm going to take the black one," said Harry before walking to where Sirius and the other adults were standing.

"What is it, Uncle Siri?" asked Harry when he reached them.

"What do you think of this grand piano, Harry?" asked Lucius, pointing at a pure white grand piano with gold shell edgings.

"It looks beautiful," murmured Harry. And he was being completely honest. The piano truly looked to be a work of art.

"Would you like to purchase the piano, Harry?" asked Narcissa after Harry had spent a few minutes looking over the piano.

"Yeah. But maybe next time. I don't have anywhere to put all of these instruments, and you've already paid for so much for me," Harry said shyly.

"Harry, we've told you. We want to buy you things. We've spent most of your life away from you and now we want to make up for it. We merely see this as spoiling our very deserving nephew. Now, no more of that," admonished Narcissa.

"Are you sure about this, Auntie Cissy?" asked Harry. He just couldn't fathom why anyone would say he deserved to be spoiled.

"Of course I am. Now, do you want to buy the piano or would you like to look at another one?" asked Narcissa.

"No, I like this one the most," said Harry.

"Okay, now go off and look at any other instruments you want. Your Uncle Luc and I will go talk to the owner about your purchases," said Narcissa before walking off with Lucius.

Harry did as was suggested with Draco slowly trailing behind him. As he walked along, he picked up a flute, clarinet, trumpet and chose a harp. Finally, they were at violins and Harry took his time in choosing which one he wanted. Eventually, he chose one that had nothing on it but went to the store owner to see about having something carved onto it.

"Excuse me, sir. I have a question about this violin," said Harry.

"Yes, what is it young man?"

"I was wondering if you could possibly carve the shape of four animals onto here."

"Well, of course I would be glad to do so. What animals would you like?"

"A stag, doe, dog, and wolf. In that order please," said Harry oblivious to the loving look in the adults' eyes.

"That's no problem. This will only take fifteen minutes so if you still have other things to look for, please go right ahead."

"Yeah, of course," answered Harry before walking to some bookshelves filled with music sheets. He quickly grabbed a packet filled with classical music, including Moonlight Sonata, Fur Elise, Canon in D, and Claire De Lune. It was quickly decided that he would buy this packet including a muggle packet that included theme songs from movies, television shows and popular music by singers. Harry continued to look for music sheets for all the instruments that he decided to buy. As he continued to look through the shelves, he found a lot more instructional books on all of the instruments he had chosen. There were at least five different books on each level of experience (beginner, professional, master, &etc.). He wasn't that surprised though that the music store had a larger variety than the book store. Here, he was able to just grab one of each book in a row without having to really look at it because they were organized by instrument, genre and then musical ability.

"Harry, the owner just came out with your violin," said Draco as he saw said owner walk out from the back room.

"Hmmm? Yeah, okay. I just need to grab this one book and I'll be finished," said Harry as he reached for a book that was on a taller shelf.

"Harry, you could have just asked me for help if you needed it," said Draco as he walked up behind Harry to reach up for the same book. Draco used this chance to wrap his free arm around Harry's waist and pulled him closer into his body.

"Draco, what are you doing?" whispered Harry.

"Just let me hug you, please?" Draco whispered back. Harry relaxed and slowly leaned into Draco, simply relishing being held in a loving manner. The two of them stood like that for a few more minutes when Draco reluctantly pulled himself away from his mate.

"We have to go up to the front now, Harry. We still need to go get you a trunk and then a potions set," whispered Draco. Harry picked up the pile of books that he chose and followed Draco towards the counter.

"Are you all set, Harry?" asked Severus.

"Yes, Uncle Sev. They have so many more books here that I wanted!" exclaimed Harry.

"Did you buy out all of the books again, Harry? I think you have more books than Remus and Severus combined, now!" teased Sirius.

"N-n-no! I took five different books for each of the instruments that I want to learn about!" defended Harry.

"I was only teasing you, Harry! So, what instruments did you decide on?" asked Sirius.

"I chose an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, grand piano, flute, clarinet, harp, violin, drum set, and trumpet," replied Harry.

"Oh? That's quite a collection. Do you plan on making a music room in your home, Harry?" commented Lucius.

"Yeah! I want each hobby that I take up to have it's own room! I always liked that. The house won't feel as crowded unlike if everything was just placed wherever there was room for it," explained Harry.

"That sounds like a good idea. You can take a look around the Manor sometime soon. I think it is built in a similar manner to your family households. And I'm sure Draco would love to accompany you if you would like," offered Lucius.

"Thanks, Uncle Luc!" said Harry before he turned towards Draco, "Draco, can you go with me in two days?"

"Of course, Harry. You want to go after breakfast, then?"

"Yes, please."

"Well, here you go, young sir. Your violin is finished," said the store owner.

"Thank you! It looks lovely," thanked Harry. His violin now had the four animals carved onto it's right side. In addition to his animals though, there was also a huge tree and a moon in the background.

"I hope you don't mind, Harry. But we had him add the tree and moon. That was the times when we spent the most time together. And that tree led to our secret hang out spot," explained Sirius.

"No, it looks great. More complete," whispered Harry as he continued to admire the instrument.

"Now then, is this everything that you would like to purchase today?" asked the owner as he pointed to the somewhat large pile of books on his counter.

"Actually I was hoping to purchase specific instruments as well," said Harry as he pointed to the two guitars standing in front of the counters and then to the instruments Draco was holding for him.

"My, well, just go ahead and place them on here. Is there any large instruments that you wanted as well?"

"Yes, please. The white grand piano, the black drum set with silver stripes and the harp with the alternating silver and white strings," said Harry.

"My, that is a lot. Well, will that be all?"

"Yes, sir. Umm... how are we going to take this home with us?"

"I can have them delivered to you by house-elf or you can have your house-elf come here now and bring it back for you," offered the owner.

"Uncle Luc, can we have Dobby come get this? I don't want to bother the owner's elves," asked Harry.

"Of course we can, Harry."

"Oh, young man, it would be no trouble at all for our elves, but thank you for the consideration."

"Why don't the rest of you go to the next shop and I'll stay here to wait for Dobby to finish," offered Narcissa. And again Harry never noticed that an adult stayed behind while the others distracted him from the final price of their purchases.

"Draco, where are we going next?" asked Harry.

"We are going to the shop at the end of the Alley. They sell all sorts of trunks, sacks, bookbags and other storage devices," answered Draco.

"Oh, I see. Well, let's get going! I want to see all the different kinds there are!" exclaimed Harry before he ran off ahead of the others.

"Harry, there's no need to rush. Father already said that he reserved the entire Alley for us for tonight," chuckled Draco.

"Yeah, well you can't blame me for being excited. Can you honestly say you weren't excited the first time you came here?" pouted Harry as they entered the shop. By the time that the adults had caught up to them, Harry had already browsed through one wall of the store.

"Well, Draco, what has he found so far?" asked Severus as he came up behind the teen.

"He's liked three trunks that are password protected, two book bags that have been expanded to hold up to thirty books and still weigh next to nothing, a leather photo album, and a pair of trunks he plans on using for storage," answered the blonde.

"That's quite a list…" said Remus.

"Yes, well he is still debating on different styles for some of the items but he said that he's almost done."

"Oh! You guys are here! What do you think of these bookbags?" asked Harry as he held up two bags, one in each hand. The one in his left was a deep emerald green with alternating thin gold and silver stripes. The one in his right was of a similar style but was sky blue with black stripes in a one inch interval. Both bags had a thick leather strap.

"Well, they both look quite good color wise, but Harry, shouldn't you choose?" said Draco.

"Yeah, I know. But I'm stuck between which one I like more," pouted Harry.

"Why don't you just buy both? And alternate between them whenever you feel like it? Or maybe save one until the first one begins to wear out from use," suggested Narcissa.

"Would that be okay? I mean, there were already a lot of things that I chose. And I know you said that it's okay but I feel like this would be too much since we still have a few more shops to go to," said Harry.

"Oh don't worry, Harry. Lucius and Narcissa aren't the only ones paying for your purchases. It was decided earlier on that all five of us would alternate paying for you. Think of it as one major collection of presents to make up for all the years we missed out on with you, kiddo," said Sirius.

"You guys don't need to do that though. I'm just happy that I have a real family now," whispered Harry, touched by the thought his new found family wanted to make up for the lost years. After all the years with the Dursleys, he found it strange that he was actually wanted and loved.

"Of course we don't have to. We want to," said Remus in a comforting tone.

"And there are no buts about it!" exclaimed Sirius when he saw Harry about to say something.

"Now, why don't you go look for some more stuff and leave those bags here," suggested Narcissa.

"Okay then. There was a set of ten trunks that I wanted to look at. That way all the trunks would go well together no matter what I use them for. Come on, Draco!" said Harry even as he dragged Draco towards the far left wall.

-at the trunks-

"Well, what do you think of them Draco?" asked Harry as he pointed at a set of leather trunks. According to the descriptions, they would be able to choose what color he wanted them to be, what designs he wanted to add on and any spells and charms that could be applied. They came in five different sizes; two trunks for each size.

"They certainly look like they would last long, but what do you need all of them for? I know you need at least two for your school things, but the others?" asked Draco.

"Well yeah, the two biggest are the ones I'm gonna use for school. The others are going to be used for storage in my room. At least until I choose furniture for where I'm going to live. The small ones are going to hold all the things I brought with me from the Dursleys, at least the things I want to keep from them," explained Harry.

"Okay then, Harry. Let me go get the clerk if you're set on choosing these trunks," said Draco before leaving to find the clerk. He returned a minute later with the clerk trailing behind him.

"How can I help you, young sir?"

"Can I get a set of these trunks please?"

"Of course. Your specifications?"

"Midnight blue for the overall color; the silhouette of a stag, deer, foal, dog, and wolf looking as if they're playing under the canopy of a large willow, please."

"That will be easy enough. Any spells and charms?"

"What kind of spells can you place on them?

"Expansions, featherweights, compartments, pockets, security, and protection spells and charms are available."

"Can you please place an expansion spell so that it could be twice as big on the inside for the two biggest trunks, a featherweight charm on all of the trunks, a compartment on the sides of the trunk and one on the inside of the lid please. Can you please make them password protected so no one else can open them and add charms to protect them from attempted theft, from fire, water damage and something to maintain their current state, please."

"Those would be no problems but because of the size of the order, it may take a day or two until they're finished. Each extra option you choose also costs a fee," informed the clerk.

"That's no problem. Can you have them sent to my family's home? We also have other purchases to make here still," said Draco before Harry could change his mind about all the options he chose. With that the trio returned to the front counter where the others were waiting.

"Have you chosen your trunks, Harry?"

"Yup! I just need to choose some other things and I will be done here," said Harry as he browsed through the items he picked up earlier. Soon enough he had made his decision.

"I would like these two book bags, this jewelry box, and this set of shelves, please."

"That is no problem, sir. Would you like to take them now or I can send them along with your trunks when they're finished?" asked the clerk.

"You may send them along with the trunks as we still have more stops to make tonight," said Lucius.

"Siri, what's our next stop?" asked Harry as they all made their way outside, leaving Remus to take care of the expenses.

"Well, do you feel up to making a quick stop to the furniture makers? We can just take a quick look around for anything you want to add to your room now and pick up some magazines for you to look through for when you choose your house," said Sirius.

"Yeah I think I'm good with just taking a quick look and picking up those magazines. I'm starting to get tired," admitted Harry.

"Haha, come on cub. The shop is close to Madam Malkin's so Severus can go pick up your wizarding clothes while I get your muggle clothes and you can browse all you want," said Sirius.

"Indeed, we shall meet you at the shop once we pick up your clothing," said Severus even as he left for Madam Malkin's. A minute later, Sirius also left the group in front of the shop to make his way to the muggle clothing store.

"Harry, I'm going to have to leave too. With all the excitement, it seems we forgot to get your necessary school supplies for our private lessons to catch you up. Don't worry, I'll make sure to get only what is necessary," said Narcissa before she too left.

"Well boys, looks like it's just us until the others get back," said Lucius.

"Umm… I'm just gonna go on ahead inside then. Excuse me," said Harry who for some reason was suddenly very shy. He left leaving behind two very confused Malfoys.

Just as the previous stores, Harry walked in only to be in complete awe of his surroundings. Although most teenagers would hardly think twice about their furniture, Harry was looking at each piece of furniture like he would a masterpiece. Already he saw a few pieces he knew would look absolutely perfect in his future library.

"Hello, my boy. What can I help you with tonight?" asked the store clerk when Harry finally reached where he was standing.

"Hello sir. I was hoping to find some bedroom pieces and some magazines for future references," answered Harry even as he continued to look at a bookshelf.

"All of our bedroom pieces are in the back left corner, there are shelves in the right front corner with booklets and magazines for special order pieces," informed the clerk.

"Thank you. Umm… the rest of my party is outside I think… some of the others went to a few of the shops to pick things up but they should be here soon though. Can you please tell them where I went?" asked Harry.

When Harry made his towards the aforementioned bedroom section, he happened to walk past a set of bookcases that caught his interest. They each had six shelves and were made of dark cherry wood. There was a simplistic carving of vines that wrapped around all four edges. It was part of a complete bedroom set, including the bed frame, end tables, coffee table, desk, chair, armchairs, and sofa. The armchairs and sofa were made of a soft fabric that was the same color as the wood but where accented with thin silver stripes. Harry immediately knew that this was the set that he wanted. Luckily for him, Draco had the foresight to call for the shopkeeper and led him to Harry.

"Well, have you chosen your furniture?" asked Draco.

"I want this set! Don't you think it looks great?" Draco took a quick glance at the furniture and had to admit that it did look like a well done set.

"Hm…what are you going to do with your current bedroom furniture?"

"Oh! This is for my future bedroom. But until then, I'm gonna ask Lucius if we can put my current furniture into another room or something," said a grinning Harry.

"I see. Well, I think there's a room that Father uses for all the spare furniture. So it shouldn't be a problem. And I'm sure the house elves can have everything changed out while you're looking around for more things tomorrow."

"That would be brilliant! Thanks Draco!"

"Will this set be all, young sir?" asked the shopkeeper.

"Yeah, that's it but can you add a few more bookshelves to the order?" asked Harry.

"How many more would you like, sir? The bookshelves come in pairs," informed the shopkeeper.

"In that case, can I get four pairs?" asked Harry.

"What do you need an extra eight bookcases for, Harry?" asked Draco.

"For all the books I got earlier. And I want to use one of them to hold the smaller instruments that I got," informed Harry.

"Heh. That's what you get for buying out the shops," said Draco teasingly. He knew that there was a high chance that Harry would take it the wrong way.

"Well they looked interesting! Besides, most of them were for my education," Harry said defensively.

"I know, Harry, I know. Anyway, Father said that everyone has returned with everything so as soon as you're done here, we can go home. Unless there's somewhere else you want to go look at," said Draco.

"Mmmhmm…" mumbled Harry who was now distracted yet again but this time by photo frames.

"Those frames come in sets of 10 and in various sizes. They are available in any color you choose and are capable of holding either wizarding or muggle photos," informed the shopkeeper.

"Can I get three sets in a white frame, please?" asked Harry. He then turned to Draco just as Draco opened his mouth to speak, "I plan on using all of them for pictures of all of us. I want to make up for all the years I missed with you all. I also wanted to ask if they had pictures of my parents or from when I was young. There was also a book on crafts that had decorations and storages made from frames," explained Harry. With all his browsing finished, Harry led the way back to the front where they found all of the adults waiting for them.

"Did you find all the things you wanted, Harry?" asked Narcissa.

"Yes, Aunt Cissa. But, it might be a bit much so just let me know and I can get some of the bookcases next time," said Harry.

"Harry ordered a complete bedroom set and an extra eight of the matching bookcases plus some frame sets for his pictures," informed Draco.

"That will be quite alright, Harry. And considering the amount of book purchases you made, you will need all of those bookcases," smirked Lucius.

"Well, with that done, is there anything else we need to do tonight? Or would you like to call it a day?" asked Sirius.

"Umm… we haven't been to the store with the pets so I can choose what I would like to bring with me to school," Harry said shyly.

"Ah! I can't believe we haven't been there yet. Sorry, Harry! I guess we got caught up with all the shopping," said Remus.

"It's okay. Do you guys still want to go?"

"Of course. Why don't I finish up here and then we can all make our way to the shop. There is Eeylops Owl Emporium and The Magical Menagerie," answered Severus.

"Can we look at both? I know I want to bring an owl with me but I kind of want another pet of my own. I don't want it now since I will still be busy settling into my new life but maybe at a later time," said Harry.

"Have any in mind?" asked Sirius.

"Well, I know it might seem to be too much but I want pets in pairs. Like a male and female of each," answered Harry.

"Of each? Just how many different kinds of animals do you plan on getting there, Harry?" asked Remus a bit wearily.

"Indeed. So that I may know if I should set up a portion of the manor to be your own personal zoo," said Lucius dryly.

"Err… I don't know. I have always wanted a pet and there's no specific type of animal that I'm really drawn to. And I was always interested in all kinds of animals. And with a male and female of each, at least they wouldn't be lonely and can play with someone of their own kind. But you don't need to set up a zoo, Uncle Lucius. I'm gonna wait until I'm all settled into my own home before I choose any pets," answered Harry.

"Harry, I assure you it will be no problem. We don't need to get them now but you also do not need to wait until you live on your own to buy your pets. And you don't even need to select them all at once," reminded Narcissa.

"Oh! Okay, then can I please get a puppy and my owl tonight?" Harry asked shyly.

"Course you can, Pup! I'll even help you out choose one! And if anything I can change into my animagus form whenever you want and help you train the little one too," Sirius said excitedly.

"That would be awesome, Siri! Thanks!" exclaimed Harry who was now far too excited at the prospect of his future pet puppy.

They quickly made their way to Eeylops as the owl would be much easier to handle while the puppy would be easily excitable. When they walked in, most of the owls were awake and screeching while a few were loose and flying above their heads; there were even fewer owls that were asleep.

"Well, Harry why don't you go and take a look around and see if there's an owl that you would like," suggested Severus.

"I'll come with you," said Draco, eager to be by his mate's side even if it was only to look at owls.

They must have spent over a half hour looking at each owl and yet they still had not found the one. There must have been at least over twenty different kinds of owls but Harry still could not decide on which one he would like to take home with him. Finally, right when Harry was ready to give up and just pick one, a white blur shot past him from the storage entrance. It turned out to be a snowy owl and had chosen to land on a perch in the front of the store.

"I think I've found my owl, Draco," said Harry. Indeed, Harry immediately made his way to where the snowy owl was perched. It seemed to notice him however and watched as he came closer. It looked as if the owl was judging whether or not he should be allowed near her and if not, she would fly off to another part of the store.

"That's quite the owl, Harry. Are you sure you can manage her?" chuckled Draco.

"Oh, I'm sure that I will be able to. After all, I'm going to have to deal with you, won't I?" teased Harry.

"Hey! What makes you think that I won't be the one having to deal with you?" pouted Draco.

"Please, Draco, be honest with yourself. You know you'll be harder to handle between the two of us," chuckled Harry.

"Hmmph. I'm sure that I don't know what you mean, Harry. Not at all," pouted Draco.

"Are the two of you done now or would you like to continue your little argument? Because we would like to know who the lovely owl is that Harry has been staring at," teased Remus.

"Oh! This is the owl that I want. Isn't she beautiful? She looks really smart too. I'm surprised no one has taken her home yet," exclaimed Harry.

"That particular owl is very particular about who she will choose as her new master. Many previous customers wished to buy her but she deemed them as 'not the one' in simplest terms," informed the clerk; who Harry had not noticed following them for the past fifteen minutes.

"Well, Harry, you better hope you're the lucky guy who gets to take her home," laughed Sirius.

"Sirius, why would he need girls-" started Draco before he was interrupted by Harry.

"If I'm lucky I'll get to take home more than one tonight," retorted Harry.

"Harry! What's that supposed to mean?! You have me!" pouted Draco adding in on their banter.

"Yes, yes but I would still like to take home at least two girls home with me tonight," answered Harry though he looked ready to burst with laughter.

"You wound me, Harry. Really, you do. To the point of oblivion," drawled Draco.

But Harry ignored his last statement in favor of walking closer to the owl who had continued to watch him even as they talked.

"Hey girl, would you like to be my owl? I promise to take very good care of you," whispered Harry to the white snowy owl. She truly was beautiful. For a while Harry thought that he would indeed need to choose from the other owls when he felt the owl butt her head into the palm of his left hand.

"So, I'll take that as a yes?" His only answer was another nuzzle into his palm.

"Well, I guess you get to take her home then," laughed Sirius; why he was laughing no one knew, "Sorry Draco but it looks like that Harry will be taking home at least one girl tonight," he continued. Oh. That was why he was laughing. The look on Draco's face really was funny though. It was a mix between a pout and a glare; he didn't seem to know whether to pout at Harry or glare at the owl.

"She hasn't been named yet. We tried giving her a name but she would never answer to any of them and she has been here for one year," informed the clerk.

"That's okay. I think I'll wait to name her. See what I can find in the books I got today. Maybe she'll like one of those. What do you think, girl?" murmured Harry.

"While Harry is occupied with getting to know his new owl, I would like to order a perch, a cage, all the necessary things for cleaning, and enough owl treats and food for the next three months," ordered Severus.

"Can you add a large bird cage to that? So she has something similar to a habitat in Harry's room or one of the parlours?" added Draco.

"Of course. Would you like to take them with you or would you like a house-elf to come pick it up? The owl can fly to your home if you tell her the location or you can take her with you," informed the clerk.

"We will be taking the owl with us but I will have a house-elf come pick up all of the supplies," answered Narcissa.

"Harry, let's go to the Magical Menagerie now for your puppy. Narcissa will be handling things here until the house-elf comes," said Lucius.

"Mmm… yeah okay Uncle Luc," murmured Harry who was still petting his new owl while Draco pouted off to the side.

The group made their way to the Magical Menagerie which was surprisingly not as loud as the emporium. This might have been because most of the pets here were deep in sleep or did not make much noise in general. Luckily, there were signs indicating where all the different pets where located. Serpents in the far left back corner, spiders right next to them, kneazles (whatever those were) off to the side but in front of the serpents, and there were the canines, in the middle of the right wall. Harry quickly made his way to the puppies, some of which were still awake and eager to play. The store clerk made her way to them when she realized that they were there specifically for canines.

"Is there a specific breed you are looking for? Or a kind of dog?" asked the clerk.

"I want a puppy that is playful but obedient while I train her. I'm still thinking on a breed," answered Harry.

"Well, all of the female puppies are placed in the top three cages. The first two are filled with puppies no older than two months. All of them are playful but we haven't been able to start training them yet because they just arrived a week ago from the breeders so I don't know how obedient they are. However, most of our puppies from those breeders have been known to be loyal to their owners. They are also magical puppies so they would live longer than an average dog even if they do not show any special skills," informed the clerk.

Harry looked into the first cage, it was filled with five puppies, they were all the same breed; a quick look to the sign on the side of the cage said there were four shih tzus and one pomeranian. All of which were sleeping. Great. How was he supposed to know if they would be good for him if they weren't awake. The second cage had three Siberian husky puppies. One was awake, it was a beautiful snow white with the clearest blue eyes. Harry could already feel himself falling in love with the puppy. But, he couldn't choose one, not until he looked through all the cages. Finally, he looked away from the beautiful puppy and into the third and final cage. This one had a dalmation, two golden retriever, Labrador retriever, and a Doberman. Just like the husky, Harry was immediately drawn to the second golden retriever which had light brown eyes.

"Draco, it's not fair," whined Harry after just staring into the cage for five minutes. Somewhere during that time Narcissa had arrived with his owl's supplies; who was currently perched on Remus's left shoulder.

"What isn't fair, love?" answered Draco amused with his mate's actions.

"I want two of the puppies but I don't know if they would get along with one another. Or if I should even take both of them," pouted Harry.

"Harry, you are perfectly able to adopt both puppies that you want. This is the first I've seen you actually show that you really want something. Far be it from me to stop you from getting that something," Severus said dryly.

"Really? Are you sure? That won't be too much? They might cause damage on the manor while I train them," pointed out Harry.

"Yes, well, it's not my house is it? But don't worry. I'll help you run away from Lucius if one of them chews on one of his precious heirlooms," chuckled Severus.

"Thank you so very much for that. But do not worry Harry. The manor has enchantments that prevent any damage caused by pets. My grandfather put them in after one of the peacocks got into the main parlour on the second floor and proceeded to eat the sofa there," drawled Lucius.

"Oh! In that case can I have the white Siberian husky and the golden retriever with light brown eyes? I'll also need enough supplies for them both. Two cages for when they're older, a pen to set up in the backyard for them to play in without them getting far, some leashes and collars and food please," asked Harry to the clerk who had waited patiently the entire time.

"You can choose all the specific ones that you would like in the front of the store while I prepare your new puppies for you to take them home. They need to be given potions through injection to prevent any sicknesses or disease," said the clerk. Harry made his way to where the clerk pointed out all the supplies for dogs would be; and there were a lot of different choices.

He first looked at the collars, leashes and harnesses. He quickly picked two sets of all three. One set was a light blue and the other a pale green. They were charmed to grow as the wearer grew. He also found four sets of dishes in a forest green with tiny white stars littered on it; one set would go in his room, one in the backyard and two in the room Lucius was going to set up for him to train them. He was also planning on setting up the playpen in there whenever it was raining. He found a playpen that varied in size, the smallest it could be was 4 feet wide by 5 feet long while the largest it got was 40 feet wide by 30 feet long. He didn't think that he would ever think to expand it to its largest but it was a good thing that the manor had a huge backyard, if you could even call it that. He also found two cages that also grew when necessary; the largest being 4 feet tall, 3 feet wide and 5 feet long. He found large bags of puppy dog food and took two of those; he figured he could just come back if he needed more. He also picked up some books on how to train puppies, how to care for puppies and then books on the breeds of the pups that he had chosen. Sincerely hoping that he had gotten everything that he would need he made his way to the counter where everyone but Draco was waiting for him. He hadn't even noticed that Draco was following him as he made his choices.

"Draco, what do you think about the collars?" asked Harry hoping to make up for essentially ignoring him.

"So now you notice that I'm here," grumbled Draco.

"I'm sorry Draco. I was so caught up with the puppies and everything," whispered Harry. He honestly did feel bad though. He knew that Draco was all set to try anything and everything to make their relationship progress but that wasn't going to happen if Harry ignored him.

"We're all set. Or, I am. I ended up ignoring Draco for the most part," said Harry.

"All the shots were already administered and I gave the list of potions to Mr. Snape because they need to be readministered every six months. Both the puppies are now asleep as that would be the easiest way if you apparate or use the floo. Lord Malfoy has already paid for everything in advance. If there was any gold left over it is to be used on your next purchase. Goodnight and thank you," said the clerk before she left for the backroom.

"Well then. Is that everything? Cause I'm actually starting to get tired now and I want to put my stuff away by myself and not have Dobby do it," said Harry.

"Yes, Harry that is everything," answered Narcissa. The group quickly made their way back to the Leaky Cauldron to use the floo. Narcissa and Lucius ordered the elves to take all the purchases to Harry's room, his pets were going to be in their cages but the doors would be left open. After saying goodnight to everyone Harry quietly made his way to his bedroom with Draco right behind him.

"Goodnight Harry," said Draco as they reached the door. He didn't know if Harry would appreciate being pinned to the door and thoroughly snogged right before bed.

"Night, Draco and thank you for everything. I'll be sure to thank everyone later but thank you," said a blushing Harry. He seemed to struggle with something for a minute before acting. Draco barely blinked and still he had almost missed it. Harry had kissed him square on the lips before disappearing behind his bedroom door.

"Well then. Maybe I should have snogged him after all," Draco said to himself. He continued to simply stand there for a minute or two before shaking his head and going into his own bedroom.

Today had been an interesting day. It was just too bad that Harry didn't want him to go with him tomorrow in the Alley.

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Date Completed: 5 October 2013

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Yes, I am still alive and writing. I'm so sorry that it took so long for me to even update. I hope you don't feel abandoned. Because I have no intention of abandoning this story, or any of my stories. Updates will just be slow in the making because of real life problems. Thank you for reading my story and sticking to it even after a long wait. I think it's more than a year already.