Ok... so this is just kind of random I've had Narnia on my mind and I'm bother slightly by the whole "Pevencest" so this is not incest... ok yeah please let me know what you think of it.

I don't own the Chronicles of Narnia

I need to start by explaining. She is not my sister. Nor am I her older brother. I know what you have heard but you have been misinformed. Please don't judge me, or her. This is not what it appears to be.

My name is Edmund Snow. I was adopted into the Pevensies when I was five after my family left me stranded in the middle of London. By that time the Pevensies already had a small toddler as an addition to their oldest son Peter and daughter Susan.

Lucy was three when I joined the family. She was my best friend until the war started. Until we were shipped away from our home to an old man's house in the country. Then I betrayed her. I betrayed all of them. I was bewitched by power and beauty.

My black soulless eyes fell upon the woman who could've killed me and who began to rip me from my family. I fell for her with her enchanted turkish delights and her sinful look. Ice and pure white, a wicked combination. Her powerful and strong haunting melodic voice still torments me in my dreams, my nightmares, my thoughts.

Lucy brought me to her, and I resented her for that. Only because I wanted to blame someone other than myself. Lucy saved me from her. She saved me from death and she saved me from destruction. Peter and Susan helped too but Lucy deserves all the credit. After all the things I did and said to her. After the years of my misbehavior. She deserves it.

I owe her my life. My love and my soul.

Lucy will always not only be Queen Lucy the Valiant of Narnia, but she will always be the Queen of my heart.

She will always be my true love, and every one tells me it's wrong.

But they don't know the real story. The true story. They don't know my secrets. My darkest one and the one I''m most ashamed of: that I hail from Snow and part of the reason for my betrayal is that, that absurd sorceress that once was called The White Witch, or the self-claimed Queen of Narnia is my mother.

I am Edmund Snow.

And I'm in love with Lucy Pevensie.

I only wish she could know the truth about everything. Not just the name but where I come from.

Hope you enjoyed it... thank you soo much for reading :)