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Walking through the busy train station of London I held Lucy's hand in mine. Peter was walking slightly ahead of us to the platform where Eustace and Jill were coming in from Cambridge. It felt so good to be able to walk around in public having Lucy close to me without getting rude comments or awkward stares, it felt good to act normal. Once we reached the platform I leaned against the near pillar pulling Lucy to lean in front of me.

"Peter have you heard from Susan lately?" Lucy asked as Peter looked up at the clock.

"Uh no, last I heard from her was about two months ago. I do believe she is doing well though."

I nodded, "Does she still…" I trailed, I hadn't talk to Susan myself since she told us.

"Believe Narnia isn't real? Yes, she's still on that. It's her choice," Peter remarked. "It feels as though it's been a century since I have seen it. I can just barely remember what Cair Paravel looks like."

Lucy reached up and kissed my neck causing Peter to roll his eyes and turn away. He was fine with us being a couple, he had been for years but he doesn't really like public affection. I smiled and kissed Lucy lightly savoring the taste of her lips against mine.

"Oh will you two pack it in," he groaned.

"Just because you're single," I retorted without missing a beat.

"Oh shut up Ed," Peter smiled making his face appear slightly younger than he was. The war had worn him making him appear older. Peter is twenty-two and in university now, but some times he seems older. I think it has to do with the fact we had already grown up in Narnia, him being almost thirty before we returned to the Professor's house. Looking at Peter now still made me feel like that troublesome rebellious kid I was when the war first started. I still feel deep down that feeling to fight with him, wanting to prove I was just as good as him and only a few years behind at the age of 19.

"I wonder where mum and dad's platform is, their train for Bristol should be leaving soon." I commented looking into the crowds of people around us, everyone just going about their own business.

Lucy shrugged in my arms, "Not a clue, but you are right they should be leaving in a few minutes, if the schedule is right."

Peter walked over closer to us, leaning against the other side of the pillar and sighed. "Remind me again why Eustace is coming?"

"Don't forget Jill," Lucy chimed in before I vaguely attempted to answer the question.

"He's our cousin, and he and his best friend need somewhere to stay while that ghastly uncle of ours is out of town."

Peter sighed and turned to look at us. "Well let's just hope this week goes by more bloody quickly than usual."

I nodded in agreement before suddenly hearing a strange sound. The sound of screeching metal, it was far too rough and coarse to be the normal sound of the breaks from the train. All I can remember faintly was hearing panicked screams and seeing something big and black come flying toward me. It hit but I never felt anything I was already numb by then, instead I felt that familiar sensation of Narnian magic.

Opening my eyes again as if just a long blink I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I felt as though I was in a dream, oh how I had visited this place many times before in the last two years. I had nightmares and dreams about how everything went so differently. Looking around the green divine Wood it took my breath away with it's beauty. The Tree of Knowledge still hummed with life and I feared looking at it too long thinking it would sing to me enough to make a big mistake.

Moving my gaze I saw a particular bunch of blue forget-me-nots and cupid's darts with red poppies and carnations growing by a tree that was all too familiar. I wanted to look away and fight the guilt that was rising from the bottom of my heart, but I couldn't. My sight was glued to that place unable to look away. It was a beautiful spot, the red reminding me of her silky bright hair with the green grass like her emerald eyes. I soon felt two arms wrap around my torso and I saw Lucy smiling up at me.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

I nodded with a smile and looked around. "What are we doing here?"

Lucy shook her head before pulling me to where Peter was looking around amazed. "This is not Narnia but indeed just as beautiful if not more."

"The Wood Between Worlds I believe," I explained with a small smile tugging on my lips. Then an annoying familiar voice filled the air.

"Well I say, will I ever be dragged into this place pleasantly?" Eustace Scrubb complained as he dusted himself off, Jill rolling her eyes at his side.

Lucy gasped suddenly and detached herself from me running off toward what appeared to be a waterfall I had never noticed after all the times I had been wandering around this wood. Peter and I groaned as we ran after her, the usual thing to do when we're in Narnia.

"Lucy!" Peter grumbled.

She completely ignored us as she jumped into the arms of what appeared to be a faun.

"Mr. Tumnus!" she exclaimed with joy. A huge smile filled up her face, making her stunning face seem more bewitching than ever. I almost bowed my head in shame, remembering all those years ago what I had done to Tumnus, almost taking his life.

"Miss. Lucy," he smiled before bowing to her lowly joined by our mouse friend Reepicheep who greeted her, "You're majesty."

As he said this the beavers appeared who came up to Peter and greeted him cheerfully. "King Peter, your highness! We've missed you!"

I remained to the side as they greeted and welcomed each other. I could almost feel the hum of the tress around me giving me a greeting, the energy filled me much differently than how it was moments ago. I closed my eyes and gave a silent hello to no one in particular but I also let my heart break in this moment letting it just remember her. Remember Koy. The wind blew slightly and it almost felt like a sign which brought a small smile to my lips. Soon beside me Professor Kirk showed up beside me but everyone called him Digory and the woman with him Lady Polly. It was cheerful and happy a huge contrast to what it was like the last time I had been in this place. I turned my head back to catch one last glimpse of the flowers before a white light flashed through the Wood bringing Aslan to our sights.

There he stood powerful and divine in front of us. His golden mane immense and illuminated by the sunlight behind him. Even though it was so good to see him Lucy, Peter and I looked at each other feeling our faces drop slightly fearing what Aslan had to tell us.

"You do not yet look so happy as I mean you to be," his deep voice rumbled.

"Aslan, we're afraid you're going to send us home again." Lucy said stepping towards him, running her fingers through his mane.

"My dear one, have you not guess it yet?" Aslan paused looking between us, taking note of our slightly blank expressions. "There really was a train accident. You all, including your parents are, as you would say, dead. The term is over, the holidays have begun. Your dreams have ended, this is your morning."

Our hearts leaped at this, leaped at the fact that we were here with Aslan as we hear the news of our final time on Earth. Something in me seemed to ignite as he said our dreams had ended and this was morning, it just seemed so fitting. Power, not the kind I felt with the Witch, coursed through me, a passionate power like a ray of light at his words and everything seemed to change and evolve. We were no longer in the Wood but stepping through the barrier into Aslan's Country. Somewhere where everything was perfect and went on forever in eternity as blissful, each day getting better than the one before it.

The End.

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