I thought I'd make an announcement and preview of the next story. I have written a sequel to Pixelated Pixie, called Pixelated Princess. Here's a preview of the story (but not the first chapter 'cause why the heck would I do that?)

The three agents looked up with shocked expressions on their faces. Demetra was the first to snap from the trance. "Look down. I sense cameras!" She hissed at her partners. They immediately looked down at their shoes and Dem nearly did a facepalm. Suuuurrrrreeee...like it wouldn't be obvious to anyone watching that they had detected the security cameras. Mentally, she cursed Jo and Juni out. How stupid were they? Why couldn't they recall their spy training right now? Dem spoke first. "Move forward slowly and carefully, you two. Normally though. Who knows what could be out there?" The words were whispered, but her fellow agents heard them nonetheless and proceeded.

Finally, they reached the door at the other end of the room, which appeared to be some sort of greenhouse/biosphere. Dem and Jo breathed a sigh of relief before they heard a crackle and whipped their heads around to see Juni opening a freeze-dried snack-bar. Jo groaned. "Duuuuuddddeee."

"What? You hungry too? I'm hungry. Want a bite? Blueberry, honey and almond." Jo just rolled her eyes and snatched the bar from his hand quickly. The movement was so quick that the foil-wrapped snack slipped from her hand and clattered on the floor. Sirens immediately sounded and dirty looks were passed between Juni and Jo. Demetra's eyes widened and she spoke through her teeth. "You idiots. Let's get out of here quickly and THEN you can fight each other!" She took off for the door and hid in a well-concealed alcove. After a minute of waiting, she realized that her partners hadn't followed. She heard a hiss, a poof and then two thuds. She thought the worst. It didn't help her optimistic thought processes when the conveyor belt-like floor went past her carrying the bodies of her friends.