I need to get out of here quick. That's all I thought about.

The pale vampire clothe's were ripped, madlion broken, boot's ripped, and he was beaten to a bloody pulp. They did what they did, and they left.

" I... vot to get vup..." The vampire then ran as fast he could, before they decided to come back and kill him.

" Let's vee those kid's vt my vchool do this..." He whispered to himself. Even though the last time he went to school was about 900 year's ago, he still hated them with a big part of his heart.

He glanced at the ground, and he made a scream. Blood dripped all over the winter snow. His blood.

He kept going, and going and going... Over and over blood hit the floor. Bobcat's watched him, eye's staring at his body dripping with blood. Squirrel's chirrped and sqeaked. The bird's sang there useless song's. Then the growling, sqeaking, and singing mixed together in his headache. His leg's started to tremble, and he bit his lips. Then crimison blood started to hit the floor again. " Vamn it..."

Finally, his poor body gave up on him After 20 mintues's of wasting his time. He fell to the snow, blood still coming out at a dangrous pace. He closed his eye's, waiting for the sweet angel of death to send him hell.


A light blue vampire woke up from his coffin, and saw his small hunchback assiant watch him.

" Igor... Is it time for my nighty flight?"

" Yes my master. I'll ready-" He started coughing and wheezing, showing the the hand's of time was starting to reach him.

" It's okay igor, I don't need any help.."

" But master! I can... Oh god.." Then he threw up blood all over the floor.


" But master-!"


Then he turned into a bat, and flew away out a nearby window.

" Man, I hate that little hunchbag... At least's he's dying."

Then he looked down below, and sqeaked. It was a very pale vampire, just like him, on the snow; with a pool of blood near him.

" Shit! Is he dead!" He changed into his normal self, but to high up. So he hit a butch of branche's, killed a nest of bird's, and landed very hard on the snow making a wile.E coytoe hole. He poked his head, and grabbed the poor dying vampire.

" Hello! Are you alive?" Then he placed his blue hand on his chest.

Thump. Thump. Thump

" Good... He's still alive." He grabbed him bridal stlye, staining his black coat with his crimison blood, and ran back to his castle.

" Hope to god he's okay..." He said, not wanting a Another person to die...