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For Nanoha this had to be the first time that being in a hospital was a reason to be more than joyful. The day they had counted down for the last months had finally arrived.

Fate had taken surprisingly well the changes in her lifestyle. As she got used to the changes in her body, she adapted accordingly, and as she had anticipated, applied for a temporary desk job in the Central Offices of the TSAB in Midchilda; that way she was able to sleep every night at her house. During those months all and every field activity was out of question. All of that was a huge change in her life, but she never gave a second thought of it. Ironically, now she spent more time at home than Nanoha.

At the hospital's waiting room, each and everyone one of their friends awaited anxiously. Nanoha walked in holding Vivio's hand and went to greet them.

"Vivo, Nanoha-mama was to go take care of Fate-mama and make sure your little sister gets here safely. Is that ok?"

"When is she coming, Nanoha-mama? I want to play with her!"

Nanoha looked at her daughter lovingly as she stroked her hair. Vivio's expression was almost the same as the one she had when she wanted a new toy.

"You'll get to meet her in a little while. For now I need you to stay with Vita. Can you do that for me?"

"Okay!" she agreed and went to sit next to Vita.

Hayate approached Nanoha.

"Go on, we will all wait for you to come out." She held her friend's hands between hers and pressed them supportively.

Nanoha hurried to the delivery room.

"We are ready, Nanoha you are just right on time." Shamal welcomed her.

"Are you ready, sweetheart?"

"NO!" Fate was terrified.

"Yes you are Fate-san. We've gone through this several times, you will do just fine. Your contractions are increasing."

"No, I don't…ouuuuu." Fate couldn't suppress the exclamation of pain.

"It is time, Fate-san you have to push!"

… … … … … … … …

After an intense session of loud gasps and cries, calmness settled in, and a second later it was broken by the cry of a newborn baby. Shamal excused herself and went to evaluate, clean and get the baby girl ready while Nanoha couldn't stop watching Fate with admiration and undying devotion.

"Where is she?" Fate asked Nanoha, clenching her hand and squeezing it with a little more strength than necessary.

"Shamal will bring her back any moment now. Take a rest in the meanwhile."

A few minutes later Shamal got back smiling. I her arms, wrapped in a soft pink blanket, she was holding Fate's and Nanoha's baby. Nanoha stood up and walked towards her and Shamal carefully handed her the small warm bundle. In her arms, she had the most beautiful baby she had ever seen. Fun-size Fate. A delicate thin fluff revealed the unmistakable blond hair. Nanoha felt her heart flutter and time stopping as the baby opened her eyes and look at her, the reflection of her own eyes.

"Nanoha?" She heard Fate's voice calling her.

Nanoha snapped out of the charm and sat in the bed next to Fate and put her daughter in her arms.

Fate watched her thunderstruck. She was real, and she was hers. She leaned against Nanoha's shoulder and kept observing her daughter.

"She has your eyes," Fate said surprised.

Fate carefully touched her baby's cheek and brushed her lightly. She felt her heart exploding when the little hand closed over her finger. She turned to see Nanoha, tears of joy slided out of the beautiful blue eyes. Fate took Nanoha's hand and led her towards their daughter. With her little hand, she also grabbed Nanoha's finger. In that moment, Nanoha knew she was crazy in love with daughter. Without moving her hand from her baby, she turned her body to be face to face with Fate and reached her lips with hers.

"Do you have any idea how much I love you?"

"I know exactly how much you love me, Fate-chan."

They both felt their daughter releasing their hands and started to shift her position, instinctively looking for Fate's breast. Fate understood the non-verbal request and unbuttoned the top of her robe. A sense of peace and happiness filled her as she nursed her baby for the very first time.

Shamal walked in quietly. She didn't want to interrupt the sweet moment. In her hand she had the name bracelet that was to be put around the hand of the baby.

Shamal and the others had been silent witnesses of the comings and goings between Fate and Nanoha deciding on their last names.

"I already wrote down Takamachi-Harlaown. Have you finally decided on the name?"

Nanoha and Fate looked at each other. They bother opened their mouths to say something, and despite their best efforts they couldn't help sharing a guilty laughter.

Author's Note:

The final disclaimer: I still do not own any of the characters of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha and that makes me sad. I did borrow them and got the emotional reward of writing a story. I won't make myself rich out if it, if anything I could actually lose money since I borrowed time from my job to write and publish. That shouldn't get me fired, right?

So that's the end of it. I hope you all liked it. I know I pushed the limits of fantasy a bit hehe but I enjoyed it. It's amazing because it is so not me to deal with pregnancy issues, but somehow the story turned into that direction and couldn't stop it. It was great writing my first piece of fiction around the greatest characters ever and with the English version finally done, I can try and concentrate with my work again xD

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Engish version Bonus aka Additional notes about the story I wanted to share with my dear readers and I did not include in the Spanish one:

1. One scene at all was the primary detonator of the story that flowed in my mind before I realized it was something I could actually write down. What scene? You may ask. StrikerS 2nd opening, where Fate is watching the three portraits. She longs for a family, and it bugged me that the last picture had Nanoha and Vivio but didn't have her. (That same scene motivated the brief FateNum moment)

2. You don't fool me Fate T. Harlaown, I'm sure that deep down, when you changed your name you wanted that T to mean Takamachi! So there, you are welcome! (Author has officially lost her marbles since she is addressing a fictional character)

3. About the pregnancy
What determines who gets pregnant? Easy, the one who opens up first. Of course it's not easy to conceive babies like that, even if its using the magical methods, a lot of requirements must be met, but, we're talking about our Ace's here ;)

What really was going on in Crazy Author's mind:
Ok, yes I'm the one to blame for getting Fate pregnant. Guilty as charged, although it's not as amazing as it sounds since it's Nanoha who actually got to enjoy it xD

Why Fate? As the story got unveiled itself I thought that Nanoha was the obvious choice. My over-active imagination traveled that path and I saw Fate being stuck in a mission and missing the birth of her child. No way. She had to be there. How could I guarantee Fate would be there? Oh yea, she's the one giving birth. No way she could miss that now!

4. About the rings. Are they one-time only? I don't know, what do you think?

5. I apologize because there is no plausible reason for not including Agito and Reinforce in the plot. I wanted to stay as true as possible to the story after StrikerS (ignoring ViVid and Force), but I just couldn't handle any more characters. So let's just say Agito and Reinforce were enjoying some special vacactions for petites. Oh, and about not including Subaru... well that was intentional. I just don't like her :( It's the only character that doesn't click me.

6. The name, the name... I know you all hate me for ending it before they said it! I just couldn't. I know that in our minds you each have the perfect name for NanoFate baby.

7. Using Tina Fey's words from Saturday Night Live: "The real sign of progress is that nobody cares " (she talks about how 4 women in space 20 years ago could only happen in porn, and today is considered as science), well I apply the same concept to same-sex relationships. I want to believe that the world Fate and Nanoha live in is a progressed one, since I didn't want to get into intolerant issues in my fic.

8. I know some of you anticipated the wedding. It was beautiful hahaha xD

9. How could I forget to give thanks my inspirational muse? I never mentioned her in any of my A/N's, that's so not nice of me. What could I say about her...She's tall and blonde... and has the most beautiful burgundy eyes ever! The one and only Fate T. Harlaown whom I acknowledge as Nanoha's property, but still she decided to be my muse ^^

(In case you were not convinced that Author has officially lost her marbles.)